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Transform Your Business with Global Trade Data

Why Global Trade Data?

Global trade is a massive economic activity, involving millions of companies and trillions of dollars’ worth of goods. Do you, or your customers, do business across borders? If so, Panjiva can help you leverage global trade data to spot opportunities — and risks.

Panjiva’s Enterprise Solutions are designed for organizations that already have a tremendous amount of data. If you are like our enterprise clients, you are looking for:
  • More insight from the you data you already have
  • A more complete picture of the activities of global trade participants
  • More data to provide your clients
“We've seen a huge improvement in detecting problems with a vendor's or country's supply chain by integrating Panjiva data with our LM Wisdom tool.”

our data
Offer more to your customers by selling our data alongside your data.

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your data with ours
See the whole picture by combining our data with your data

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our technology
Generate new insights by applying our technology to your data

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Our Clients

Our enterprise clients are trying to solve a wide range of problems


Map global trade relationships to understand supply chain risks and opportunities

Government Agencies

Promote legitimate trade and prevent smuggling and tariff evasion

Logistics Companies

Gain new insights about your customers and optimal trade lane routes

Financial Services

Search by stock tickers, identify opportunities, and find investment signals

Why Panjiva?

We’ve spent years developing patented technologies that take unstructured global trade data and make it accessible to everyone. Now our team of data scientists and engineers is ready to work with you.

Contact us request a meeting to give us a sense of the problems you’re trying to solve, and let’s work together to see if our data and our technology can help.