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Panjiva in the News: Is April Trade Data Reason for Optimism?

  • By Josh Green
  • · June 4, 2009
  • ·

Earlier this week, Panjiva released data showing that, after several months of free-fall, the number of global manufacturers shipping to the U.S. market appears to have stabilized.  Of course, there’s still a lot of risk in the system, as highlighted in many of the news accounts of our analysis.  Here’s a sampling of the coverage:

The New York Times: “‘The free fall in global trade seems to have halted,’ said Josh Green, the chief executive of Panjiva…”


The Wall Street Journal: “‘The number of companies shipping to U.S. customers is no longer in free fall — definitely a reason for optimism,’ Panjiva said.”


BusinessWeek: “‘Unfortunately, there is still substantial risk facing those engaged in global trade, and the global trading system remains vulnerable to further shocks,’ cautions CEO Green.”


MarketWatch: “Customers will have to decide whether they will share in the suppliers’ restructuring costs, or leave it entirely to the supplier “and run the risk of seeing [the] supplier go under.'”


CIO: “New global trade data from Panjiva, a vendor that tracks the health of the world’s suppliers, shows that ‘after four months of free fall in the number of manufacturers shipping to American customers, there have been small increases from February 2009 to March, and then from March to April.”


The Business Insider: “[C]onfirming the rebound are privately collected numbers from the firm Panjiva, which monitors manufacturing and supplier information…”


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: “‘While some may interpret this data as a welcome sign that the global manufacturing economy has hit bottom and is rebounding, analysis of historical trends and additional shipment data points to a need for continued caution as significant risk still exists.’ Panjiva said.”$11389

about.gif “[T]he risk for companies engaged in global trade remains high as the percentage of significant manufacturers on the Panjiva Watch List edged up from 30% in March to 31% in April.”


Reuters: “CEO Josh Green… warns further that, ‘there is still a tremendous amount of risk in the system.'”


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