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Spanish Manufacturers of paraformaldehyde bags and Suppliers of paraformaldehyde bags

3 results matching paraformaldehyde bags

Ercros, S.A.

Spain Has verified third-party data Has a significant amount of contact information

216 shipments match paraformaldehyde bags

1,653 shipments total
Bags Paraformaldehyde 91% H. S. Code 29. 1 Rk Rtify That The Solid Wood Pac King Materials Are Totally Free From Ba 4. 1 Un...…P. O. Paraformaldehyde 91% Prill Made In S

Ercros, S.A. Intermediate Chemical

Barcelona, Spain Has verified third-party data

6 shipments match paraformaldehyde bags

27 shipments total
Imdg Class 4. 1 Un Number 2213 20 Mt Paraformaldehyde 92% 800 25 Kg Bags \N Total: Imdg Class 4. 1 Un Number 2213 20...

Medtank S.L.

Barcelona, Spain Has verified third-party data

1 shipment matches paraformaldehyde bags

11 shipments total
...N. No: 2213, Stowage Group: Iii, 29. 12. 60. 00. 00 Imco Class: 4. 1, U. N. Page:, Big Bags Paraformaldehyde 92% H. S. Code

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