Pakistani Manufacturers

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Nationwide Tobacco Co.,
Native Tribal Art.,
Natural Foods Products
Natural Marble Industries
Natural Polymer Industries (Pvt.)Ltd.
Natural Polymer Industries(Pvt) Ltd.
Naurus Pvt., Ltd.
Naushahi Surgico
Naveed Brothers
Naveed Carpet
Naveed Carpets
Naveed Traders
Naveed Traders
Naveena Exp. Ltd.(Exp. Depar
Naveena Exports Limited
Naveena Exports Limited
Naveena Exports Ltd.
Naveena Exports (Pvt.) Ltd.
Naveena Exports (PVT) LTD.
Naveena Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Naveena Industries Pvt. Limited
Naveena Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Navin Fluorine Internationa
Nawab Exp.
Nawab Exp.
Nawab Fabrics
Nawab Fabrics
Nawab Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Nawab Spinning Mills Pvt., Ltd.
Nawan Laboratories (pvt) Ltd
Nawan Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.
Nawaz Associates
Nawaz Fabrics
Nawaz Rice Engineering
Nayab Jewellers Enterprises
Nayeem Arts & Krafts
Nazawar Sons
Nazeer Apparels
Nazeer Apparels
Nazim Apparels Plot No. D 207,
Nazir Alam And Sons
Nazir Alam Sons
Nazir And Co.
Nazir Rice Mills Pvt., Ltd.
Nazir Wood Industry
Nazir Wood Industry
Naz Leather Industries
Nazran Private Ltd.
Nazran (Pvt) Limited
Nazran (Pvt) Limited
Nazran Pvt., Ltd.
Naz Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
Nba Tradex
N.B Exp.
N. B. Thread Works
Neat International,
Nectar International,
Nedal Craft
Neema Exp.
Neena Exp.
Neighbour International
Nejat Atalan Dis Tic. A.S.
Nekaco Trade Impex
Nekaco Trade Imp. & Exp.
Nek Hosiery Works
Neo Technological Zone, Ent.
Neo Techological Zone Enterprises
NEOWELL Industries
Nes Inc.
Nett Traders
Nevtech Industries
Nevtech Industries
Newage Cables (Pvt) Ltd. Newage
Newage (Private) Ltd.
Newage (Pvt) Ltd
New Al Raheem Enterprises
New Al Raheem Enterprises
New Castle International Trade
New Fashion Knitwear
New Fine Enterprises
New Global Textile
New Grace Industries
New Gulberg
New Gulberg
New Hawks International
New Horizon International,
New Imp. & Exp. rial
New International Sports
New Life Hosiery
New Light Apparel
New Light Hosiery (Pvt) Ltd.
New Look Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
New Mark Ind. ( Pvt) Ltd.
New Mark Ind.(PVT) Ltd.
New Mark Industries
New Mark Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
New Mark Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
New Modern Textile And Garments
New Modern Textile And Garments
New One Enterprises
New Pakistan Trade Centre
New Pakistan Trade Centre (Pvt) Ltd.
Newports Institute of Communications and Economics
New Rose Industries.
New Seven Stars Enterprises
News Logisitcs
New Stainless Industries
New Star Garments
New Tech
New Tech Global
New World Enterprises
New World Hope Organization
Newyark Hamalyan Products
New Zeenat Textile Mills
New Zeenat Textile Mills
Nexgen Sourcing
Nexus Technologies
N&F International
N & F International Leather
N&F International Leathers
Nfk Exports (Pvt) Ltd.
Nfk Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Nfk Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
NGOs Computer Literacy Shelter Welfare RawalPindi Pakistan (NCLSW)
Niaat Enterprises
Niagara Mills Pvt Ltd
Niagara Mills Pvt., Ltd.,
N.I. Apparels International
N.I. Apparles International,
Niaz Garment Industries
Niblock Thomas Andrew C/O U.S
Nicasso Sports
Nic Enterprises
Nic Enterprises
Nicole Yvonne Mock
Nida Trading
Nifrah Tech Associates
Nifra Industries
Nifty International
Nigar Apparels
Nigar Apparels
Nigar Enterprises
Nighat Iqbal.,
Ni International
Nile Textile Industries S.A.E.
Nimbus International
Nimerta Sirichand
Nimra Textile (Pvt.) Ltd.
Nimra Textile (Pvt.) Ltd.,
Nimra Textile PVT LTD
Nimra Textiles Pvt. Ltd.
Nimsay International ( Pvt. ) Ltd.
Nimsay International Pvt., Ltd.
Nimsay International PVT Ltd
Nina Industries Ltd.
Ningbo Keyuan Instruments Co., Ltd.
Nisa Impex
Nisa International
Nisar And Co.
Nisar Hameed Textiles (Private) Limited
Nisar Hameed Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
Nisar Hameed Textiles Pvt., Ltd.
Nisar (Textiles) Corporation
Nishan Sports
Nishat Apparel Ltd.
Nishat Chunian Limited
Nishat Chunian Ltd
Nishat Chunian Ltd.
Nishat Mills Limited
Nishat Mills Limited Apparel Division
Nishat Mills Ltd
Nishat Mills Ltd.
Nishat Mills Ltd.
Nishat Mills Ltd.
Nishat Mills Ltd.
Nishat Mills Ltd. (Apparel Division)
Nishitex Enterprises
Nishitex Enterprises
Nitco International
Nizamia Apparels
Nizamia Apparels
Nizam Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
Nizam Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
Nizam Sons Pvt., Ltd.
Nj Enterprises
Nm Corporation
N M Corporation
N M Corporation,
Nmi Pak International
N M Multi Biz.,
Nmz Associates
Nobby Medical Instruments (Pvt) Ltd.
Noble Imp. & Exp.
Noble Tea & Commodities
Noble Traders
Nock International
Nock International,
Nolan Gerard Smash.,
Nomad Rugs
Noman Enterprises
Noni Pak International Co.
Noorain Resources.,
Noorani Hosiery
Noorani Traders
Noor Apparel
Noor Apparels
Noor Apparels
Noor Apparels
Noor Corporation
Noor Crystals
Noor E Hira Ltd.
Noor Fatima Fabric (Pvt) Ltd
Noor Fatima Fabrics pvt Ltd
Noor Fatima Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
Noor Fatima Fabrics.(Pvt),Ltd.
Noor Fatima Textile Processing Industries
Noor Food Products Pvt., Ltd.
Noor Garments
Noor Leather Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
Noorpak Industries
Noorpur Industries
Noor (Pvt) Ltd.,
Noorsons Industries
Noor Textile Corporation
Noor Textile Corporation
Noor Traders Khewaywali,
Noor Trading
Noor Trading Co.
Noor Traditions
Noor Traditions
Noorwali Textile Inc.
Nordica Apparels
Nordica Apparels.
Noreen Fatima Fabrique (Pvt) Ltd.
Noreen Nusrat
Norlandtex Asia Pvt., Ltd.
Nortel Networks (Asia) Ltd.
North Apparel
North Apparel Imp. & Exp. r Exporter
Northern Weave (Pvt) Ltd.
Norweste Surgical Industries
Noshahi Textiles,
Nosheen Gul
Nouveau Energy Management Services (Pvt) Ltd.
Novae Imp. & Exp.
Nova International (Pvt) Ltd.
Nova Leathers Private Ltd.
Nova Leathers (PVT)
Nova Leathers Pvt., Ltd.
Novatex Ltd.
Novatex Ltd.
Nova Zona Libre S.A.
Novimax Enterprises
N R Mills Pakistan
N.R Weaving Factory
N.R Weaving Factory Manufacturer & Exporters Of Qu
N.Saqi Inc.,
N&S Exp.
Ns Fashion Apparel Industry
Ns International
Ns International
Nst Zone
Ntc International
N Tea Plus Ltd.
Nutex International Pvt., Ltd.
Nutricia Foods International
Nuzhat Ali 81/1 Khayaban E Bukhar
Nuzhat Textiles
Nws Exp.
Nws Exp.
Nws Exp. 1 5 Makoana Bai Pass
Nws Export
Nws Export
N.Y.Apparels (Pvt) Ltd.
N.Y. Co.
N.Y. Imp. & Exp. r And Exporter
Ny Interenational
N.Y International,
Ny International Ws 13
NYK Line Pakistan (Private) Limited
Nyle Enterprises
Nyle Enterprises.
O2 Linkx
Oasim Traders
Oceano Trading
Oceano Trading Co.
Oceano Trading Co.
Oceanpak Food Products
Office Of The Acquisition And
Officer Commanding
Oil And Gas Development Co.
Oil & Gas Develpement Co., Ltd.
Okara Corporation
Ok Fabrics
Ole Sports
OLE Sports
Olimpia Spinning Weaving
Olimpia Spinning Weaving Mills
Olimpia Spinning Weaving Mills
Olimpia Spinning Weaving Mills
Olimpia Spinning Weaving Mills
Olimpia Spinninig And Waeving Ltd
Olive Textile Industries,
Olympia Art Press.
Olympia Group Of Industries
Olympia Spining And Mills Limited
Olympia Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd.
Olympia Textile International
Omair Enterprises
Omair Knitwear
Omar Associates
Omar Associates (Pvt) Ltd.
Omar Farooq
Omar Khalid
Omega Worldwide Traders
Omega World Wide Traders
Ommer Traders.,
Omv (Pakistan) Exploration GmbH
One Up Group
One Up Industries,
Oni Kay Blair
Online Trading Co.,
Onyx Villa,
Opal Textile Industries
Opener Traders
Optimum Onyx Marble
Opulent International
Oraltech Instruments (Pvt) Ltd.
Orbit Group
Orbit Traders
Orbit Traders 16/345 Bijli Ghar
Organic Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
Organic Habits
Oriental Carpet Industry
Oriental Enterprises
Oriental Food Co.
Oriental Food Company
Oriental Knits
Oriental Knots
Oriental Knots.,
Oriental Looms
Oriental Trading Corporation
Orient Coating And Finishing Mills
Orient Coating & Finishing Mills Pvt. Ltd.,
Orient Corporation
Orient Importers and Exporters
Orient Textile Mills Ltd.
Orient Textile Mills Ltd.
Orient Trading House
Orison Imp. & Exp.
Orix Leasing Pakistan Ltd.
Orix Leasing Pakistan Ltd.
Orix Leasing Pakistan Ltd.
Orkli, S. Coop.
Orpheus Enterprises
Orpheus Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.,
Orrange Wears
: Oryza Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Our Own Enterprises
Out Fitters (Pvt) Ltd.L
Overseas Commercial Co.
Overseas Marketing Co. .
Overseas Trading Corporation
Overseas Trading Services (Pvt) Ltd.
Owais Ali
Own Rice Mills
Own Rice Mills
Own Rice Mills
Oyster Works (Pvt) Ltd.
Ozri Traders
Pace Leather Industry
Pacific Chartering & Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
Pacific Clothing Company
Pacific Consultants
Pacific Consulting & Trading
Pacific Enterprises
Pacific Enterprises
Pacific Linen Supply Industries
Pacific World Wide Trading.
Packages Ltd.
Pactex Syndicates
Padana Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
Padana Garments Pvt., Ltd.
Padana Gloves Specialist Co.
Padana Group
Pairs Pvt., Ltd.
Pak Afghan Trading.
Pak Agri Commodities International
Pak American Industries,
Pak Apparels
Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO)
Pak Arts (Pvt) Ltd.,
Pak Axis International
Pak Azmat Garments
Pak Azmat Garments
Pak Azmat Garments
Pak Best Group
Pak British Chilled Roller
Pakcarb (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Chancellor International
Pak Clothing Co.,
Pak Denim Ltd.
Pak Deutsch International Co.
Pak Duck Textile
Pakeezah Dyeing & Bleaching
Pak Exp.
Pak Gems Minerals
Pak General Order Supplier
Pak Ghazi Enterprises
Pak Gilani Industries
Pak Gilani Industries
Pak Gilani Industries,
Pak Ginning Instruments
Pak Global Trader
Pak Gum & Chemical
Pak Handi Crafts
Pak Hau Industrial Co (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps
Pakhumai International
Pak International
Pak International
Pak International Imp. & Exp.
Pak International Imp. & Exp. ,
Pakisan International
Pakistan Apparels.Com
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), and the following subordinate entities: National Development Complex (NDC), Nuclear reactors (including power plants), fuel reprocessing and enrichment facilities, all uranium processing, conversion and enrichment facilities, heavy water production facilities and any collocated ammonia plants, Pakistan Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH)
Pakistan Cables Limited
Pakistan Cables Ltd.
Pakistan Emporium
Pakistan Food Products Pvt., Ltd.
Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness
Pakistan Gum & Chemicals Ltd.,
Pakistan Gum Industies Pvt., Ltd.
, Pakistan Gum Industries (Pvt)
Pakistan Gum Industries (Pvt)
Pakistan Gum Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan International Airline
Pakistan International Exp.
Pakistan Japan Petrochemical (
Pakistan Japan Petrochemical (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan Machine Tools (Pvt) Ltd.,
Pakistan Microbiological Associate
Pakistan Molasses Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan Oilfields Limited
Pakistan Onyx Marble
Pakistan Onyx Marble
Pakistan Ordnance Factories
Pakistan Ordnance Factory Board.
Pakistan Organic Farm
Pakistan Organic Farmers Food Pvt Ltd.
Pakistan Petroleum Limited
Pakistan Post Office Department,
Pakistan Pvc Shavyl
Pakistan Pvt., Ltd. T 8 Floor
Pakistan Refinery Limited
Pakistan Refinery Ltd.
Pakistan Rice Complex
Pakistan Scissors Industries
Pakistan Scissors Industries
Pakistan Scissors Industries
Pakistan Sesame Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan Souvenirs
Pakistan Spring Industries
Pakistan Steel
Pakistan Surgical Industries.,
Pakistan Tannery
Pakistan Tannery,
Pakistan Telecom. Co., Ltd.
Pakistan Tobacco Company (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan Trading House
Pakistan Usa Roz Textile Corp
Pak Jahan Industries
Pak Japan Ink Chemical
Pak Japan Petrochemical (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Kuwait Textiles Limited
Pak Kuwait Textiles Ltd.
Pak Kuwait Textiles Ltd.
Pakland Pme Corporation
Pak Luwari
Pakman Enterprises.,
Pakman Enterprises., Doburji
Pak Marble & Onyx Ways
Pak Marine Services Corporation
Pak Mijin Trading Co.
Pak National Enterprises
Pak Nightinagle
Pak Nightingale Industries
Pak Pearl International
Pak Persian Carpets (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Petrochemical Industries (Pvt
Pak Products
Pak Punjab Carpet Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Pak Royal Industries
Pak Sadaf Surgical Works
Pak Safety
Pak Safety Tex
Pak Safety Tex Street # 2 Shamsab
Pak Shaheen Freighters (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Shaheen Freighters (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Shaheen Freighters (Pvt) Ltd.
Pak Shaheen Freighters (Pvt) Ltd. 23
Pak Shalimar Carpets
Pak Silk Factory.,
Pak Silver Fiber
Paksmith International
Paksmith Surgico
Paksmith Surgico
Paksmith Techniks
Pak Souvenirs
Pak Splendid Industries,
Pak Star Sports
Pak Star Sports.,
Pak Stones
Pak Tex Products
Pak Textiles
Pak Trading Co. Ltd
Pak Turk Enterprise
Pak Turk Enterprises
Pak Vision Industries
Pak Walther International
Pak Walther International
Pak Winz International
Pakzaib International
Pak Zem Zem Enterprises
Pak Zimpex International Suite
Pal Enterprises
Pamir Impex
Pamir Imp. & Exp.
Pamir International Agencies
Panama Estates
Panorama International
Panther Apparel Pvt., Ltd.
Panther Garments
Panther Garments
Papa Sports
Papillon International
Paradise Business Concern
Paradise Exp. Co.
Paradise Garments Exporter
Paragon Carpet
Paragon Enterprises
Paragon Fashions
Paragon Fashions
Paragon Fashions
Paragon Fashions
Paragon Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Paragon International
Paragon Leather & Sports (Pvt)
Paramount Agencies
Paramount Crafts
Paramount Enterprises
Paramount Lace
Paramount Spinning Mills Ltd.
Paramount Spinning Mills Ltd-Yarn Dyeing Unit
Paramount Tarpaulin Industries
Paramount Tarpaulin Industries
Paramount Towel Industries
Paramount Towels & Knit Industries
Paratex International
Parekh International
Parekh International
Parfumerie Tiki
Parfumerie Tiki
Parke Davis And Co., Ltd.
Parsa Fashion & Style
Parsa Rugs
Parsons Holding (Pvt) Ltd.
Partex International
Parts Inc.,
Pasha Marbles
Pasha Marbles
Pasha Sons & International,
Paskin Pvt., Ltd.
Passau Imp. & Exp.
Patel Exp.
Patel Garments
Patel Leather Industries
Patel Towel Industries
Patel Towel Industries F 61 / B, S.
Paterson Industries.
Patoki Sugar Mills
Patola Sports,
Paul Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
Paul Textiles Towel Industries
Paxar Pakistan
Paxar Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
Pb Planet
Pcc Houst Plot No Bc 12
Peace Garment
Peak Garment (Pvt) Ltd.
Peak Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
Pearl Confectionery (Pvt) Ltd.
Pearl De Gulf Private Limited
Pearl Fabrics Company
Pearl Fabrics Company
Pearl Fabrics Company
Pearl Industries Tanners & Exporter
Pearl International
Pearlite Enterprises
Pearlite Enterprises.
Peena Carpet Industries
Peerless International Co., Ltd.
Pegasus Pakistan
Pehla Sports
Pelikan Knitwear
Pelikan Knitwear
Pelle Classics
Pel Pak Elektron Ltd.
Penna Overseas Corp
Penna Overseas Corporation
Penna Overseas Corporation.
Pensy Garments Pvt., Ltd.
Pentagon Textile Pvt., Ltd.
Pentagon Trading House
Pentagon Trading House,
People Fisheries (Pvt) Ltd.
People's Steel Mills
Pepsi Cola International (Pvt) Lt
Perfect Apparel
Perfect Apparel, Plot No.8.18, A 2&
Perfect Clothing, Inc.
Perfect Fashion
Perfect Food Industries
Perfect Gloves Manufacturer Co.
Perfect Hometex
Perfect International
Perfection Apparel 12 Km
Perfectra Instriments
Perfect Sales Andmarketing
Perfect Textile Industries
Perfect Textile Industries.,
Peridot Products (Pvt) Ltd. .
Permair Leather Pakistan Pvt., Ltd.
Petal Enterprises
Peter Guido Stmsser American
Peter Hung Cheng
P.F.Cobi SA
Pharmix Laboratories
Phedra Industries (Pvt) Limited
Phedra Industries (Pvt) Ltd. B,
Phf Exp.
Phf Exp. Office No 4,2 Nd Floor
Philippe Accilien
Phoenix Metal Ware Industries
Pika International
Pik Pak Industries
Pik Pak Industries
Pilar Lenora Robledo
Pilot Manufacturers & Exporters Of Motorcycle Apparels
Pilot Sewing Corporation.
Pinnacle Distilleries (Pvt) Ltd.
Pioneer Interiors
Pioneer Marble
Pjpc Pvt., Ltd.
P.J.P.C (Pvt) Ltd.
Pjpc (Pvt) Ltd. Ltd.
P. K. Home Textile
PK international
P K Sports
P.K Sports
Pk Textile
Planet Of Sports
Plan Pakistan
Plan & Progress International
Plasticon Industries International
Platinum Sourcing
Platinum Surgicals,
Play Tec International,
Pleasant Surgico
Pleasant Surgico.,
Plot No
Plot No. A/8, F 1. S.I.T.E, Karachi
Pluto International
Pmpaks Exp.
P.O Box 2169 Noul, Roras Road,
Pokal Industries Private Ltd
Pokar Industries
Polani Rice Mills
Polani Textiles
Politive International
Polywear International
Pomee Corporation
Pomee Corporation
Pomee Corporation
Poonam Fashions
Popoye Imp. & Exp.
Popular Fabrics Pvt Ltd.
Popular Fabrics Pvt., Ltd.
Popular Food Industries Ltd.
Popular Industries Group
Popular Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Postal Administration,
Potential Leather Industries
Pottery Crafts
Power Elecronics Pakistan Pvt., Ltd.
PowerPlus Sports
Power Vision
Power Wheels
Praise Corporation
Pramel Sports
Precious Pak Imp. & Exp.
Precision Forging [Pvt] Ltd.
Precision Forgings Ltd.
Precision Products Enterprises
Precission Forgings (Private) Ltd.
Premier Cages
Premier Cotton Pvt., Ltd.
Premier Engineering Co.
Premier Exp.,
Premier Hosiery Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Premier Oriental Carpets
Premier Stone System
Premier Stone System
Premier Stonesystem Co.
Premier Stone System Co,
Premier Stone Systems Co.
Premier Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
Premier Towels
Premio Pak Industries
Premium Knits
Premium Leather Pvt., Ltd.
Premium Textile Mills Ltd
Premium Textile Mills Ltd.
Premium Traders
Prestige Apaprel 13 Km Multan Road
Prestige Apparel
Prestige Apparel
Prestige Apparel
Prestige Apparel Plot 4,8,
Prestige Apparels
Prestige Global
Prestige Global Co.Pte Ltd.Pak
Pricon International
Pride Apparel
Pride International
Primark International
Primax Trading Co.
Prime Apparel
Prime Bags
Prime Enterprise
Prime Food,
Prime Gloves Industries
Prime Gloves Industries
Prime Imp. & Exp.
Prime Imp. & Exp. International
Prime Imp. & Exp. International
Prime International
Prime International
Prime Linkers
Prime Linkers
Prime Linkers
Prime Protection.
Prime Rags (Pvt). Ltd.
Prime Safety
Prime Safety Limited
Prime Safety Limited Midas Safety
Prime Safety Ltd.
Prime Safety Ltd.
Prime Safety Ltd.
Prime Seafood (Pvt) Ltd.
Prime Sources
Prime Sports Wear
Prime Tanning Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Prime Trading Co.
Prime Trading Corporation
Primus Textiles
Primus Textiles
Primus Textile & Sassy Trading
Prince Agarbatti Co.
Prince Enterprise
Prince Imp. & Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Prince International,
Princely Jets Private Limited
Princess Rug Palace (Pvt) Ltd.
Prince Trade House
Prince Traders Rice Delars
Prince Weaving Factory,
Principle Leathers
Pristina International
Privat Enterprises
Pro Art Imp. & Exp.
Proceedwell Industries
Procter & Gamble Pakistan Pvt. L,
Procter & Gamble Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
Prodigy Industries
Production House Pvt. Ltd
Pro Fastech Inustries
Professional Hospital Furnishers
Professional Paint Ball Industry.,
Prof, Ihsan Ali Vice Chancellor
Progressive Knitwear Pvt., Ltd.
Progressive Marble Industry
Progressive Traders (Pvt) Ltd.
Project (Eu) Pk.
Proline Corporation Pvt., Ltd.
Proline Industries (Pvt) Ltd.,
Proline (Pvt.) Ltd.
Proline Wovens (Pvt) Ltd.
Proline Wovens (Pvt) Ltd. On Behal
Promark International
Promark International
Prosafety Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Prosperity Weaving Mills Ltd.
Protech Leather Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
Protection Valley
Protection Valley Ppe
Protex Worldwide Pakistan Snc.,
Providential Textiles
Prowess International
Punch Fight Gear
Punjab Enterpries Daska
Punjab Enterprisesdaska Road,Addh
Punjab Imp. & Exp.
Punjab Music House.,
Punjab Salt Grinding
Pure Foods Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Pure Foods Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Pyramid Pakistan
Qaaf International,
Qadbros Engineering
Qadbros Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
Qadbros Engineering Pvt., Ltd.
Qadbros Engineering Pvt., Ltd.
Qadeer Industries
Qadir Carpet House
Qadir Traders, House No.2 Street
Qadri International
Qadri Jilani Marle.,
Qadri Traders,
Qaiser Brothers
Qaiser LG Petrochemicals Pvt.Ltd
Qamar A/2 Sind
Qamar & Co.
Qamar Fabrics.,
Qamar Sons
Qamarsons Apparel
Qamarsons Apparel
Qari Noori Enterprise
Qarshi Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Qasier Ali Sheriff
Qasim Weaving
Qasir Brothers
Qasir Brothers
Qaswa Textiles
Qaswa Textiles.,
Qavi Exp. International
Qazi And Co.
Qazi Jamil Javed
Qazi Rice Mills
Q B Textiles
Q Mark International Imp. And
Q.N.B Sports Industries
Qst Naveena (Pvt.) Ltd.
Quality Ace,
Quality Concept (Pvt) Ltd.
Quality Cotton
Quality Dying & Finishing (Pvt.) Lt
Quality Experts
Quality Food And Nuts Co.,
Quality Imp. & Exp.
Quality International Traders
Quality Knits (Pvt) Ltd.
Quality Knits (Pvt) Ltd.
Quality Merchants
Quality Moto Product
Quality Moto Products.
Quality Point International
Quality Products (Pvt.) Ltd.
Quality Star Industries
Quality Textiles,
Quaprit Enterprises.
Qudrat Ullah And Co.
Quest International
Quest International
Quetta Textile Mills Ltd.
Quice Food International
Quick Food Industries
Quick Silver Instruments
Quinton Of Pakistan.,
Quraish Textile Mills
Qureshi Sons
Qureshi Textile Mills Ltd.
Qureshi Towellers
Raazee Therapeutics (Pvt) Ltd.,
Raaziq International
Raaziq International (Pvt.) Limited
Raaziq International (Pvt.) Ltd.
Raaziq International (Pvt.) Ltd.
Raaziq International (Pvt.) Ltd.
Rabbani Traders
Rabbani Traders
Rabia & Saddique International,
Rabi Enterprises
Rabi International
Rabita Trust
Rabita Trust
R.A. Carpet
Racers Supplies Inc.
Radium Textiles
Radium Textiles
Radium Textiles
Raees International
Rafaqat Textile
Rafaqat Textile
Rafaqat Textile.
Rafey Global Imp. & Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Rafey International
Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd.
Rafhan Maize Products Co., Ltd.,
Rafhy Apparel
Rafique Azam Textiles
Rafisons Textile
Rafsu International
Rag Co.
Rage Textiles
Raglan Corp.
Raglan Corporation
Raglan Corporation
Raheel Marble Works
Raheem Carpets.
Raheem Industries
Rahim Textiles
Rahman Apparel,
Rahman Apparel,
Rahman Brothers
Rahman Brothers,
Rahman & Rahman
Raiaan Enterprises
Raifnet International
Railko Ltd.
Rainbow Agri Business Pvt Ltd
Rainbow Apparels
Rainbow Hosiery (Pvt) Ltd.,
Rainbow Hosiery Pvt Ltd.
Rainbow Industries
Rainbow Industries
Rainbow Tex Sprl,
Rainy Sports
Rainy Sports
Rai Tex
Raja Garments
Rajby Industries
Rajby Industries
Rajby Industries
Rajby Industries 2 Finishing
Rajby Industries & Aims Apparel
Rajby Industries B/O
Rajby Textiles
Rajby Textiles
Rajco Industries
Rajpoot Apparel Pvt., Ltd.
Rajput Enterprises
Rajput Industries
Rajwani Apparel Ltd.
Rajwani Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
Rajwani Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
Rajwani Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
Rajwani Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.,
Rajwani Denim Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Raka PoshiAmi
Rakaposhi Gems & Minerals
Rakaposhi Sports Co.
Rakaposhi Sports Co.
Rakaposhi Sports Co.
Rakaposhi Traders
Rakaposhi Traders.
Rakhani Exp. Imp. Trading Co.
Rama Sports,
Ramay Textile (Pvt) Ltd.
Ramzan Enterprises
Ramzan Enterprises/ Gloves Specialist
Rana Anjum Naushad
Rana Basit Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Rana Brother Interprises
Rana Denim Mills Limited
Rana Fabrics Pvt., Ltd.
Rana Fashion
Rana Impax
Rana Imp. & Exp.
Rana Imp. & Exp.
Rana Shoib Naazir C/O.Microsoft Cor
Rana & Sons
Rana Tex
Rana Tex 20 Km Feroz
Rana Textile Mills Ltd
Rana Textile Mills Ltd
Rana Textile Mills Ltd.
Rana Textile Mills Ltd.
Rana Textile (Pvt) Ltd. Rafhan
Rana Trading Co.
Rani & Sons
Rano Fashion
Ranyal Textiles
Rao International
Rao Services INC
Rasa International Leather Co.
Rasco Imp. & Exp.
Rasheed Ahmed & Sons
Rasheed Enterprises
Rasheed Shakeel International,
Rashna Shabbir
Rasin Apparels
Rask International
Rask International
Rastgar Engineering Company Ltd
Rasul Flour Mills Pvt., Ltd.
R.A. Traders
Rauf Textile Printing Mills Ltd.
Rauf Textile & Printing Mills (Pvt.) Ltd
Ravi Akbar Towel Factory
Ravico Enterprises
Rawa Group
Raymond Falcons International
Rays International
Rays International
Rays International
Rayyan Enterprises
Raza Apparel Industry (Rai)
Raza Apparels
Raza Bashir Tarar(Dir)
Raza & Co.
Raza Khalid And Co.
Raza Khalid & Co.
Raza Trading Corporation
Raz Corporation
Razer Sportswear
Razia Embroidery Lacing
Raziq Textile
Razzaq Trading Co.
R&B International
R.B.L International
Ready To Wear Mfg. Co.
Real Business Services
Real Business Services
Real Foods Pvt., Ltd.
Real Impact International
Recto Sports (Pvt) Limited
Recto Sports Pvt Ltd
Recto Sports Pvt., Ltd.,
Red Enterprises
Red Lion Sports Corporation
Redolence Technology
Reema Group Of Companies
Reemaxe Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Reemaxe Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Reem Rice Mills Pvt., Ltd.
Refined Rocks
Refined Rocks
Regal Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Regal Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Regal Textile Industries Pvt Ltd.
Regal Textile Industries Pvt., Ltd. C
Regatta Maritime Agencies
Regatta Maritime Agencies
Regent Tradings
Reglo Sports
Reglos Sports
Reglo S Sports
Regro International
Rehan Printers (Pvt) Ltd.
Rehan Printers( Pvt.) Ltd.
Rehman Associate 273 13 B I
Rehman Brothers And Co.,
Rehman Enterprises
Rehman Enterprises
Rehman Enterprises
Rehmani Enterprises
Rehman Knitting Industry
Rehman Sons.,
Rehman Sons A 39 Faisal Arcade
Rehman Textile
Rehman Textile.
Rehman Textile Industries
Rehman Traders
Rehman Welfare Trust
Rehmat Group Of Pakistan
Relaxine International
Reliable International Mfg.
Reliable Towel
Reliance Apparel Pvt., Ltd. 22 Km Off
Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills Limited
Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd.
Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd.
Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills LTD.
Reliance Engineering Company
Reliance Industries Limited
Reliance Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Reliance International
Reliance Trader International
Reliance Weaving Mills Ltd
Reliance Weaving Mills Ltd.
Reliant Instruments
Reliant Instruments.,
Reman Knitwear
Remfry & Son
Remodo International
Rempex Corporation
Renacon Pharma
Rendezvous International
Rendezvous International,
Renfro Crescent
Renfro Crescent (Pvt) Ltd.
Renfro Crescent Pvt. Ltd.
Renfro Cresenton Behalf Consolidati
Reshawn Traders
Restoration Hardware Trade/
Retex Global Ltd.
Retex Global (Pvt) Ltd.,
Revo Industries
Revon International
Rex Imp. & Exp. .,
Rex Inter Continental Agencies
Rex Inter Continental Agencies
Reyan Imp. & Exp.
Rft Industries
R.G Fabrics
R G Textile
Rhombus Sports
Rianas Traders
Riaz Ahmed
Riaz Enterprises
Riaz Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Riaz Furnitures
Riaz & Sons
Riaz Tanneries
Riaz Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Rice Experts Enterprises
Rice King
Rice King.Office /Mill: 18 Km.
Rice Masters
Rice Masters
Richard Drake Warrick
Richard Junior Crosby
Richard Roman Seipert
Richbolt Enterprises.,
Rida Fashion Apparel
Ridan International
Ridan International,
Riders Choice
Right Lane Solutions
Rija Associates
Rija Fashions
Rijk Industries
Rimar Exp.
Rimmer Industries
Rimmer Industries
Rimmerindustries (Regd)
Ring Master
Rit Sports.,
Rivage Knitwear.,
Riverine Seafoods
Riviera Sportswear (Pvt) Ltd.,
R. I. Weaving
Rizbro International,
Rizk International
Rizwan American Corp
Rizwan Brothers
Rizwan Enterprises
Rizwan Enterprises
Rizwan Enterprises,
Rizwan International Pvt Ltd
Rizwan International (PVT) LTD.
Rizwan Pvt., Ltd.
Rizwan (Pvt) Ltd. 98 P Gulberg Ii
Rizwan Salman Imp. & Exp.
Rizwan Textiles
Rizwan Traders
Rizwan World Leather
Rjs Textile
Rkr Enterprises
R.K Stones
R.M.M. Trading Corporation
Rmson Surgico
Rms Square,
R.M Traders
R.N. Enterprises
Rn Traders
Road Gear
Roadstar Wears
Robert Anthony Lester
Robert Myer Marks
Robert Nevin Adams
Robertson & Co.
Robert Steven Crabtree
Robin Denise Reichenbach
Robin Lynn Raphel
Robinson And Sons Enterprises
Robiqa Enterprises
Robo Sports
Robo Sports
Robust Marketing Pakistan
Rockcraft International
Rocking Horse Industries
Rock Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd.
Rock Salt Corporation
Rolanda Necole Beckwith
Rolling Stones Company
Romail Rugs
Romex International
Romex International
Ronex Corporation
Roomaif International Pvt Ltd
Roomi Fabrics Ltd.
Roomi International
Roomi Tex
Roomi Tex
Roots National Institute of Teacher Training and Education (RNITTE)
Rose International
Rosella International
Rosella Mfg. Co.,
Rose Wood
Rosewood 28,Hockey Stadium,
Roshan Apparels
Roshan Enterprises.,
Rotofab Ltd.
Route 21
Royal Beauty Pvt., Ltd.
Royal Cosmo Industries
Royal Cosmo Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Royal Crown Flatware
Royal Dates Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
Royal Eagle Imp. & Exp. ,
Royale Linens Inc
Royal Foods International
Royal Garment Industries Pvt Ltd
Royal Hockey
Royal Household Textiles
Royal Leather Works
Royal Leather Works,
Royal Orientals
Royal Plus Imp. & Exp.
Royal Systems & Services
Royal Tex
Royal Textile
Royal Textile Co.
Royal Trend
Roy Textiles
R.R Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
R.R. Corporation
R.R. Corporation
R.S. Apparel
R.S. Apparel
R.S International Trading Co.
R.S. Leather Works
R & S Marble Design Gallery,
R.S Textile Sourcing Co.
R.S Towel
R S Towels
R.S Traders
Rti Esra
Rubina Islah
Ruby Corporation,
Rug Connection
Rukh Associates
Rumel Sports
Rupal Face
Rupani Cotton Industries
R Usman Enterprises
Russian Vehicles Ltd
Rustam Towel Pvt Limited
Rustam Towels (Pvt) Ltd
Rustam Weaving Factory
Rustom & Co. International,
Rw International
Rw International
Rw International
Rw Smith & Co Inc.
Ryan Impex (Pvt) Ltd.
Rymz Industries
Ryozo International (Pvt) Ltd.,
S3 Knife Traders
Saadat Sports
Saad Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Saad Oriental Carpets
Saad Textile Mills (PVT) LTD.
Saad Textiles Mills Pvt., Ltd.
Saaf International
Saamia Impex
Saamia Imp. & Exp.
S.A. Apparel
SaaSoh Textile Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust
Saba Carpets
Saba Fabrics
Saba Fashion Textiles
Saba Textile Industries
Saba Textiles Private Limited
Sab Cotton Enterprises
Sabina Khan
Sabir & Co.
Sabir Daud Exports
Sabir Textile
Sabir Textile
Sab Links
Sabo Surgical Co,
Sabra Industries
Sabri Imp. & Exp.
Sabri Industries
Sabrz International,
Sab Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
Sab Textiles Pvt., Ltd.
SAB Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd.
SACA Industries
Sacral Enterprises
Sacrosanct International
Sadaf Garments
Sadaqat Limited
Sadaqat Limited
Sadaqat Limited Formerly Sadaqattextile Mills LTD
Sadaqat Limitedsahianwala Road,
Sadaqat Textile Mills Pvt Ltd
Saddique Group Industry
Sadia Hassan
Sadiq Enterprises
Sadiq Enterprises Imp. Exp.
Sadiq Towel (Private) Ltd. .
Sadiq Towel (Pvt) Ltd.
Sadique Sons Inc.
Sadmin Impex
Sadmin Imp. & Exp.
Sadruddin & Co.,
Saeeda Textile
Saeed Classical Works
Saeed & Naveed Brothers
Saeed Naveed Brothers
Saeed Oriental Carpets
Saeedsons Apparelz
S.A.E. International
S.A Fabrics
Safai International
Safa Sports Wear
Safa Tex
Safa Textiles Ltd.
Safat Tex
Safepack Relocation International,
Safe & Sound
Safety And Sports Enterprises
Safety First
Safety First Manufactures & Exp.
Safety First (Pvt.) Ltd.
Safety Products (Pvt) Ltd.
Safety Products (Pvt) Ltd.
Safeway Food And Beveage
Safeway Foods And Beverage
Saffry Enterprise
Safia Rice Mills
Safi Enterprises.,
Safina Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Saf International
Sa Foods International
Sa Foods International
Saftex International
Sagacious Enterprises
Sagacious Enterprises
Sag Apparel
Sag Apparel
Sahaba International,
Sahara Associates
Sahar Marbles
Saher Fashion Garments
Saher Textiles
Sahib Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
Sahiroun Pvt., Ltd.
Sahkar Social Welfare Association
S.Ahmed Garments
Saif Tex
Saif Textile
Saif Textile Mills Ltd.
Saima Carpet Co.
Saima Enterprises
Saimtex Exp.
Saimtex Exp.
Saira Bano
Saira Garments
Sair International
Saita (Pakistan) Pte. Ltd.
Sajid Textile Industries Ltd.
Sajid Textile Industries (Pvt) Lt
Sajid Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Sajid Textile Industries(Pvt) Ltd.
Sajid Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Unit # 03
Sajjad Knitwear/Creative Apparel On
Sajjad Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd.
Sakaria Knitting Industries.
Sak Enterprises
Sakina Exp. International
S.A. Latif Sons
Salco Cohort (Pvt) Ltd.
Saleema Industries,
Saleem Associates
Saleem Brothers Textile Mills (Pv
Saleem Enterprises
Saleem Enterprises
Saleem Rauf Khan
Saleem Textile
Saleem Textile
Saleem Textile
Saleem Textile
Salima Bokhara Carpet
Salimah International
Salima Marble Corporation
Salima Marble Works,
Salim Group Of Industries
Salim Group Of Industries
Salim Winding Works
Salim Winding Works
Sally Textile Mills Limited Lahore
Sally Textile Mills Ltd.
Salman Imran Enterprises
Salman Industries
Salman Industries
Salman Packages Pvt., Ltd.,
Salman Textile 501 D City Tower
Salman Textile On Bhelaf Consolid
Salman Textiles
Salman Textiles
Salmis Furnishers
Saltex Trading
Salt & Rock International,
Salva Foods
Salwa Food
Salwa Weaving
Sam Abbas Design
Samadha International
Samad Rubber Works (Pvt) Ltd.
Samad Textile
Samaria International
Samar International
Sameer Enterprise,
Sameer Enterprises
Sameer Fashion
Sameer Fashion
Sameer Fashion
Sameer International,
Sam Enterprises
Sami Imp. & Exp.
Sami Imp. & Exp.
Sam International
Samin Textiles Limited
Samin Textiles Ltd.
Samira Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
Samira Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
Sammar International
Samnzs Knitwear
S &Amp; S Traders
Sams Apparel
Samtex International
Samtex Textiles,
Samurai International
Sanabel Trading & Marketing Co.
Sana Fatima Shah
Sana Industries Limited
Sana International
Sana International Trading Co.
Sanaullah Corporation
Sanaullah & Sons
Sanaulla Textile Mills
San Corporation
Sandal International
s And Brother
Sandra Wiens Bagley
Sang International
Sang International 5 D,
Sangla Fashions.
Sani Textile Corporation
Sanspricos Industries
Santex Industries
Sanz EnterPrises
Sapphire Fibers Limited
Sapphire Fibres Limited
Sapphire Fibres Limited
Sapphire Fibres Ltd. ( Dyeing)
Sapphire Finishing
Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited
Sapphire Finishing Mills . Ltd.,
Sapphire Textike Mills Limited
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited No. 5
Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd.
Sapphire Textiles Mills Ltd
Saqalain International
Saqib Imp. & Exp. ,
Sara Corporation
Sara Enterprises
Sarah Annemarie Simons
Sarah International
Sarah Interprises
Sarah Interprises Plot No 74
Sarah Louise Adams
Sarah Textile Limited
Sarah Textiles
Sara International
Sara International
Sara Textile Industries
Sardar Enterprises
Sardar Enterprises
Sardar Enterprises9 21 Jinnah Park
Sardar Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
Sardar Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
Sardar International
Sardar International
Sardar Iqbal Textile
Sardar Pak.
Saremco Limited
Sarena Dyeing & Finishing
Sarena Ind's & Emb Mill Pvt., Ltd.
Sarena Industries & Embroidery Mill
Sarfaraz Abdullah Shallwani
Sarfaraz Dyeing & Bleaching
Sar For International Trade
Sar Global Fashion Industries
Sargodha Carpets.
Sarhind Apparel
Sarnamco International
Sarnamco International
Sarnamco International
Sarrar International
Sartaj Enterprises
Sartaj Polysacks
Sarwana International
Sarwar Sublime Textile
S A S Agencies
Sasa Sourcing
Sas Carggo (Pvt) Ltd.
Sashun International,
Sas International
Sassi International
Sassi International
Sassy Trading And Exp.
Sas Tex Export (PVT) LTD.
Sasu Industries
S. A. Swan Lintex
S.A. Swan Lintex
S.A. Swan Lintex
S.Ather And Brothers.
S.A. Traders
S.A.Traders Plot#89,St 13/1,Sec
Sa Trading Co.
Sattari Garments
Sattar Trading
Sattar Trading Corporation
S.A.U. Associates
Saver Med Intl.
Save The Children.
Saviour Industries
Saviour Mfg. Co.rp (Pvt) Ltd.,
Sawana Exp. Corporation
Saweez Surgical Corporation
Saw Exp.
Saw Sports
Sayal International Trading
Saya Weaving Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.
Sayed Afzal Ahmed.
Saytex International
Saz International
Sazman Sports Works
Sba Brothers
Sb Alliance (Pvt) Ltd.
S.B. Appareles.
Sbm International
Sbm International
Sbr Enterprises
s & Brothers
Scantex Pvt Limited
Scantex (Pvt) Ltd.
Schatz International
Schlumberger Seaco Inc.
Scientific Instruments Co.
Scope International
Scope International
Scottish Musical Inst. Makers
Scott Quinlan
Sc Pakistan
Sc Pakistan
Sdh Enterprises
Seabiz International
Seabiz International Co.
Seaexpress Pvt., Ltd.
Seaexpress Pvt., Ltd.
Seafreight Advisor C/O Searoute
Seafreigth Advisor
Seafreigth Advisor
Seagold House
Seagold House 51 Timber Pondkeamari
Seagold Private Ltd.
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Csg
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Dino
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Fru
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Lan
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Lan
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Lan
Seagold (Private) Ltd. C/O Lan
Seagold (Private) Ltd. Seagol
Seagold (Private) Ltd. Seagold
Seagold (Private) Ltd. Seagold
Seagold (Private) Ltd. Seagold
Seagold Private Ltd. Seagold
Seagold (Private) Ltd. Seagold H
Seagold (Private) Ltd. Suite 4
Seagold (Private) LtdSuite 418
Seagold (Pvt) Ltd. 51
Seagold (Pvt) Ltd. 51, Timber
Seagold (Pvt) Ltd. C/O Amsons Text
Seagold (Pvt) Ltd. Seagold House 5
Seagold Pvt., Ltd. Suite# 418 421 The
Seagold Pvt., Ltd. Suite# 418 421 The
Seagold Pvt., Ltd. Suite No 418 421
Seagolf (Private) Ltd. A/S (Sy
Seagreen Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Seagull Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Seaheat Garments Pvt., Ltd.
Seamac Private Ltd.
Seam Connection
Seam Connection
Seamline Garments Pvt., Ltd.
Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
Seatrade International
Second Skin Apparel
Sedate Enterprises
Sedate Sports Wear
Seedo International,
See Handsome International
Seema Textiles
Seety Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. 3.5 K
Sefam Pvt. Ltd (Home Expressions)
SEGA Sports
Sehar Enterprises
Sehar Enterprises
Seko Worldwide
Seko Worldwide
Seko Worldwide Llc
Seko Worldwide (Pvt) Ltd.
Selectme International
Selimpex International
Semecal Maquinaria S.L.
Seminar (Pvt) Ltd.
Sem Pharmacy Trading Co
Sem Pharmacy Trading Co
Semza Trader
Semza Traders
Seo Young International Co.
Sepia International
Serena Enterprises
Serendip Productions
Service Industries Ltd.
Servico Pakistan
Servotech Pvt., Ltd.
Sesamex Suit # 916 & 917,
Sesil Private Ltd
Sesil Pvt., Ltd.
S. Essa (Pvt) Ltd.
Sethi International
Sethi Sports
Seven Imp. & Exp.
Seven M Corporation,
Seven Safety.,
Seven Seas Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Seven Star International
Seven Trent
Sfa Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
SFA Industries Pvt. Ltd.
S. Fazalilahi And Sons (Pvt.) Ltd.
S.Fazal Ilahi & Sons
S&F Brothers
S.F Imp. & Exp.
Sfr & Sons
S.G Manufacturers
Sgs Exp. International,
Sh 10 ,Ws2 Fdq Ltc Heath
Shaaftex International
Shaan International
Shabaz Textile
Shabbir Industries
Shabbir Industries
Shabbir Marble Works
Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited
Shaddan Enterprises
Shad Enterprise
Shadil Enterprises
Shafak Textiles
Shafay's Corporation
Shafays Corporation Corp
Shaffa International
Shafi Apparels
Shafi Apparels Plot E 100, Sector
Shafi Exp.
Shafi Exp.
Shafi Exports Private Limited
Shafi Glucochem (Pvt) Ltd.
Shafi Gluco Chem (Pvt) Ltd.
Shafi Gluco Chem (Pvt) Ltd.
Shafi Gluco Chem Pvt., Ltd.
Shafi Gulco
Shafi Lifestyle Pvt., Ltd.
Shafiq & Co.,
Shafiq Press
Shafique Leather Enterprises
Shafi Taj Exp.
Shafi Texcel Limited
Shafi Trade Overseas
Shafqat Furnishers
Shafy Sportswear
Shafy Sportswear
Shahab Enterprises
Shahab Garments
Shahab Pak International
Shahabsons Apparel
Shahab Textiles
Shahab Textiles
Shahbaz Garments
Shahbaz Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
Shahbaz Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
Shahbaz International
Shahbaz Textile
Shaheeh Mfg. Co.
Shaheen Airport Services
Shaheen & Azad International
Shaheen Foundation (Paf)
Shaheen Knitwear
Shaheen Mfg. Co.
Shaheen Textiles
Shahenshah Traders
Shah Enterprise
Shah Enterprises
Shahid Ahmad Malik.,S O Amir Ali
Shahid Brothers
Shahid Carpets.,
Shahid Internatinal Traders
Shahid Traders
Shahi Enterprises
Shahira Industries,
Shahi Textiles
Shahjahan Trading Co.
Shah Jalal Enterprises
Shahkam Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Shahkam Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Shahla Enterprises Plot No: Dp
Shah Meeran Enterprises
SHAHNAMEH - Hand Knotted Carpets
Shahnaz Traders
Shahpur Apparel
Shahpur Apparel
Shahpur Exp.
Shahraj Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd.
Shahraj Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
Shahreyar & Sons
Shahroze Global Industries
Shahrukh Carpets
Shahsons (Private) Ltd.
Shahtaj Textile Limited
Shahtaj Textile Ltd.
Shahtaj Textile Ltd.
Shahtex Dp 16 And 17
Shahtex Dp 16 And 17 Sector 12 C
Shah Trading
Shahzada Co.
Shahzada Gloves Co International
Shahzad Apparel
Shahzad Apparel
Shahzad ApparelConsol
Shahzad Apparel & Jubilee
Shahzad Apparels (Pvt) Ltd.,
Shahzad Apperel & Jack Garment
Shahzad Home Textiles
Shahzad Hussain Bhatti
Shahzad Siddique (Pvt.) Limited
Shahzad Siddique (Pvt) Ltd.,
Shahzad Textile Industries
Shahzaib Brothers
Shahzeb Textiles
Shaibee Leather Corporation
Shaikh Apparels
Shaikh Apparels
Shaikh Brother No 5 C 16 Th
Shaikh Brothers
Shaikh Brothers,
Shaikh Combined Industries (Pvt)
Shaikh Trading International
Shakarganj Mills Limited
Shakeel And Co.
Shakeel Traders Group
Shaker International,
Shalimar Cotton Export ( Pvt) Ltd.
Shalimar Cotton Export (Pvt) Ltd.
Shalimar Cotton Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Shalimar Food Products
Shalimar Textiles
Shalimar Trading Co.
Shama Carpets
Shama Exports Pvt Limited
Shama Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Shama Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Shamim And Shams Co.
Shamim Textile Mills Pvt Limited
Shami Texitle
Shami Textiles
Shammi Exp.
Shammi Exp.,
Shamran Trading International The
Shamshad Textile Industry
Shamshad Textile Mills Pvt., Ltd.
Shamsher Impex
Shams International,
Shams Textile Mills Ltd.
Shams Textile Mills Ltd.
Shanco Sports Corporation
Shandar Sporting Goods Mfg. Co.
Shan Enterprises
Shan Food Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
Shan Food (Pvt) Ltd., Plot No.
Shan Food (Pvt) Ltd. Plot No.142,
Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
Shan Foods Pvt., Ltd. 142 Sector 23 Ko
Shangrila (Pvt) Limited
Shan Industriessadaqat Street, Sarg
Shan International Co (Pvt) Ltd.,
Shan Knits
Shanpak Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Shan Textile
Shan Textile
Shan Trading Company
Shan Wears
Shan Wears
Shan Wears,
Shan Wears Mashallah House
Sharfy Tradings.,
Sharif Khawaja International
Sharif Oxygen (Pvt) Ltd.
Sharon Enterprises
Sharon Enterprises.,
Sharon E. Swain
Sharon M.Umber C O American
Sharp Edge Enterprises,
Shayan Corporation
Shayan Enterprises
Shayan Enterprises
Shayan Enterprisesa 120 Block 12 F.
Shayan Inc.
Shayan International
Shayan Textile
Shayna Colleen Cram
Shazi Enterprises Sarai Haji
Shazil Enterprises.,
Sheena Carpets.
Sheena Enterprises
Sheena Textile
Sheeraz Carpets
Sheherzad Inc.
Shehnaz Apparels Plot No. 1/Iii
Shehzad Enterprises
Sheikh Abdul Hadi (19 Aug 1988)
Sheikhan Corporation
Sheikhan Industries
Sheikhan Industries
Sheikhan Industries
Sheikhan International (Pvt) Ltd.
Sheikh Aqib Rehman.
Sheikh Carpet Industries
Sheikh Corporation
Sheikhlion Sports
Sheikh Of Sialkot Pvt., Ltd.
Sheikh Of Sialkot Pvt., Ltd.
Sheikh Orientals
Sheikh Orientals
Sheikh Trading Co.
Shekhani Industries
Shell Hosieries
Sheraz Corporation
Shercotex 39/C Peoples Colony,
Sherpak (Pvt.) Ltd.
Sherpak (Pvt) Ltd.
Shezan International Ltd.
Shezan Trading Co.
Shiller Peter Sol
Shils International
Shine Star Enterprises
Shinning Star Supplies Pvt., Ltd.
Shipper: Al Siddique Autos
Shipper: Amil Exp.
Shipper: Anz Garments
Shipper : A One Textiles And Towe
Shipper: Ayesha Spinning
Shipper: DamcoVario
Shipper: Hussain Industries
Shipper: Kam International
Shipper Matco Rice
Shipper: Sapphire Textile Mills
Shipper Seagold (Private) Ltd.
Shipper's Name And Address
Shipper: Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floo
Shipper :Zulfiqar Knitting & Proc
Shiraz And Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Shiraz & Company (Pvt) Ltd
Shiraz & Co Pvt., Ltd. C/O Servotech
Shiraz Corporation
Shiraz Traders
Shiv Samadha Enterprises
Shiza Apparel
Sh. Muhammad Ashraf Publishers & Ex
Shoaib Associates
Shoaib Brothers
Shoaib Usman Textile Industries
Shomex Trading Co.
Shondi Exports
Shp M/S Supreme Apparels
Shs Heathcare Consultants
S.H.S Textile
S.H.S Textile
S.H. Textiles
Shujabad Weaving Mills Limited
Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd.
Shuku Textile International Pvt., Ltd. 230
Shz Textiles
SHZ Textiles
Shz Textiles 81 M Quaid E Azam I
Sialko Pak Sports
Sialkot Dynamics
Sialkot Mfg & Co.
Sialkot Veterinary Corporation.
Siddiq Leather Works (Pvt) Ltd.
Siddiqsone Ltd.
Siddiq Sons
Siddiqsons Denim Mills
Siddiqsons Denim Mills Limited
Siddiqsons Denim Mills Limtied
Siddiqsons Denim Mills Ltd
Siddiqsons Denim Mills Ltd.
Siddiqsons Dyeing Printing
Siddiqsons Industries (Pvt) Limited
Siddiqsons Industries Pvt Ltd.
Siddiqsons Limited
Siddiqsons Ltd.
Siddique Enterprises
Siddique & Sons
Siddique & Sons
Siddique Sons Industries.,
Siddiqui Enterprises
Siddiqui Entrprises
Siddiqui Garments
Siddiqui Textiles Imp. & Exp. r Exporter
Siddiqui Traders
Siddiqui Trading Enterprises
Sidhay Shakh Traders.,
Siemon Surgical Corporation.
Sierra Textile And Fabric Pvt., Ltd.
Sigfy Sports
Sigma Shoes (Pvt) Ltd.
Sigmasia Overseas Traders,
Sigmatex Corp
Sigmatex Corporation 85 Ferozepur
Sigmund Backlay Cotton Ginning Company
Signature Stone
Sign Mermer
Signtific Research Center
Sikaff International,
Silahbaz Garment Pvt., Ltd.
Silk Rice Mills
Silkroad Gallery
Silkroad Gallery
Silk Road Handicrafts
Siltex Enterprises
Silver Corporation
Silver Hosiery Mills
Silverite Exp.
Silver Lake Foods Ltd.
Silver Meax Textile Corporatio
Silver Mexx Textile Corporation
Silver Seafood.,
Silversea Sports
Silver Star Corporation
Silver Star Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
Silver Star Enterprises(Pvt) Lt.D
Silver Textile
Silver Textile Factory
Silver Textile Factory
Silver Textiles Factory
Silver Trading Company
Silvotex Plot Nos. 1 2 8 And 9
Silwa Textile
Simac Leather Industry
Simaeco Traders
Simeaco Traders
Simon Brothers
Simon Sports Industries
Sim Pak International
Sims Care Enetrises,
Sims Care Enterprises
Sims International
Sindbad Traders
Sindh Punjab International
Sindh Punjab Traders
Sind Textile Corporation
Sine International Private Limited
Sine International (Pvt) Ltd.,
Sine Intl Private, Ltd.
Sinnara Rice Traders.
S.Iqbal Enterprises
Siraj Enterprise,
Sir Gee International
Sirprime International
Sisma Textile
Sitara Chemical Industries Limited
Sitara Energy Limited
Sitara Fabrics Limited
Sitara Fabrics Ltd.
Sitara Fabrics Ltd.
Sitara Label Pvt Ltd.
Sitara Textile Indusries Limited
Sitara Textile Indusries Limited
Sitara Textile Industries Ltd.
Sitara Textiles Industries Limited
Six A's Trading Group
Six A's Trading Group
Six B Food Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Six Stars Sports Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
Six Stars Sports Works
S. Jee Enterprises
S.J Overseas Corporation
Sj Zafar International
S.K Arts Marble Tiles & Handicrafts
S.K. Enterprises
Skill Hands International
Skill Power Sports
Skills Craft Manufacturer
Skills Enterprises
Skin Care International,
Sk Industry
Skin View Leather.,
S.K Knits
S.K. Knits, Plot No 132 Sector
S K Leather Craft
Sk Marble
Sk Stones
Sk Stones (Pvt) Ltd.
S.K.S. Traders
Sksz Leather Works,
S K Traders
Sk Trading Imp. & Exp. .,
Skxxmpxx International
Sky Bird International
Skydent Exp.
Skydent Exp.,
Sky Flash Knitwear
Sky Group Of Companies
Sky Imp. & Exp.
Sky Imp. & Exp. Cutlery
Sky Imp. & Exp. Cutlery Inds
Sky Imp. & Exp. Cutlery Industries
Sky Industries
Sky Pak Industries
Skystar Exp.
Sky Star Exp.,
Skyways Logistices International
Sky Way Traders,
Slab Industries
S&L Corporation
Slick Tacks
Smartex International
Smart Imp. & Exp.
Smart Loom Exp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Smartwear International,
S M B Marble
S.M Enterprise
Sm Enterprises,
S M Enterprises
S.M. Enterprises
SMIN Sports
Smith Surgical Co.,
Smmar International
Sm Mexport Industries.,
Sm Textile Industries
Sm Trader/Apex Textile
S. M. Traders
S.M. Traders
S.M.Traders 908 914 9 Th Floor
Smyrna Bikers Co.
SNA Textiles PVT. Ltd
Sn Imp. & Exp.
Snj Imp. & Exp.
Snq Textiles,
Sns Enterprises
S N S Group
S.N.S Group.
Soan Corporation /Custom Clearing And Forwding Agents
Sobaan Salts.
Soccer Plus International (Pvt) Ltd.
Soccer Star
Society De Zulco
Society De Zulco
Society for Education Promotion and Rural Support (SEPRS)
Socks and Socks ( PVT) LTD
Socks Knitters
Socks Line
Socks Line
Sofar International Industry
Softex P 438,Jinnah
Soft Surgical Instruments
Soft System Co.
Sogo Martial Arts Supply.,
Sohaar Leather Industries
Sohail Engineering Corporation
Sohail Enterprises
Sohail Weaving Industries.
Soha Raza Corporation
Sohnay Industries
Sohnay Industries
Sohnitex Industries
Sohni Textile Industries
Sohni Textile Industries
Sohny Dharti Weaving
Solatch International
Solatch Sons
Solatch Sons Christian Town Sialkot
Solateh Sone
Solehre Brother Industries
Solvex Pakistan Ltd.
Soman Industries.,
S.Omer & Brothers
Sonatex Merchandising Co.
Sonest Sports
Sonex International (Pvt) Ltd.
Sonex International Pvt., Ltd.
Sonia Enterprises
Sonico (Pvt) Ltd.
Sonic Textile Industries
Sonic Textile Industries,
Sonisons Sports
Sontec Glove & Safety
Sontec Glove& Safety
Sonu Garments
Sony Brothers
Soorty Enterprises Private Limited
Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Sophia Imp. & Exp.
Sophia Textiles Pvt., Ltd.
South Asian Textile Industries
Sovereign Garments
Space Age Sports
Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission (SUPARCO)
Spantik Textiles
Spartech Instruments & Co.,
Special Sports PVT Limited
Special Sports Pvt., Ltd.
Spenta Jamsheed Behrana,
Spiky International
Splendid Sports Co.
Splendour International
Sportica Group
Sportica Group.,
Sports Adnan
Sports And Leisure Wear
Sports Goods Trading Co.
Sports & Leisure Wear
Sports N Sports International
Sports Plus
Sports View
Sports Winning Choice,
Sports Zone
Sports Zone,
Spotex international
Spotlite Trading Co Pvt., Ltd.
Spp Global Exp.
Spring Garments
Spring Textiles
Spring Textiles
Sprint International
Spry Sports Corp.
Spry Sports Corporation
Sps International
S.Q. Textile Mills
Sr Apparel
SR Associates
S.R Enterprise Plot No.C 156
Sr Enterprises
Sr Enterprises
S.R Enterprises
Srijan Enterprises
S.R. Inc.
S.R Manawara & Co.
SR Pvt Ltd
Srs Textile Pvt., Ltd.
Srt Enterprises Plot # 52, St # 2,
S. Saqlainia Enterprises Pvt., Ltd.
Ss Brothers
Ssc Groupe Ribal
Ssco Pak Inds.
Ss Enterprises
Ss Enterprises
S.S. Enterprises
Ss Enterprises 17 Km Moza Attare
S.S. Fabrics
S.S. Fabrics
SS Fabrics
S.S. Fabrics 3.5 K.M Small Indust
S.S Fabrics P 3/F Main
Ss Garments
S.S. Garments
Ss Garments Plot No: Dp 24, Sector
S&S Imp. Exp. Co.
S. S. International
S.S. International
S.S. International
S S Medident International
S S Meditek Pvt., Ltd.
S.S. Merchandising
S S Textile
S&S Trading
Stadler Dental & Surgico
Stadler Dental Surgico (Pvt) Ltd.
Stalwart Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Standard Carpets
Standard Chair Component C 1 Panra
Standard Chairs & Component
Standard Hosiery (Pvt) Limited
Standard Textile Mills
Standard Textiles
Standard Towel
Standard Towel
Stanley Industries
Staple Foods
Staple Foods
Starcare International,
Star Denim (Pvt) Ltd
Stardom International
Star Fabrics,
Star Impex
Starla Group
Starline Enterprises
Starpak Field Sports Co.(Pvt) Ltd.
Starpak Martial Arts (Pvt.) Ltd.
Starpak Martial Arts (Pvt) Ltd.
Starpak Martial Arts (Pvt) Ltd.
Star Sportswear
State Bank Of Pakistan
STA Textiles
Steel Craft 80 81/D
Steel Metal Carfts
Steel Pro
Stem International
S T Enterprises
Stephen Anthony Doyle
Sterling Creations Pvt. Limited
Sterling Jr George William
S.T.Food Industries,
S.T.Foods Industries
Stichcraft Pvt., Ltd. 20 Km Yohanna
Stin Sports
Stitchcraft Pvt., Ltd.
Stitches (Private) Ltd.
Stitch In Style
Stitch In Time
Stitch N Style Pvt., Ltd.
Stitch Point Private Limited
Stitchwell Garments
Stone Classica
Stone Classica
Stone Creation
Stone Instruments Co.
Stones Designer
Stone Styla
Stone World
Stone World Enterprises
Strand Tex
Strand Tex Plot 10 Sector 7 A,
Strive Sports.
Style N'leather International
Style O Sphere Apparels
Style & Perfection
Stylers International Pvt., Ltd.
Style Textile (Pvt.) Ltd.,
Style Textile Pvt Ltd.
Style Textile Pvt., Ltd.
Stylist International
Styrex Traders
Suak Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Suban International Exp.
Suban International Exp.
Subata Enterprises
Subhan Fabrics
Subhan Initiatives
Subhan International Exp.
Subhani Textile
Subhan Knitwear
Sublime Packaging
Sublime Sports (Pvt) Ltd.,
Sublime Sports Pvt., Ltd.C/O New
Suddal & Co.
Sufi Enterprises,
Sufi Weaving Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Sughran Garments
Sughran Garments
Sughran Imp. & Exp. Sialkot
Suhaib Apparels
Suhail International
Sui Sothern Gas Co., Ltd.
Sui Southern Gas Co., Ltd.
Suleman Fabrics
Suleman Silk Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Suleman Silk Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Suleman Silk Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Suleman Spinning Mills Ltd.
Sultania Industries
Sultan Industries
Sultan Of Sialkot
Sultan Trading Corporation
Sultex Industries
Sultex Industries Plot
Sultex Industries Plot No.17/2,
Sumail Star
Sumail Star
Sum Apparel Pvt., Ltd.
Sum Apparel Pvt., Ltd.
Sum Traders
Sunbright Hosiery (garment Division)
Sunder Imp. & Exp.
Sundhyana Trading
Suneast Leather
Suneast Leather
Sun Fashion Design
Sunflower Industries
Sunheri Traders
Sun International
Sunlike Industries,
Sunnair Textile
Sunny And Brothers Pvt., Ltd.
Sunny Industries
Sunny Industries
Sunny International,
Sunny Textile Pvt., Ltd.
Sunpo Industries Ltd.
Sunpo Industries Ltd.
Sunpower Corporation.,
Sunrays Textile Mills Ltd.
Sunrise International Trading
Sunrise International Trading.
Sunrise Rag Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Kepz
Sunrise Rags Co (Pvt) Ltd.
Sunrise Rags Co (Pvt) Ltd.
Sunrise Rags Co Pvt., Ltd.
Sunshine International
Sunshine Texco
Suntex Gloves Industries
Sunwear Industries,
Sun Win Sports
Suparco Headquarters
Supercal Equipment SARL
Super Fashion (Pvt) Ltd.
Super Feel
Super Gloves Industries
Super Horse.,
Superlative Enterprises
Super Market Knit Pvt., Ltd. J.S.
Super Nova Sports
Super Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Super Salt Lamps
Super Sea Food
Super Services
Super Services
Super Shan Crafts
Super Sportif
Super Sportif
Super Sportif Man Ufacturers & Exporters
Super Star Enterprises
Supreme Apparels
Supreme Enterprises
Supreme Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
Supreme Scm Pvt., Ltd.
Suraj Corporation
Suraj Cotton Mills Ltd.
Suraj Cotton Mills Ltd.
Surat Khan & Co.
Surface Deployment & Distr Command
Surface Deployment & Distr Command
Surface Deployment & Distr Command
Surge Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd
Surgical Appliances
Surgical Appliances
Surgical Indstrument
Surgicon Pvt., Ltd.
Surgimax We Serve To Save Lives
Surgimax We Serve To Save Lives
Surgimen Instruments
Surgiment Instruments Pvt Ltda.
Suria Tex
Survico Industries
Susan Carroll Neumann
Swana Exp. Corporation
Swana Exp. Corporation
Swana Export Corporation
Swan Imp. & Exp.
Swano Textiles
Swan's Textiles
Swan S Textiles
Swan Textile
S.W. Beauty Industries
Sweetland Trading Co.
Sweety Textile (Pvt.) Limited
Sweety Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
Sweety Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.,
Sweety Textiles Pvt.Ltd.
Sweety Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. Sae
Sw Group Of Co.
Swis International
Swiss Apparels
Swiss Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
Swiss International
Swiss International
Swiss Packaging
Swisspo Sports Mfg. Co. Pvt., Ltd.
SwissPro Mfg Co.,
Sword Master Enterprises.,
Syaz Traders
S Y Corporation
Syed Aijaz Manzoor Kazmi.,
Syeda International
Syed And Sons Industries
Syed Asim Ali Tirmizi
Syed Azhar Kazmi
Syed Cutlery
Syedee Enterprises
Syed Faheem Ahmed Gilani,
Syed Fayyaz Ali Industries Pvt.
Syed Haider Al Naqvi
Syed International
Syed International Mfg. Of T
Syed Khalid Hasan
Syed Khalid H. Rizvi
Syed Shazia Sultan
Syed Tariq Shahab,
Syed Textile Industries
Syed Textiles
Syed Waseem Ahmed Naqvi
Syed Zkir Raza
Syfaa Textiles
Syfaa Textiles
Syfah International
Syfah International
Sylvana Garments
S.Y.M.A Enterprises
Syncotex Agencies
Syncotex Agencies Sa
Synergy Supplies.,
Syntech Fibres (Pvt) Ltd.
Synthetic Mats (Pvt) Ltd.
Synthetic Products Enterprises Ltd.
Syntronics Ltd.
Systems (Pvt) Ltd.
Szco Mfg. Co.
S Z Enterprises
T2 International
Tabish International
T & A Enterprises LLC
Taha International
Taha InternationalConsolidatio
Taheri Enterprises
Tahira Haque
Tahir International
Tahir Towel
Tahitian Imp. Exp.
Taimoor Impex
Taimoor Impex
Taimoor Impex Manufacturer
Taimoor Impex Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers Of Textil
Taimoor Imp. & Exp.
T.A Industry
Taj Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Taj Enterprise.
Taj Food C/O Pegasus Pakistan
Taj Food (Pvt) Ltd.
Taj Food Pvt Ltd
Taj Industrial Corporation
Taj Industries
Tajir Enterprises
Tajir Imp. & Exp.
Tajir Imp. & Exp.
Tajmahal Sports Co.
Tajmahal Sports Company
Taj Processing Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Taj Traders Co.
Tajver Weaving (Pvt) Ltd.
Taks Industry
Talent And Taste
Talon Sports Pvt Ltd
Talon Sports Pvt., Ltd.
Talreja International
Taminna Seerin Salikuddin
T And N Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.,
Taneson International
Tangela Torain Myers
Tangent Textiles
Tango Sports
Tan impex
Tan International Office No,36,
Tanveer International
Tanveer International
Tanveer Salt Traders
Tanveer Traders
Tanzeem Brothers
Tapal Tea (Private) Ltd.
Tareen Traders
Tarfa Khan
Tariq Glass Industries Ltd.
Tariq Mir & Co.
Tariq Mir & Co.
Tarseel Private Ltd.,
Tarxess Sports
Tasa Marine & Logistics
Tasco International
Taskeen Imp. & Exp.
Tassadaq And Co.
Tasveer Mehal Garments
Tata Pak Industries,
Tata Textile Mills
Tauseef Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Tauseef Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Tauseef Enterprises Pvt Ltd Garments Division
T.A. Walthem & Co.
T.A.Walthem & Co.
Taxman Industries
Tayyab Enterprises
Tayyab International
Tayyab Trading Corporation
Tba (Pakistan)
Tba (Pakistan)Mega Apparels,
Team Corporation
Team International,
Tech Gear Trading Co.
Technical Services
Technics Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
Technik Exhibit Solutions
Technimen Gema (Pvt) Ltd.
Technimen Skillers
Technomate Syndicate
Techno Trade International
Techpo International
Tecno Instruments
Tee Jay Textile
Tee Zee Textile
Tehamico,Suite301, Block A
Tehseen & Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Tehseen Enterprises,
Tekin Debra Bolling
Tekna Power
Tekna Power
Tel:2431738 & 2431739 Fax:2412507
Tempo Enterprises
Tenmat Ltd.
Tenzee Sports
Terri Lyn King
Terry Towellers (Pvt) Ltd.
Terry World Textiles
Terry World Textiles
Terry World Textiles
Terry World Textiles Llc
Terumo Coporation
TesCare Corporation
Tetra Pak Pakistan Ltd.
Texancom International
Texancom International
Tex Arts
Texcot International
Texfab Corporation
Tex Imp.
Tex Mach Industries
Texmaco International
Texman Industries
Tex Net International (Pvt) Ltd.
Texnit International,
Texnit Sourcing Excellence
Texnit Sourcing Excellence
Texnit Sourcing Excellence
Texo Terry International
Tex Plus
Tex Plus A 200, Clifton Garden 1,
Texstyle Corporation
Tex Style Exp.
Tex Style Exp.
Tex Style Exp.
Tex-style Ltd
Textile Apparel Inspection
Textile Channel
Textile Channel
Textile Connect
Textile Connection
Textile Creation
Textiledge (Apparel Division)
Textile Exp. International
Textile Guild,
Textile Guild 143 Abu Bakar Block,
Textile Inn
Textile Links (Pvt) Ltd.
Textile Nexus Llc,
Textiler Pvt., Ltd. On Bhehalf:
Textilers Private Limited
Textilers Pvt.
Textilers (Pvt) Ltd.
Textiles Apparels
Textile Sources
Textiles Providers
Textile Syndicate
Textile Techno Commercial
Textile Tigers (Pvt) Ltd.
Textile Trend
Textile Trend
Textile Trims Sourcing
Textile Valley
Textile Vision
Textile Vision
Textilfort (Private) Ltd.
Textilfort Pvt., Ltd.
Textilfort Pvt., Ltd.
Textil Instinkt
Tex Trends
Texture Textile
Texture Textile
Texture Textiles
Texware Sourcing
Tex World
Tf Apparel & Century 21
T.F Apparels
T.F. Apparels
T.F. Apparels Head Office: Room N
Tgl Ltd.
TGl Ltd.
Tg Sports Sialkot
T H A 3 International
T.H.A.3 International
T.H.A International
Thal Engineering
Thal Ltd.
Thal Ltd.,
Thal Ltd. Jute Division
Thapur Industries
Thapur Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
Thapur Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
Thb Sports
The Blessors Marble Fire Places
The Brite Light.,
The Carpet House
The Cotton City
The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd.
The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd.
The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd.
The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd.
The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd.
The Cresent Textile Mill Ltd.
The De Mairo Pvt., Ltd.
The Dominion Traders
The Dyers
The Dyers
The Dyer's
The Dyer's
The Dyers Plot No. 5&6 Sector
The Dyers Plot No. 5 6 Sector 12 C
The Dyer's Plot No. A 95, S.I.T.E,
The Executive Apparel
The Famous Surgicrafts
The Famous Surgicrafts
The General Tyre And Rubber Co. Of Pakistan
The Global Traders
The Grace Products
The Grand Euro
The Great Master Of Sports
The Holy International
The Imperial Electric Company (Pvt) Ltd
The Marble Piont
The Master Fabrics
The Master Fabrics
The Mechanica (Pvt) Ltd.
The Mughal Surgical (Pvt) Ltd.
The National Institute of Penal, Administrative and Security Sciences
The Orientals
The Professionals
The Professionals Freighters
The Professionals Leather
The Quality Products
Thermec Engineering Co.
Thermosole Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
The Salt Corporation
The Simscare Group
The Sitara Engineers
The Sourcing Trail
The Style International 11 C ,
The Tempest Trading Company
The Texstyle
The Texstyle International
The Texture
The Texture Private Ltd.
The Vogue
The Wifco
The X.Porter
Thms Enterprises
Thomas Joseph Hudak
Thomas Manning Palmer
Thomas Manning Palmer
Thomas Mc Kinney Coleman
Thomas R. Henderson
Thomas Tools Industries
Threadex Industries
Thread Ex Industries
Thread Experts
Three Star Hoisery Mills Ltd.
Three Stars Hosiery Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Three Stars Hosiery Mills (PVT) LTD.
Three Star Textile
Three Star Tranding Co.
Ths International
Tiger Dive
Tiger Dive
Tiger Hosiery Mills (Pvt) Ltd.,
Time Knits
Time Knits
Times Clothing (PVT) Ltd.
Time Textile
Time Traders
Timex International
Tim Onilee Hall
Timothy Drew Waldron
Tinopal Surgical Corporation Pvt. Lt
Tinopal Surgical Corp. (Pvt.) Ltd.
Tin Traders
Tirmizi Sports
T.K. Corporation
T.K. Corporation
Tk Pharma (Pakistan)
T.K.R. Traders,
T.Ks Natural Stone
Tls Sports
Tm Enterprises
T.M. Exp.
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213,2 Nd Floor
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 2 Nd Floor Chapal Pl
Tml Pvt., Ltd. 213 Hasrat Mohani Road
T.M.M. Enterprises
TMR Consulting (Pvt.) Limited
Tn Exp.
Tobacco Business Associates
Tobacconist Pakistan Pvt., Ltd.
Toby Field Dalton
Tombola Sports Noor Manzil Rangpura
Tooba Estate
Tooba Rice Mills
Tooba Rice Traders
Tooba Tex
Toolmex Instrument Corporation
Toor Traders
Topcon Traders
Top Fashion Garments
Top Holding
Top In Town Sports Co.
Top Line Services
Top Line Services
Topnet Embroidery
Top One International
Top One International Pvt. Ltd.
Top Protective Gear
Toptex Enterprise, Office No. 712,
Top Textiles (Pvt) Ltd.
Torwin Surgical (Pvt) Ltd.
Total Parco Pakistan Ltd.
Tough Riders Leather Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.
Tough Tech Corpo
Tousee Instrumente
Toweller Ltd. W.S.A. 30 Block 1
Towellers Ltd.
Towellers Ltd.
Towellers Ltd. W.S.A 30,Bl 1 F.B
Towellers Pvt., Ltd
Towellers Pvt., Ltd.
Towels King
Towne Brothers Pvt., Ltd.
Toxford International
Tox Fort International
Toyota Western Motors
Traci Lynn Mell
Track Med.,
Track Of Surgical
Track Of Surgical
Trade Channel.
Tradecom International
Trade Com International
Trade Exchange Services
Trade Inn System
Trade Line,
Trademate International
Trade Overseas Serveces (Pvt) Ltd.
Trade Overseas Serveces (Pvt) Ltd.,
Trade Overseas Services (Pvt) Ltd.
Traders World Corporation
Tradesia Private Ltd.
Tradesia (Pvt) Ltd.
Tradesia Pvt., Ltd.
Tradesia (Pvt) Ltd. 34 M T Khan
Trade Town International
Trade Universal
Trade Universal
Trade Universal
Tradeway International
Tradeway International Suite No
Trade Wings International
Tradex Pakistan Pvt., Ltd.
Tradex Pakistan Pvt., Ltd.
Trade Zone
Trading Deal
Trading System Karachi
Tradmen International
Trafin Private Ltd.
Trafin Private Ltd.
Tramondi Sports Pvt., Ltd.
Trands Apparel
Trands Apparel
Transasia Enterprises
Trans Asia Enterprises
Transglobal Industries.,
Transmarine (Pvt.) Ltd.
Transmission Engineering Indts. Ltd.
Transmission Motor Co.
Transmission Motor Co Pvt., Ltd.
Transmode (Hb
Transmode Overseas Transportges. Mb
Transtrade (Pvt) Ltd.
Transworld Advertising (Pvt) Ltd.
Treason Specials 281 G 5,Wapda Town
Treet Corporation Ltd.
Trend Collection
Trend Hosiery Pvt., Ltd.
Trendline Furnishers
Trend Mfg. Co.
Trends Enterprises
Trends Enterprises.,
Trend Setters
Trendtex International
Trendtex International
Treue Sports
Treue Sports Faisal Town Village
Tribal Creations
Tribal Monsoon
Tribal Moonsoon
Tribal Rugs
Tribal Textile Mills Ltd
Tri Bro Mfg. Co.rp
Tristan Sports Fashion Group
Tristan Sports Fashion Group,
Tri S Trading Co.
Triune Trading Co.
Trophy Sports Industries
Tropical King (Pvt) Ltd.
Trout Aparel
Troy Sports.
Trudy Michele Cassen
True Cloth Merchant
Trust International
TS Corporation
Tsi Bortesi & C. Srl F/A
T.S Textile
T & T Corporation
T.Tex Fabrics
T.T.T Corporation.
Tucson Favorite Boxing Equipment
Tufail Brothers
Tuff Trading Corporation
Tuf Pak Sports Works
Tulip Towel Industries
Tullow Pakistan (Developments) Ltd.
T.U. Traders
Tuwairqi Steel Mills Ltd.
Twintex 229 A3,
UA Trading Co.
U.H. International
U & H Textile
U.I Enterprises
U.I. Enterprises
U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd
U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
U & I Garments Pvt., Ltd.
U & I Garments(Pvt) Ltd. St 2.12,
U.K. Martial Arts Sports
Ulsan Team Sport
Ultima Food Co.,
Ultra Surgical (Pvt) Ltd.,
Umair Enterprises
Umair Fabrics
Umar Abdullah Textiles
Umar Embroidery
Umar Garments
Umar Garments
Umar Textiles
Umar Textiles
Umar Textiles
Umer Apparels Pvt.
Umer Apparels (Pvt) Ltd.
Umer Daraz Textile Industries
Umer Draz Textile Factory
Umer Enterprises.
Umer Industry
Umer Manufacturers & Exporters Co.
Umer Saddique Apparels
Umer Salman Traders
Umer Siddiq Apparels

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