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Fewer Treats this Halloween

  • By michael
  • · October 31, 2012
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It looks like soft imports in August have made this a slightly less sweet Halloween.

Looking at year over year shipments for “halloween” related items, and “candy corns”, we see a softening:

The drop in candy corn imports to the US is especially severe, pointing to a true candy corn shortage.  We checked in with Boston-based candy corn connoisseur Martin Clinton, who confirmed the dip in candy corn availability:

“Candy corn has been getting harder to find over the last two years. This year has been even more noticeable, with the added frustration that Brach’s candy corn in particular, has been especially difficult to find. In the past, it’s been everywhere: different supermarkets chains, as well as CVS, which has traditionally been filled with bags candy corn – and it’s chocolate and pumpkin cousins. This year, the Brach’s has been gone by early October and replaced with the ersatz store brand candy corn, which just can’t compare.”

There you have it folks.   It’s a slightly less sweet Halloween this year.

h/t @martinclinton, our candy corn expert.



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