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Innolux Corporation

Taiwan Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

91 shipments match smva

2,810 shipments total
FOG, 50, V500HK2-PS1 252CTNS(5040PCS)=18PLTS FOG, 50, V500HK2-PS1, 1920X1080, GREEN 3 SMVA 16:9 400CTNS(5200PCS)=40PLTS

Chimei Innolux Corporation Stsp Bra

Taiwan Has verified third-party data

73 shipments match smva

1,298 shipments total
S.T.C.S-O#404401045 LCD TV PCBI,V320BJ2-P03,32, 1366-768,SMVA 16-9,GREEN 3

Eci Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

24 shipments match smva

81,472 shipments total
...PCBI 21 PLTS = 360 CTNS = 7,200 PCS LCD TV PCBI,V290BJ1-PE1,29, 1366@768,SMVA 16 9,GREEN 3 RATE#61 S/INNOLUX

Temple Reach

Dominican Republic Has verified third-party data

1 shipment matches smva

1 shipment total




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