Smarter Search with the New Panjiva

  • By Josh Green
  • · October 13, 2010
  • ·

Several months ago, Tim blew us away with a prototype for a new Panjiva search interface.  Instead of having to precisely structure his searches, Tim could simply type in what he was looking for — a la Google.  Chinese hammer suppliers or buyers of chinese hammers or even Polo Ralph Lauren sweater suppliers in China. It seemed like, no matter what Tim typed in, his prototype was able to deliver relevant results.

Today, Tim’s vision is a reality, and we’re launching the New Panjiva.  In addition to natural language search, the Panjiva Hackers have thrown in ridiculously cool enhancements like a drag-and-drop interface (on the web!).

While the technology behind all this is amazing, what’s really amazing is that you’ll forget about the technology as soon as you start using it.  It simply feels like it’s the way it should have always been.  Congrats to the Panjiva Hackers on their outstanding work.

Check out the New Panjiva here, or contact us ( for a walk-through.


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