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Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde

Germany Manufacturer

41 shipments total

Ducon Technologies Inc.

United States Has employee contact information

23 shipments total

Hefei Telijie Sanitary Material Co., Ltd.

China Manufacturer

41 shipments and $         in Chinese exports in total

Lechler Inc

United Kingdom Has employee contact information

722 shipments total
...fluid nozzles, twin fluid nozzles, rolling mill technology, roll cooling nozzles, roll cooling systems, hydromechanical descaling environmental technologies, flue-gas desulphurization, gas treatment & droplet separators…...Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Water Blasting Equipment, Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment, Dairy Equipment & Supplies, Wet Process Equipment, Poultry Processing Equipment & Supplies, Fire Protection Systems, Nozzles: Fire Protection...


United States Has employee contact information

450 shipments total
...Brushes: Cylindrical, Brushes: Surgical, Brushes: Flue, Brushes: Mill, Brushes: Non-Sparking...Automation Systems: Medical Component, Coatings: Wet Spray, Applicators: Powder, Gages: Water...

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Kessler Thermometer Corp.

United States

85 shipments total
...Temperature, Thermometers: Hot Water, Thermometers: Flue Gas, Thermometers: Canning Plant, Thermometers...Thermometers: Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Thermometers: Wet & Dry Bulb, Jars, Jars: Laboratory...

Philadelphia Instrumens & Controls.Inc

United States

1 shipment total
...Tanners', Thermometers: Hot Water, Thermometers: Flue Gas, Thermometers: Canning Plant, Thermometers...Thermometers: Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Thermometers: Wet & Dry Bulb, Thermostats: Remote Bulb...

Best Technologies Inc

United States

25 shipments total
Manufacturers of a complete line of air quality control equipment, including wet & dry electrostatic precipitators, acid mist & detarring precipitators, wet scrubbers, fume coalescers, fabric & ceramic...…...Filters: Microwave, Filters: Neutral Density, Filters: Solids Recovery, Flue Gas Desulfurization (DeSOx) Systems, Filters: Medical, Scrubbers: Wet, Precipitators: Electrostatic, Wet, Separators: Battery, Filters: Water, Filters...

Agilis Technologies Corp.

United States Has employee contact information

4 shipments total
...doctors blades, mist eliminators, fogging systems, evaporating cooling systems, industrial evaporative coolers, flue gas desulphurization vessels, plastic separation vessels, wash systems & plastic containment vessels. Doctor...…...or Air, Machinery: Fogging, Flue Gas Desulfurization (DeSOx) Systems, Fans: Mist/Fog Cooling, Air Conditioner Mist Eliminators, Eliminators: Mist, Wet Scrubber, Evaporative Cooler Pads & Accessories...

Basco Manufacturing Co

United States Manufacturer Has employee contact information

11 shipments total
...Manhole, Linings: Corrosion Resistant, Linings: Flue, Chimney, Scrubbers: Dry, Bottoms: Tank...Processing, Tanks: Diesel Fuel, Scrubbers: Wet, Eliminators: Mist, Wet Scrubber, Scrubbers...


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