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Italian Manufacturers of kiwi and Suppliers of kiwi

185 results matching kiwi

Friulkiwi Soc. Coop. Agricola

Italy Manufacturer

1,096 shipments match kiwi

1,809 shipments total
KIWI 2520 CRTS - 24400 KG HTS 081050 INV 27 PO LOT # 18402 242 HBL 7183731P9106 ; FREIGHT ALL COLLECT ; SEAWAY BILL ; CARGO IS STOWED IN A...

Agricollibio Srl


432 shipments match kiwi

455 shipments total
FRESH FRUIT KIWI FDA 144445282374 RYANS 225213 - 225214 P.O. 2250243

Gullino Import-Export S.R.L.

Italy Trading Company Has a significant amount of contact information

378 shipments match kiwi

647 shipments total

Top Fresh Srl

Italy Wholesale

306 shipments match kiwi

672 shipments total
FRESH FRUIT:KIWI NET WEIGHT 22680 KGS RYAN: 1 040032926 FDA: 14593980698 TEMP. -0,5 C VENT 15 CBM/H REF. 285/14 FREIGHT PREPAID

Novafruit Srl

Italy Has a significant amount of contact information

281 shipments match kiwi

811 shipments total

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Zeoli Fruit S.R.L.

Italy Has a significant amount of contact information

267 shipments match kiwi

813 shipments total
FRESH FRUIT:KIWI NET WEIGHT: 18144 KGS RYANS: 3483301385 - 3483301302 FDA: 18210815362 TEMP. 0????C - VENT. 20 CBM/H

Vignola Export S.R.L.

Italy Has a significant amount of contact information

248 shipments match kiwi

1,060 shipments total

Societa Cooperativa Agricola

Italy Manufacturer

265 shipments match kiwi

284 shipments total
KIWI VENTILAZIONE 20CBM/H UMIDITA 90% INV 202/14 PO 2100271 LOT HBL 7222179P7103

Compagnia Italiana Della Frutta SpA

San Pietro, Italy Manufacturer Has a significant amount of contact information

224 shipments match kiwi

804 shipments total
KIWI VENT 20 CBM/H INV V3000032 PO LOT 15002185 HBL 7224061P1364

Friulkiwi Coop.Prod.Actinidia E Fr

San Giorgio della Richinvelda, Italy Manufacturer

140 shipments match kiwi

185 shipments total


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