Trends for the Port of Leamington, Ont

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Country Canada

Shipment Trends

Total shipments over the last 2 years

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1 shipment in 11/2011
2 shipments in 07/2012
1 shipment in 12/2012
1 shipment in 05/2013
1 shipment (through 01/11/2013) in 11/2013

Map of U.S. Ports

Map of Leamington, Ont and top 3 U.S. ports with shipments from Leamington, Ont
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U.S. Ports

Showing top 3 U.S. ports with shipments from Leamington, Ont
Trendline Shipments Port State
sparkline 2 Tacoma, WA Washington
sparkline 2 Long Beach, CA California
sparkline 2 Los Angeles, CA California

Recent Shipments

Showing last 6 shipments from Leamington, Ont
Date Weight Commodity Customer Supplier To Port
2013-11-30 3,500 kg Coffin (Made From Wood). Charlie C... Mr.Tour C... Tacoma, WA
2013-05-16 2,084 kg Polyacetal Resin "Iup... Nissan Tr... Thai Poly... Los Angeles, CA
2012-12-06 5,750 kg Teak (Tectona Grandis... Dania Nor... Sun Cabin... Tacoma, WA
2012-07-06 18,816 kg Packed: 24 20 Oz. Tin... Long Beach, CA
2012-07-06 5,400 kg Inv. No.: Blu1205 007... William S... Blue Plan... Long Beach, CA
2011-11-21 124,320 kg & & Seal Fce No: 1086... Sunsweet ... First Can... Los Angeles, CA