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Indonesian Manufacturers of cassava chips and Suppliers of cassava chips

40 results matching cassava chips

Cv. Arira Pangindo

Indonesia Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

61 shipments match cassava chips

67 shipments total
Crisproot Ridged Cassava Root Chips 1, 575 Carton Of 120 Cartons Crisproot Ridged Cassava Root Chips 142 G X 12 Original 935 Cartons Crisproot Ridged...

PT. Maxindo Karya Anugerah

Indonesia Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

25 shipments match cassava chips

160 shipments total
Cassava/Soap 3779 Carton Boxes Consist Of 3726 C. Boxes Wai Lana Chips (6 Packs/85 G) Best By Nov 28 2014 53 C. Boxes...

Cv. Surya Kencana Sakti

Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia Has verified third-party data

1 shipment matches cassava chips

33 shipments total
(Tapioca Crackers, Bean Crackers, Cassava Crac Wn Sugar, Indonesian Instant Spices, Coconut Foodstuff Kers, Rice Crackers, Peanut Salad Dressing, Bro Chips)
...Finger Daouble Polish; Dry Turmeric Finger; Coconut Semi Husked; Betelnuts; Tamarind with seed; Green Robusta Coffee Beans; Desiccated Coconut; Dry Cassava Chip; Fresh Turmeric Finger

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Cassava Chips (Tapioca Chips) / Gaplek

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Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Cassava Chips; Tapioca Cassava Chips
Betel Nuts; Cassava Chips
jackfruit chips; Fruit chips; sweet cassava chips
KRees Cassava Chip
Cassava Chips; kucinta cassava chip
Chocolate Chip Cookies; Rice Crackers; Rice Crackers (Gendar); Spicy Cassava Chips; Raw Garlic Crispy Cassava Chips; Raw Spicy Cassava Chips
Cassava Sticks; Crispy Chip Of Cassava; COCONUT SUGAR; BANANA CHIPS; Crispy Chips Of Banana; GNETUM GNEMON CHIPS; BONTE STICKS (TARO STICKS); Crispy Chips Of Jackfruits...
Pabion Chair; Laundry Bag And Basket; Oval Basket; Broom; Dried Cassava / Chips; Storage Basket

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East Jakarta, Indonesia

kucinta cassava chip; Cassava Chips
Cassava Chips / Dry Cassava / Cassava Starch
sweet cassava chips; Watermelon chips; jackfruit chips; Fruit chips
Choco Chips & Cashew Nut; Blueberry Almon Cookies; Cassava & Cheese Cookies; Cassava Cheese & Cornflakes; Kaastengels; Choco Cappuccino

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Surabaya, Indonesia

Dried Cassava (Tapioca) Chips; Teak Garden Tile

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East Jakarta, Indonesia

2000 SATURN LS1 car; Kusuka Cassava Chips, Quindo Snacks; 2000 SATURN LS2 car; Teri Crunch Anchovy; 2003 SATURN L200 car; 2003 SATURN L200 car; 2003...

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