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The Panjiva Canal

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  • · August 22, 2007
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Dear Readers,

Back in the early 1900s, American President Theodore Roosevelt saw a problem in the world of global trade and decided that it had to be solved. The problem: it took too long to move goods around the world. Roosevelt’s solution: connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by digging up a heap load of soil down in Central America. What resulted is the Panama Canal, an immediate sensation when it first opened and still, nearly a century later, an important conduit for global trade.

Roosevelt’s ambition transformed the world of global trade. Today, the world of global trade is again in need of transformation. But it’s not transportation that’s lacking; it’s information. The lack of trustworthy information about potential trading partners around the world is putting a damper on trade. Panjiva‘s solution: bring transparency to the notoriously mysterious world of global trade.

These days, import horror stories are widespread: melamine-tainted pet food, lead-painted toys, toxic toothpaste – and the list goes on. The result has been a fundamental breakdown in the essential element of global trade: trust.

Panjiva intends to promote trust through transparency. We will tell buyers which suppliers are good, and which are bad. With a database containing over 40,000 suppliers from 140 different countries, we give buyers the power to make decisions that are right for them.

The Panjiva Blog is a part of our continuing efforts to promote transparency in trade. Here you’ll find information on all things related to sourcing – from the latest trade news to facts and figures on topics of interest to apparel buyers. Of course, we’ll also be using this space to let you know about exciting new developments at our company. Like Roosevelt before us, we’re hoping Panjiva can help revamp the world of global trade through visionary thinking.

So welcome to the Panjiva Blog! We’ve got a lot to do; let’s get started.

Many thanks for your interest and support,

The Panjiva Team

(Josh Green, Jim Psota, Noah Daniels, Zhuowei Lei, Case Dorkey, and Shandeep Sharma)