Leadership Team — Panjiva

Leadership Team

Josh Green

Co-Founder & CEO

In 2005, Josh experienced first-hand the difficulty of finding objective information on overseas suppliers and, realizing this was a common pain point, worked with M.I.T. computer scientist James Psota to launch Panjiva. Today, Panjiva tracks the activities of millions of companies engaged in global trade and delivers intelligence about these companies to the global trade community. Panjiva currently serves over 2,500 clients, including 50 Fortune 500 companies. Josh contributes to the Panjiva blog, with analysis of global economic trends and perspectives on the challenges facing the global trade community. He has also been widely cited in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The New York Times. Josh is a veteran of The Boston Consulting Group and has master’s degrees from Harvard's JFK School of Government and Harvard Business School, where he graduated as a Baker Scholar.

James Psota

Co-Founder & CTO

James is a veteran entrepreneur and is responsible for Panjiva's technical direction and product development. James worked for Intel Research, where he incorporated artificial intelligence techniques into his computer architecture work. James also conducted artificial intelligence research at Caltech and is published in the field of computer science. While serving as Panjiva's technology lead, James is pursuing a doctoral work in large-scale parallel computer architectures in the Computer Science Department at MIT. James holds a B.S., summa cum laude, in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University and an S.M. in Computer Science from MIT.

Lauren Gearhart

General Manager

Lauren joined Panjiva in early 2009, as Panjiva’s first sales person.  During her time at Panjiva, Lauren has played a significant role in building Panjiva’s sales strategy and driving Panjiva's product development efforts.  She now leads Panjiva’s enterprise sales efforts and manages the sales department. Previously, Lauren worked at another tech start-up where she launched a new sales market in Baltimore, MD. Lauren is a graduate of Indiana University.

Case Dorkey

Director of Business Development

Case joined Panjiva in 2007 at a time when high-profile product recalls heightened national concern about import safety. He was responsible for discussions with President Bush’s Working Group on Import Safety and Homeland Security’s targeting specialists around how data can be used to target limited inspection resources at areas of greatest risk. He is now responsible for Panjiva’s cooperation with a diverse array of data providers. Formerly, Case was a history teacher at a public high-school in Brooklyn, New York. Case is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

Timothy Garnett

Lead Engineer/Technical Director

Tim is the lead engineer on the Panjiva technical team, responsible for developing many of the core features of the Panjiva product. He is formerly from VMware where he worked on the VMSafe project and has a masters degree in computer science from MIT. Tim was a co-founder of Determina, Inc., a security software company with award-winning technology focused on the host intrusion prevention space.  Determina was founded in 2003 and received venture funding from Bessemer and later Mayfield and U.S. Venture Partners; Determina was acquired by VMware in 2007.

Nicole Smith

Director of Operations

Nicole is responsible for the core internal functions that make up Panjiva’s day-to-day operations. Since joining Panjiva in early 2008, Nicole has played a key role in driving efficiency to support organizational scaling and has made significant contributions to the implementation of core strategies, policies and practices. Nicole holds summa cum laude Bachelors of Science degrees in DMIS and Marketing from George Mason University. She has never seen Star Wars; all of her knowledge comes from Spaceballs.