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Panjiva in the News: May Trade Data

  • By Josh Green
  • · June 19, 2009
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Earlier this week, Panjiva released data showing that the number of global manufacturers serving the U.S. market increased for a third month in a row.  This three-in-a-row increase is the first we’ve seen since we began tracking this metric in July 2007 — certainly an encouraging sign.  However, in an absolute sense, we’re still seeing a low level of trade activity, and global trade remains vulnerable to additional shocks.  Here’s a sampling of the press coverage of Panjiva’s latest analysis:

Panjiva in the Wall Street Journal — Global Trade Data

The Wall Street Journal: “‘America led the global economy into a downturn; now, a sustained increase in the number of global companies serving the U.S. market suggests that America may be leading us out of the downturn,’ said Panjiva CEO Josh Green. ‘That said, anyone hoping for a quick recovery to pre-crisis levels of global trade is likely to be disappointed.'”

<br “Panjiva in BusinessWeek — Global Trade Data” />

BusinessWeek: “‘Increasingly, it feels that the worst is behind us,’ says Josh Green, chief executive officer of the trade-tracking firm. Waxing cautious, however, he adds ‘Still, we have a long way to get back to the pre-crisis level of global trade.'”

Panjiva in — Global Trade Data “Panjiva’s research team also found that there was a decline in manufacturers on their watch list, which was the first time since September 2008.”

Panjiva in Supply Chain Management Review — Global Trade Data

Supply Chain Management Review: “We are seeing some encouraging signs, but there is still a low level of overall activity in an absolute sense.”

Logistics Management: “Companies continue to be cautious in their approach to placing orders, according to Green, and they are much more cognizant of the risks that are in their supply chains.”

World Trade Magazine: “Panjiva cautions that there will likely be further supplier bankruptcies.”

Modern Materials Handling: “Said Green… ‘As macroeconomic circumstances change, people are going to be looking at a variety of potential risks.'”

Carpe Diem: “[M]ore offshore manufacturers are shipping goods into the consumer-driven U.S. market, global-trade tracker Panjiva reports.”


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