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Zhengzhou Sino Chemical Co.,Ltd

China Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

6 shipments and $         in Chinese exports in total
...Flakes; Chlorine Tablet Trichloroisocyanuric Acid In Swimming Pool Chemical; Direct Factory Supply sodium hydrosulfite formula for foodstuff; Carbon black for sale; (Best Facory And Good...

Shenzhen COSUN Lighting Technology Co.,LTD

China Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

29 shipments and $         in Chinese exports in total
...120 degree ce rohs appr...; el panel with velcro for t-shirts; sodium lamp led replacement; guangdong noted lighting big bulb led corn lamp; led...

Shenzhen Taifeng Technology Company Limited

China Has verified third-party data

$         in Chinese exports in total
...colors LED solar rotating acrylic display stand; Round Metal Pin Badge; Free Techical Support 4 solar panels solar rotating turnable display s...; 2013 Promotional pin...
...Powder; Magnesium Carbonate; Moulding Powder; Formaldehyde; Whitner (Tinopal); Acetone Bottle; Techical Grade Urea; Sodium Nitrite; Caustic Soda; Titanium; Penta Powder; Stearic Acid; Hexamine Powder; Glycerine...

Joc Pronova Corporation

China Has verified third-party data

11 shipments total
...CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES/PEARLS; 99% Sodium Hydroxide; Potassium methylate/CAS:865...UK,USA,Australia,NewZealand; 95% Techical Imidacloprid; 80W solar panel kit...

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...acetic acid 99.8%; Food additive Magnesium chloride 99.9-105.0; Sodium acetate 98%; Hot sale High purity Copper oxide CuO used in dying...
...62-0; magnesium sulphate heptahydrate techical grade; Potassium Hydroxide Liquid 48%CAS No.: 1310-58-3; Manufacturer of SHMP-sodium hexametaphosphate; magnesium sulphate heptahydrate white...

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