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Brazilian Manufacturers of silicon casi and Suppliers of silicon casi

6 results matching silicon casi

Bozel Mineracao S A

São João Del Rei, Brazil Has verified third-party data

171 shipments match silicon casi

203 shipments total
...001 Nw 19. 000, 00 Kg Port Of Discarge Big Bags On Pallets Silicon Casi Size 8 Meshxdown Ncm 7202. 99. 90 Midland, Pa 15059…Tare 2200 Brazil Bozel Casi 8 Mesh X Down 01 19 B 12122 A Me

Bozel Brasil SA

Brazil Has verified third-party data

106 shipments match silicon casi

127 shipments total
Calcium Silicon 19 Mt Of Calcium Silicon Casi Packed In 19 Big Bags On Pallets Size 1. 5 Mmx0, 04 Mm B14007 A Me P14...…Brazil / Bozel Casi 1. 5 X 0. 04 01/19 B14007 Ame

Rima Industrial S/A

Brazil Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

43 shipments match silicon casi

3,169 shipments total
01 X20 With 09 Cages On 09 Pallets With Calciu M Silicon Cored Wire. Has Been Treated In Accordance W Ith The Usda Requirements. This...…Brasil Rima Casi Cored Wire Inv. Y 131062 B N. W. /G. W. Made In Brazil 01/09

Panalpina Ltda

Brazil Has verified third-party data

21 shipments match silicon casi

6,430 shipments total
38, 00 Mt Of Calcium Silicon Casi Packed In 38 Big Bags On Pallets Size: 2 Mmx50 Mm B 12125 Me P. O.: P12 0081...…Brazil Bozel Casi 2 x50 01 38 B 12125 Me { Ncm } Clhu3712839 1 72029990 Ipxu3552596 1 72029990 { Ncm

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Brazil Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

5 shipments match silicon casi

61 shipments total
Calcium Silicon Casi Packed In 72 Steel D Fealloys; Oth Oth Fezirconium 01 X 20 Ft : 18, 00 Mt Of Fealloys; Oth Oth Fezirconium Fealloys...…Brazil/Bozel Casi 70 X 325 Mesh 01/72 B 10032 F Me

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São Paulo, Brazil Has verified third-party data

1 shipment matches silicon casi

17 shipments total
...5 Size: 70 X 325 Mesh 72 Steel Drums On Wooden Silicon Casi Packed In 18, 000 Mt Of Calcium B 10032 G Me Also...…Brasil/ Bozel Casi 70 X325 Mesh 01/72 B 10032 G Me

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