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20 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in January

20 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in January

  • By Christopher Rogers
  • · February 8, 2017

An unsurprising preoccupation with President Trump’s trade policies drove our readers’ interest in January. The number one article covered his withdrawal from TPP while 14 of the top 20 most read articles mentioned the president or his policies. In terms of topics, trade deals featured in seven of the top 20, while the logistics industry was the most popular sector to read about, including Maersk’s deal with Alibaba and our 2017 shipping preview.

#1 TPP Gone, But NAFTA Matters More (Jan 23) Comparing President Trump’s rejection of TPP to other campaign commitments.

#2 Maersk’s Alibaba Deal Could Access 699,000 Contract Market (Jan 5) Assesses the potential market size for Maersk’s LCL venture

#3 Trump Trips on Toyota Auto Facts, Canada the Actual Loser (Jan 6) The President (then-elect) tweeted against Toyota, we looked at their supply chain across NAFTA.

#4 Is Germany Next on Trump’s Target List? (Jan 31) Peter Navarro cites Germany as a currency manipulator – autos, healthcare and aerospace are exposed.

#5 Is Trump Looking In The Wrong Place? (Jan 10) Our monthly early read of trade activity showed the EU and India as bigger trade threats than China.

#6 Rush to Beat Trump, Early New Year Help Weak China Exports (Jan 13) A review of China’s December export stats suggests exporters did accelerate shipments to beat the inauguration.

#7 Trump’s Trade Hawk Takes Leisurely Flight, Until the Next Deficit (Jan 20) The updated White House website on inauguration day spilled the beans on key policies.

#8 Main Brexit Problem is EU Unity, Not U.K. Desires (Jan 17) We identify which countries need special treatment by the U.K. as it seeks a ‘hard Brexit’.

#9 Are Pharma Imports Reddy for Trump? (Jan 11) The President let rip at the pharma companies, we identified key generic drug suppliers who may be exposed.

#10 6 Shipping Industry Questions to Answer in 2017 (Jan 4) From earnings and deals, to capacity discipline and reefers, here’s what to watch.

#11 Trump’s Day 1 TPP, NAFTA Moves to be Followed by Crowded Kitchen (Jan 17) What to expect from inauguration day and beyond.

#12 Trump Racing? China Phone Exports to U.S. Jumped 40% in November (Jan 9) Chinese mobile phone exports hit a new high in November – why?

#13 Trump Trade Deficit Focus Drawn by 6% Mexican Export Surge (Jan 26) Mexico has another good (or is that bad?) month.

#14 7 Trade Deals to Track in 2017 (Jan 3) All things Trump plus SLA,  RCEP, EGA, WTO and Brexit.

#15 No Deal for Now, High Expectations for Orient Overseas in 2017 (Jan 20) Setting the non-deal in an industry revenue context

#16 Adidas Sees Little Change to Business Under Trump Trade Policy (Jan 18) Because all sportswear makers import from Asia.

#17 25 Months of Chinese PC Pain May Soon Be Over (Jan 10) PC exports fell at their slowest rate in over two years.

#18 Shipping Shuffles Forward, Analysts Hope (Jan 24) Our preview of the forthcoming shipping earnings reports.

#19 Trump and May to Stay Hand-in-Hand-in-Trade (Jan 30) Who’s most exposed to a new U.K./U.S. trade deal?

#20 Ross Needs New Import Tools to Cut Tool Imports (Jan 26) We drill into the details of the rapid growth in U.S. hand- and power-tool imports.

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  • Written by Christopher Rogers
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