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Manufacturers of crospovidone chemicals and Suppliers of crospovidone chemicals

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Apex Maritime(Shanghai)Co. Ltd.

China Has verified third-party data

2 shipments match crospovidone chemicals

183,740 shipments total

Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd.

China Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

816 shipments and $         in Chinese exports in total
...PLA; Polyether Polyol(PPG); polyurethane sealant for windshield glazing; Plant Extracts; PBAT; Chemical Fertilizers; PBAT; Health protectors; Titanate coupling agent RJ-608; Process Oils for...…Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yuking Water Soluble Material Tech Co., Ltd.

China Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

57 shipments total
...solution Film coating additive; PVPI disinfectant/sterilization; pvp-k30; PVP-VA chemical supplier; Crospovidone USP32 cross pvp; Polyacrylamide for water treatment; pvpp xl USP; PVP...

Eastar Holding Group Co., Ltd.

China Has verified third-party data

230 shipments total
...Collagen; Beta Cyclodextrin ( Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Chemicals); Soya Lecithin Powder; alpha Cyclodextrin...MCP Used for Fruit Postharvest; Crospovidone; 1-Methylcyclopropene(1-MCP); 1...

Golden Harvest Chemical Co.,Ltd

China Has verified third-party data

33 shipments total
...Acid Solution; Soldium Gluconate; Sodium Gluconate; Direct Compression Excipient Based on Lactose; Crospovidone (PVPP) (XL); L-HPC (Low Substitution Hydroxypropylcellulose); Microcrystalline Cellulose (101, 102); PVP...…Golden Harvest Chemical Co.Ltd

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Xi'an Aladdin Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

China Has verified third-party data

4 shipments and $         in Chinese exports in total

Shanghai Xinlun Import and Export Co.,Ltd.

China Trading Company Has verified third-party data

$         in Chinese exports in total

Shanghai Dexiang Medicine Tech. Co., Ltd

China Has verified third-party data

20 shipments total
...Povidone Iodine; Pharmaceutical Chemicals Pvp-I; Povidone K30; Pvp K30 Lubricator and Antitoxical Assistant for Eye Drug; PVPK30; PVP K25 Stalizer; CROSPOVIDONE; Povidone K25; POVIDONE...
PVP K30, PVP K90; 2-Pyrrolidone; Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL); Crospovidone PVPP; PVP VA 64 VA73 Powder; N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP); Povidone Iodine, PVP I…Vordiy Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Jiaozuo Zhongwei Chemical Co.,Ltd.

China Has verified third-party data

2 shipments total
...BP); PVP-I (PVP-lodine/Povidone-I); Povidone (PVP,USP/EP/BP); Crospovidone (PVPP); Pvp-Iodine; PVP-K Homopolymer Series (PVP-K12. K15. K17. K25...…Jiaozuo Zhongwei Chemical Co., Ltd




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