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New Panjiva Data Opens Door to the Indian Trade Opportunity

  • By Christopher Rogers
  • · October 12, 2017
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Panjiva aims to make the global trade more efficient and more transparent, applying advanced data science to raw data to analyze complex, global supply chains. We map the relationships of more than 7 million companies, pulling together an intricate jigsaw puzzle of who’s working with whom, from where and on what.

The task will never be complete, but today we’re delighted to fill a major piece of the puzzle with the addition of Indian trade data to the Panjiva platform. With details on shipments to and from India across all transportation modes we now offer insights into the country’s annual trade of over $700 billion. The data covers over 340,000 suppliers to India’s international supply chain and complements the existing data and tools available for China, Mexico, Brazil, the U.S. and more.

India has been among the top markets Panjiva’s customers have expressed an interest in understanding better. It’s often on the shortlist for companies looking for “the next China” by dint of its scale, with recent economic struggles making trade-led growth more important than ever.

To help customers and the broader global trade community best understand the opportunities in India, the Panjiva Research team analyzed more than 16 million shipments from its new Indian data set to create the 32 page report “The Indian Trade Opportunity”. Among the key findings, Panjiva found:

– India’s top four trading partners—China, the EU, the U.S. and the UAE—account for 74% of all trade. While trade hit $700 billion in the past year, that’s only the scale of Mexico despite an economy that’s 3.3x the size.

– The country’s largest export sector is apparel (15%). The Indian apparel export industry contracted by 4% in the past year, but has rebounded by 8% in the past quarter.

– Pharmaceuticals, the country’s third-largest export, declined 1% in the past year; most notably, there was a marked 20% drop in volumes shipped to the U.S., where falling prices could require Indian suppliers to find new markets.

– Oil is the most significant import sector, at 15% of the total and with 23% of that coming from Saudi Arabia as India’s refiners have sought to diversify their suppliers.

The report takes a data-led approach to investigating the trade opportunity in these sectors as well as telecoms, autos and renewables.

Download the complete report here and learn more about India trade data at


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