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Panjiva in VentureBeat: Trust Your Team

  • By Josh Green
  • · October 9, 2009
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VentureBeat featured our thoughts on the importance of leveraging your team’s knowledge for risk management purposes.  Excerpt below — full version available at VentureBeat

Panjiva in VentureBeat: Trust Your Team, Not The Crowds, When It Comes To Risk

Senior executives across a wide variety of companies found themselves confronted with the threat of supplier bankruptcies – and the frustration of not knowing which specific suppliers were most at risk. As companies scrambled to enhance their risk management capabilities, there was a ravenous hunger for data.  Specifically, we saw a sharp increase in demand for financial and operational data about suppliers.  However, in my many conversations with senior executives, I repeatedly heard: “I have an army of people on the ground; surely they know where the risks are.”

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