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Iraqi Manufacturers of water and Suppliers of water

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Adva Tech Engineers

Rutba, Iraq

...Basin; Aluminium Fan; Square Type Cooling Tower; Electric Motor; FRP Basin; Static Water Distribution System; Static Water Distribution System; Fan & Fill Less Natural Drafts Type...

Krishna Gifts

Baghdad, Iraq

...decor mirror; Expandable Pen Set; SS Cocktail Shaker; Skoda Wall Clock; SS Water Dispenser 6Ltr; milan deluxe; Glass Aquatic; Tabletop Multiuser; Alarm Clock; SS Bowl...
wireless and towers; water cooling towers

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...Maleic Anhydride; Morpholine; Sodium Tripolyphosphate; Polyacrylic Acid; Maleic & Acrylic Acid [Ma/Aa]; Water Treatment Chemicals; Activated Carbon; Phosphonates; Activated Carbon Cylindrical Pellet; Diethylene Triamine Penta...
Window Type, Copper Tube Air-conditioner; Water Pump

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Iraq Trading Company

Hair Colour; Instant Noodles; FURAT; Bottled Natural Water; Super; Paving; High Speed Dome Camera; High Speed Dome; TROY; Solar Water Heater; Building & Construction Services; Digital...

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Iraq Trading Company

...October 2011; Water Cut Meter...
Aquasafe For Water Treatment
Baghdad Pure Water
Index For Water Technology Ltd
Electric hot water Boilers

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Qalat Dizah, Iraq

Municipalities water directorate

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