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Bangladeshi Manufacturers of mfl and Suppliers of mfl

36 results matching mfl

Mens Fashion Ltd.


315 shipments match mfl

1,834 shipments total
...322, 45FM001 450, 45FM001 753, 45FM001 845, INT SA # : 1288251 INVOICE NO : MFL-124 2013 DATED : 07-04-2013 EXP NO : 1472-01386-2013 DATED...

Mellow Fashion Ltd.

Bangladesh Manufacturer

48 shipments match mfl

156 shipments total
...9510 CAT: 359 STYLE NO: S7HP62NAXV. P.O NO: 3110572 INV NO.MFL/GU/52/13 DT: 01.12.2013 EXP NO.086600644 13 DT...

Cmx Pvt. Ltd.

Bangladesh Manufacturer/Wholesale

38 shipments match mfl

1,662 shipments total
...13.08.2014 L/C NO 4AS0U10003 5 DT.29.01.2014INV MFL/EXP/ 25/ 14 DT.10.08.2014 EXP 0513- 00117-14 DT...

Mawna Fashion Ltd

Bangladesh Manufacturer

23 shipments match mfl

32 shipments total
...22, FC 2032-FC2046 HS CODE: 61046 2, 610910, 611020 INV. NO: MFL/2016/0045 DT: 17-11-2 016 CON. NO: MFL/FCLLC/201...

Moon Fashion Ltd.


21 shipments match mfl

263 shipments total
...3455X ROY,BLK,CHA CATEGORY:659 HS CO DE:62111100 INV NO :MFL/59/2016 DT:27/09/ 2016 L/C NO:RERI-485403 DT...

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Exp. Freight Pvt., Ltd.

Bangladesh Manufacturer/Trading Company/Logistics

17 shipments match mfl

1,767 shipments total
...UNITED S TATES, T EL : +1 516 616 2900 INV N O:MFL/KCL /85/16 DT:13/11/2 016 EXP NO:3038-00357...

Mrinmoy Fashion & Trade International Ltd.

Dhaka, Bangladesh Trading Company/Logistics/Wholesale Has a significant amount of contact information

13 shipments match mfl

212 shipments total
...WOVEN FREIGHT COLLECT PO NO: 37776 STYLE NO: TWHJ42BLHR, TWHJ42DLLR, TWHJ42TRQR. INV:MFL/BER/78/2013 DATE: 21.07.2013 EXP:1747-01097-2013 DATE...

My Foods Ltd.

Bangladesh Manufacturer

10 shipments match mfl

11 shipments total
FOODSTUFF & SPICES H.S.CODE : 19054000 INVOICE NO : MFL/USA/01/2013 DT: 01.06.2013 EXP NO : 1080-02189-13 DT: 26.06.2013...

Mitali Fashions Ltd.

Bangladesh Has a significant amount of contact information

8 shipments match mfl

126 shipments total
...PO STYLE 4500007907 FLMM2EPG 4500007907 FLMM2EPD HTS CODE 6207.91.3010 INV MFL/286/2013 DATE 24.06.2013 EXP 0132-02095-13 DATE 24...…...PO STYLE 4500007907 FL2EPG 4500007907 FL2EPD HTS CODE 6207.91.3010 INV MFL/286/2013 DATE 24.06.2013 EXP 0132-02095-13 DATE 24...

Multifabs Limited


7 shipments match mfl

13 shipments total
...STYLE NO:EMPO12M, EMPO12W, EMPO12X CAT# 4, HS CODE: 6105100010 INV NO : MFL/EXP/NT/1254/13 DT:26.11.2013 EXP NO: 0093-17565...


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