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Port of Avonmouth

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Country United Kingdom

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Total shipments over the last 8 years

Top U.S. Ports

Here are the top 8 U.S. ports with shipments from Avonmouth
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Trendline Shipments Port State
sparkline 4 Portsmouth, NH New Hampshire
sparkline 3 Charleston, SC South Carolina
sparkline 1 Gramercy, LA Louisiana
sparkline 1 Portland, OR Oregon
sparkline 1 Baltimore, MD Maryland
sparkline 1 Astoria, OR Oregon
sparkline 1 Port Arthur, TX Texas
sparkline 1 Lake Charles, LA Louisiana
sparkline 1 Texas
sparkline 1 New York
sparkline 1 Louisiana

Recent Shipments

Showing last 16 shipments from Avonmouth
Date Weight Commodity Customer Supplier To Port
2016-03-19 21,017,000 kg STEEL SCRAP COMPROMIS... The David J.Josep... Sims Group Global... Gramercy, LA
2015-04-10 1,411 kg Life Rafts For Exchan... Wss Life Raft Exc... Master Mv Resolute Portsmouth, NH
2015-02-02 29,122,948 kg Steel Scrap Comprised... The David J.Josep... Sims Group Global... Charleston, SC
2014-02-22 32,888,802 kg Shredded Steel Scrap Nucor Steel Berkeley Sims Group U.K. Ltd Charleston, SC
2013-10-18 1,200 kg Trial Amp Te Subcom Te Subcom Portsmouth, NH
2013-10-18 4,500 kg Fiberoptic Geu's Te Subcom Te Subcom Portsmouth, NH
2013-01-20 15,000 kg 3963 Gallons Bilge Water Environmental Res... Mb Floriana Shipp... Lake Charles, LA
2013-01-13 22,499,416 kg Shredded Steel Scrap ... Gulf Inland Marin... Baton Rouge, LA
2012-10-28 26,557 kg Sl 21 Sa Fiber Optic ...
2012-09-13 23,739,876 kg Waste And Scrap Of Ir...
2012-01-27 1,411 kg Life Rafts For Exchan...
2011-12-12 15,090 kg Coated Film
2011-06-26 10,000 kg Cubic Meters Oily Wat...
2010-05-09 262 kg Mj200000 Sl 17 Armorl...
2008-07-28 358,111 kg T Shelter Sling Sprea...
2008-04-14 411,975,008 kg Kiln Hf Reactor For 1...