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Panjiva API

Get custom access to the world's most comprehensive global trade data with Panjiva's API (Application Programming Interface).

API Console

Supplement Your CRM

Pull Panjiva shipment records and company information, including addresses and contact information, directly into your CRM. We specialize in matching our company records to your records to ensure that you have an accurate view of the companies you're targeting.

Build Custom Reports

Create your own reports and tools by pulling shipment data associated with companies, ports, countries, and more.

Panjiva Data + Anything

Imagine correlating trade levels with seasonal weather patterns or building heat maps showing consumption of goods by country. Contact us to get advice from global trade data experts.

Comprehensive Data

Our API allows you to connect directly to Panjiva and pull our shipment data into your own software or database. Through the API, you can have access to data from 13 governments (and counting), including 600+ million records describing shipments crossing international borders.

Flexible Use Cases

Our clients are using the Panjiva API for all kinds of projects. Some use the API to match Panjiva's data to their own data about companies, providing a complete view of the trade activities of each of the companies in their own databases. Others aggregate and analyze the data to create predictive models of commodities and trade lanes.

Easy Access

We'll be happy to help you get started.