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Thai Manufacturers of rfid reader and Suppliers of rfid reader

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Sunfone Technology Co., Ltd.

Thailand Manufacturer Has verified third-party data

1 shipment total
CCID Smart Card Reader; RFID Mifare Reader with Dual Interface; ATM PINPad; Stainless Steel Keyboard; Stainless Steel Keyboard; Stainless Steel Keyboard; Motorized Card Reader; Stainless...
Umb504 Rfid UHF Portable Reader; Urw 801 / 811 UHF Integrated Reader (Antenna Built-In); UHF Rfid Reader 4 Port Sma Antenna
...Attendance; C28T Fingerprint Access Control; CM620-S Card Reader; reader; reader; reader; RFID READER; Reader; fingerprint time attendance; Time attendance; CMI 825-C; CM 820...
XR450 Fixed RFID Reader; Padl-R UF RFID Reader; RU-210u UHF RFID Stationary Reader; RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader; ALR-9900 Enterprise RFID Reader

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