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Welcome to Panjiva’s Blog!

  • By Josh Green
  • · October 29, 2008
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Just want to take a moment to welcome those of you who are new to Panjiva’s blog. Panjiva’s mission is to make it easier for companies of all sizes to do business across borders. With this in mind, we’ll be discussing issues affecting the global trade community — those of us doing business across borders. This is a HUGE topic, so we’ll cover a lot of ground. Here, though, are a few themes you can expect to see popping up on a regular basis:

  • Risk

Choosing to do business across borders opens up a world of opportunity, but it also comes with quite a bit of risk. What are these risks, and how can you mitigate them? This is a favorite topic of discussion within Panjiva, and in conversations with our customers. We’ll share what we’ve learned — and are learning.

  • Transparency

“Transparent” is not a word we’ve heard used to describe global trade. This is too bad, because transparency promotes cost savings and helps mitigate risk. In the course of Panjiva’s work, we seek to provide a new level of transparency to those doing business globally. On this blog, we’ll highlight other efforts to promote transparency, and point to areas where more transparency is urgently needed.

  • Simplicity

Doing business across borders is an incredibly complicated activity. We’ll do our best to help you cut through the complexity — and identify ways to simplify the process of doing business across borders.

Members of the Panjiva team will be regulars, and we’ll also feature a variety of guest contributors. If you’re interested in guest-contributing — or just want to vent — e-mail blog@panjiva.com.

Thanks for joining us!


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