How We Help

Our clients use the Panjiva intelligence platform to:

1) Quickly develop short-lists of potential suppliers

When you’re looking for a new supplier, there are two challenges.  First, you want to build a list of potential suppliers that includes all the possible candidates — because you don’t want to miss a diamond in the rough.  Second, you want to focus your team’s time on the suppliers that are most likely to be a good fit.  Panjiva provides its clients with access to hundreds of thousands of suppliers around the world.  And because we put at your fingertips a variety of detailed information about these companies, you can quickly identify the suppliers that are worthy of further investigation.  Panjiva is NOT a substitute for on-the-ground research.  But, with Panjiva, your team can build short-lists in minutes and focus their on-the-ground research on strong suppliers.

2) Conduct background checks on potential suppliers

The world’s biggest buyers are approached every day by suppliers who want their business.  Which of these suppliers are telling the truth about their capabilities, their customers, and their financial health?  With Panjiva, your team can do quick background checks on suppliers, enabling you to distinguish between suppliers that are worthy of your time and those that are not.  Your team can even jot down notes about these suppliers, ensuring that your company has a private and secure record of your interactions with potential suppliers.

3) Keep tabs on competitors’ sourcing activities

Want to know which suppliers your competitors are using — and which products your competitors are sourcing?  Panjiva can help.  We track about 6 million companies involved in global trade, showing you their products, their suppliers, and more.  Search through your competitors’ shipping records, or set up alerts so you can be notified every time your competitor brings on board a new supplier.

4) Keep tabs on existing suppliers

In today’s rapidly changing environment, your suppliers can help you build competitive advantage — but they can also be a source of tremendous risk.  Panjiva helps you avoid supplier surprises by providing you with timely, objective information about your suppliers’ activities.  Receive alerts when one of your suppliers brings on board a new customer, when there’s a change in the financial health of one of your suppliers, or when one of your suppliers appears on a government black list.

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