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Manufacturers of oswl and Suppliers of oswl

13 results matching oswl

R&G Associates Ltd.

Bangladesh Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

356 shipments match oswl

822 shipments total
...B2320H0005 DEPT NO.023 SKU NO. 226368-226375,220423-220429. INVOICE NO.-OSWL-EXP-14-068 DATE -13-01-2014 EXP. NO. -1478-01990-2014...

Opex Stylewear Ltd.

New Zealand Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

63 shipments match oswl

78 shipments total
...NO.SGMGMO5754 H.S CODE-6203-424051,CATNO.340-341 INV.NO-OSWL-EXP-13-828 DATE-21.11.2013 EXP. NO-1478-26315-2013...

Opex Stylewear Ltd.

Hong Kong Has verified third-party data

60 shipments match oswl

61 shipments total
...H.S CODE-6204-62-4056,CAT NO. 347-348 INV.NO-OSWL-EXP-14-128 DATE-23-02-2014 EXP. NO-1478-05281-2014...

Opex Stylewear Ltd.

Hong Kong Has verified third-party data

57 shipments match oswl

58 shipments total
...S CODE: 6204-62-40 21, CAT NO. 347/348 INV. NO:OSWL-EXP-17-034 DATE: 13- 03-2017 EXP. NO:1478-12237-2...

Opex Stylewear Ltd. Plot No. 56/1

India Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

47 shipments match oswl

47 shipments total
...H.S CODE: 6204-62-4021, CAT NO. 347/348 INV.NO:OSWL-EXP-16-010 DATE:12-01-2016 EXP. NO:1478-02043-2016...

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Opex Stylewear Ltd. Plot No. 56/1

Hong Kong Has verified third-party data

30 shipments match oswl

30 shipments total
...H.S CODE: 6204-62-4056, CAT NO. 347/348 INV.NO:OSWL-EXP-17-024 DATE: 15-02-2017 EXP. NO:1478-08590-2017...

Opex Stylewear Ltd.

Pakistan Has verified third-party data

20 shipments match oswl

21 shipments total
...039301-08,19355 0-53,039327-28, 039331-32. I NVOICE NO:OSWL/EXP-14/336 DA TE :29-05-2014 EXP. NO. :2363-00822...

Exp. Freight Ltd.

Bangladesh Trading Company/Logistics Has verified third-party data

11 shipments match oswl

1,662 shipments total
...IPO NO 33096 7925AU13 369025 HTS NO 6105 10 0010 INV NO OSWL EXP 13 211 DTD 03 03 2013 EXP NO 1478 05489 2013...

Expolanka Bangladesh Ltd.

Bangladesh Has verified third-party data

3 shipments match oswl

3,714 shipments total
...6203.42.40.51 (461 CTNS) CY/CY FREIGHT COLLECT INV NO.OSWL/EXP-12/511 DTD.24.08.2012 31515 9449AF12 352545 31517 9449AF12...

Crown Logistics Ltd.

Bangladesh Logistics/Wholesale Has verified third-party data

1 shipment matches oswl

267 shipments total
...PO NO. 7619060/WI 114065 HS. CODE 6203.42.4051 INV. NO OSWL/EXP-16/182 DATE 04/09/2016 EXP NO 2363-002304-2016...




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