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onPanjiva in the Press

  • By Josh Green
  • · July 28, 2009
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Thought I’d pass along coverage of the onPanjiva program.  As a reminder, the deadline for nominations is August 31st.   If you know of information providers whose data would be valuable to global trade decision-makers — or if you want to nominate your own organization to publish data onPanjiva — take 30 seconds and nominate now.

Panjiva / onPanjiva in Business Insider / Silicon Alley Insider       onPanjiva / Panjiva in Fortune’s CNN Money

Silicon Alley Insider: “Now, Panjiva is trying to make its service more useful to a broader audience by allowing other companies to build their data — for paying customers, via an ‘app store’-like revenue sharing deal — into Panjiva’s search engine of global suppliers.  Through August 31, the company is accepting nominations for its new onPanjiva program.”

VentureBeat: Using government data as a platform for global trade

VentureBeat: “The new service, called onPanjiva, is letting any other data provider, such as governments, credit bureaus and non-profit organizations, apply to integrate its data with Panjiva’s service…  For businesses looking to be included, Panjiva says it hopes to use its service to drive revenue to those partners.”

onPanjiva / Panjiva in SpendMatters

SpendMatters: “It’s not too often that you see true creativity on a continuous basis in the procurement space… [But Panjiva] has risen to the forefront of the market from a mindshare and ideas perspective in just a matter of months…  I’m pulling for them, because if they can make [onPanjiva] work, it will have a tremendous positive impact on procurement organizations when it comes to acquiring supplier content to better manage supplier information and supplier relationships.”

Panjiva / onPanjiva in About.com

About.com: “The first company to nominate an information provider that ultimately publishes its information onPanjiva will receive one-year’s worth of free access to information from this provider. Information providers can also nominate themselves for inclusion onPanjiva.”

Panjiva / onPanjiva in Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: “‘Just as the App Store connects iPhone users with applications they want, onPanjiva connects global businesses with relevant information they need to engage in global trade and mitigate supply chain risk,’ said James Psota, Panjiva co-founder and chief technology officer.”


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