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Lite On Singapore


139 shipments match xuc

2,955 shipments total
...KEYBOARD LITEON CUSTOMER Q'TY P/N: P/N: (PCS) SG-41110-XUC C638N 21,600 S/O# 4503028266 D/N# 4300784533 HS CODE:8471602000

Pioneer Technology (Shanghai) Co.


6 shipments match xuc

1,119 shipments total
...YPM-2057ZDD XUWL 48 CTNS GM-2197ZG XUUC 150 CTNS NXH-9018ZH02 XUC A 31 CTNS CD-0218ZH71X XUUC 1 CTNS NXH-8218ZH 02 XUCA...

Cl Consolidators Services Ltd.

Hong Kong

5 shipments match xuc

13,675 shipments total
SG 65230 XUA SB 37100 XUC OKDMK OKDMK CPU ES0530WW01 CPU ES0530KK01 CPU ES0530KR01 PU ES0530KE01 CPU ES0450BK02 CPU ES0450BL02 C U ES0450WH02 CPU ES0450KR02...

Lite-On Technology Corporation


3 shipments match xuc

11,221 shipments total

Quzhou Joyplus Light Corp. Ltd.

China Manufacturer

2 shipments match xuc

183 shipments and $         in Chinese exports in total
...NE:212-947-3424 FAX:212-629-03 61 -570 2976622 EMAIL:XUC AIP2008@163.COM SAY ONE THOU SAND FOURTEEN CARTONS ONLY BRANCH LED...

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Damco China Ltd.


1 shipment matches xuc

79,448 shipments total
...001 SG-70100-XUA 7080 PCS P/N 801526-001 SB-70010-XUC 1,008 PCS P/N 802450-001. D/N 4300803341,4300803342,4300803348...…...001 SG-70100-XUA 7080 PCS P/N 801526-001 SB-70010-XUC 1,008 PCS P/N 802450-001. D/N 4300803341,4300803342,4300803348...

Lite On Singapore Pte., Ltd.


1 shipment matches xuc

719 shipments total
...PN:801526-001 SG-70100-87A 540PCS PN:801526-DB1 SG-70100-XUC 430PCS PN:801526-001 DN:4300817670,4300817671,4300817673, 4300817674 2.> COMPUTER KEYBOARD...

Lite On Singapore Pte., Ltd.


1 shipment matches xuc

127 shipments total
...KEYBOARD 2,160 CTNS/21,600 PCS LITEON P/N SG-41110-XUC CUSTOMER P/N C638N S/O# 4503224149 D/N# 4300834146 HS CODE...

Cty Tnhh Sx Tm Xuc Tien Dau Tu


1 shipment matches xuc

1 shipment total
Cty Tnhh Sx Tm Xuc Tien Dau Tu

Xuc Tien Thuong Mai

Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

Xuc Tien Thuong Mai


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