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Bangladeshi Manufacturers of auto and Suppliers of auto

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Feroza Garments Ltd


1,614 shipments match auto

3,077 shipments total
...12 PCS INVOICE NO:FGL/614/2 013,DT.16-09-2013 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO:20132640265 SALES CONTRACT NO:SEARS/RC-24301- C/2013...

Western Dresses


1,215 shipments match auto

2,653 shipments total
...DT.01-06-20 14 INVOICE VALUE US 70,609.5 0 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO: 20 144307097 HTS NO. 6203.42.401 6 SALES...

M.N.C. Apparels Ltd.


751 shipments match auto

4,304 shipments total
...12 PCS INVOICE NO:MNC/426/2013 DT.07-11-201 3 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO: 20 132919870 HTS NO. 6204.62.401 1 SALES...

Nassa Knit Ltd.

Dhaka, Bangladesh Manufacturer

681 shipments match auto

1,971 shipments total
...X 24 PCS INVOICE NO:NKL/ 284/2013 DT. 27-08-2013 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO: 2013254277 4 HTS NO. 6203.42.4016 SALE S...

Toy Woods


498 shipments match auto

1,444 shipments total
...643 CTNS X 10 PCS INVOICE V ALUE US$33,050.20 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO:201611673086 INV . NO.DATE:TWL/389/2016 DT. 1...

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MBM Garments, Ltd.


415 shipments match auto

2,611 shipments total
...038 /2014 DT.23-04-2014 INVOICE VALUE US 95,696.64 AUTO SEAR S INVOICE NO: 20144034262 H TS NO. 6204.62.4051 SALES...

Kimia Apparels Industry

Bangladesh Manufacturer

442 shipments match auto

923 shipments total
...2014 DT. 11-05-2014 INVOIC E VALUE US 1,847.36 AUTO SE ARS INVOICE NO: 20144165681 HTS NO. 6205.20.2051 SALES CO...

AJ Super Garments Ltd.


386 shipments match auto

1,241 shipments total
...X 4 PCS INVOICE NO:AJSGL /163/2013 DT.22-05-2013 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO: 201321340 37 HTS NO.6209.20.3000 PURCH ASE...

Global Nassa Wear


355 shipments match auto

562 shipments total
...172/2014 DT.22-11-2014 INVOICE VALUE US 11,915.54 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO 20145849132 HTS NO. 6103.43.1550 SALES CONTRACT NO...

Starlight Knitwear Ltd.


340 shipments match auto

669 shipments total
...1490 CTNS X 6 PCS INVOICE VALUE US$44,52 1.20 AUTO SEARS INVOICE NO: 201611525580 INV. NO. DATE : SKL/096/2016 DT. 01...


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