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Brazilian Manufacturers of quant slabs and Suppliers of quant slabs

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Savino Del Bene Do Brasil Ltda

Brazil Manufacturer/Logistics

4,675 shipments match quant slabs

49,970 shipments total
...2140375676/7 QTDE VOL:08 RE: 14/0490198- 001 QUANT.: 50 PIECE(S) AND 47 SLAB(S) QUANT. VOLUMES: 1 BOX(S) AND 7 BUNDLE...

Brasigran Brasileira De Granitos Ltd.


1,196 shipments match quant slabs

12,883 shipments total
...2516.12.00 HS CODE: 6802.93.00 2516.12.00 QUANT. SLABS: 56 SLABS INVOICE: 439 14 PO#3819 RE: 14 0457589-001 A...

Pemagran Pedras Marmores E Granitos Ltda.

Brazil Manufacturer

1,202 shipments match quant slabs

6,488 shipments total
...G032148 DE: 2175724475/1 RE: 17/1 075158-001 QUANT.: 150 PIECE(S) AND 44 SLAB(S ) QUANT. VOLUMES: 2 BOX(S) AND 7 BUNDLE...

General Noli Do Brasil Ltda

Brazil Manufacturer

1,135 shipments match quant slabs

10,410 shipments total
...STONE SLABS AND MILLCRUSHER NCM: 6802.93.90 / 7103.99.00 / 8474.20.90 HS CODE: 6802.93 / 7103.99 / 8474.20 QUANT. SLABS: 47...

Marbrasa Marmores E Granitos Do Brasil

Brazil Manufacturer

1,114 shipments match quant slabs

14,771 shipments total
...20 PIECE(S ) STONE SLABS DE: 2175466586/1 RE: 17/0591114 -001 NCM: 6802.93.90 HS CODE: 6802.93 QUANT. SLABS: 46 SLAB(S...

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Kopek Industries Ltda

Serra, Brazil Wholesale

845 shipments match quant slabs

1,541 shipments total
...PO NUMBER: E-MAIL ORDER DE: 2150241720/0 RE: 15/0325715-001 TO 002 QUANT. SLAB(S): 42 SLAB(S) QUANT. VOLUMES: 7 BUNDLE(S)

Marmoraria Milanezi S A

Brazil Manufacturer

800 shipments match quant slabs

3,641 shipments total
...PO NUMBER: BMA1551 DE: 21505470 86/2 RE: 15/0767870-001 QUANT. SLAB(S): 50 SA MPLE(S) AND 41 SLAB(S) QUANT. VOLUMES: 6...

Levantina Natural Stone Brasil Ltda.

Brazil Manufacturer

662 shipments match quant slabs

5,139 shipments total
...BUNDLE(S) STONE SLABS DE: 2175058 407/7 RE: 17/0109702-001 NCM: 6802.93.90 HS C ODE: 6802.93 QUANT. SLABS: 64 SLAB...

Gramazini Granitos E Marmores Thomazini

Brazil Wholesale

643 shipments match quant slabs

13,061 shipments total
...PO NUMBER: G32981 DE:2185629836/1 RE:18/045 7266-001 QUANT. SLAB(S): 54 QUANT. VOLUMES: 7 BUNDLE(S) WOODEN PACKAGE USED: TREATED / CER...

Qualita Granitos E Marmores Ltda


575 shipments match quant slabs

2,597 shipments total
...2015 PO NUMBER: BQG289 DE: 2150737357/0 RE: 15/1091868-001 QUANT. SLAB(S):44 SLAB(S) QUAN T. VOLUMES: 2 BOX(S) AND 7...


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