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Suppliers around the world use Panjiva to find buyers.

Jim Chae at Jiangyin Baiqing Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd., has received multiple orders through Panjiva. Watch his success story and learn about his passion for "fancy" yarn.

Jack Luo of Ningbo Anya has found numerous buyers for his apparel products through Panjiva. Watch to learn more about his success and how he uses Panjiva.

Find employee level sales leads at the companies most likely to buy your products.

Employee Contact Info

Panjiva makes finding buyers for your products easy. Simply tell Panjiva what you make, and Panjiva will give you individual buyer employee level contact information at companies that buy your products. Find the right person to contact within seconds.

As the world's leading integrator of customs data, trade data, and contact information, Panjiva collects and updates data on millions of buyers every day. Make Panjiva a part of your daily sales process and ensure that your sales team is contacting individuals at companies with the highest likelihood of buying your products.

Turbo charge your sales effort with efficiency building CRM tools.

Panjiva Connect is the world's first CRM (customer relationship management) tool built just for suppliers. Designed to help manufacturers implement proven sales processes, Connect includes:

Email Tracking
Know when buyers open your email.

Pre-written message templates
Send professionally written emails.

Automatic reminders
Never forget to follow up with customers.

Collaboration tools
Assign and monitor team members' work.


Use Panjiva Connect to call potential customers for free!


Call buyers from inside Panjiva Connect for free! Find buyers in Connect, and reach out to them through our voice-over-IP (VoIP) tools. Connect automatically records your calls so that you can review your sales pitch and keep track of call minutes.

Upload leads from outside of Connect, and use the same calling tools to review and improve your phone selling skills.

Always be a step ahead of the competition with Panjiva's industry-leading competitive intelligence


Search and analyze trade data from the United States, China, and others to:

Vet potential customers
Weed out bad leads from B2B platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources and focus on the leads that truly matter.

Prepare for sales meetings
Research company background before sales calls or meetings and enter every meeting informed.

Keep an eye on the competition
Keep an eye on your competitors and their customers.

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