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Port of Kuala Selangor

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Country Malaysia

Port Trends

Total shipments over the last 9 years

Top U.S. Ports

Here are the top 7 U.S. ports with shipments from Kuala Selangor
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Trendline Shipments Port State
sparkline 36 Los Angeles, CA California
sparkline 10 Charleston, SC South Carolina
sparkline 3 Long Beach, CA California
sparkline 3 Tacoma, WA Washington
sparkline 3 New York, NY New York
sparkline 2 Norfolk, VA Virginia
sparkline 1 Seattle, WA Washington

Recent Shipments

Showing last 25 shipments from Kuala Selangor
Date Weight Commodity Customer Supplier To Port
2016-04-25 7,320 kg MAMEE NOODLE SNACK Canda Six Fortune... Paccific Food Pro... Tacoma, WA
2016-04-25 1,034 kg DOUBLE DECKER CRONTOS Canda Six Fortune... Kilang Makanan Mamee Tacoma, WA
2016-03-17 19,656 kg NEW INNER BOX DUPLEX Solaris Paper Inc. Ace Printers Sdn Bhd Los Angeles, CA
2016-02-18 10,627 kg READY CUT PIPE Boshart Industrie... Lincon Mfg. Sdn Los Angeles, CA
2016-02-13 9,828 kg INNER BOX DUPLEX Solaris Paper Inc. Ace Printers Sdn Bhd Los Angeles, CA
2015-12-26 28,204 kg OFFICE FURNITURE OFFI... Steelcase Reynosa... Steelcase Asia Pa... Los Angeles, CA
2015-12-10 7,988 kg LIFTER AND CONVEYOR S... T.Rad North Ameri... Nippon Gse Ltd. Los Angeles, CA
2015-11-29 19,188 kg EXAMINATION NITRIL GL... Ronco Alliance Rubber P... Tacoma, WA
2015-03-20 4,215 kg Furniture
2014-12-22 8,010 kg Hygienic Housing, Hyg...
2014-11-22 25,484 kg Latex And Nitrile Gloves
2014-09-13 134 kg Stc Pump Components
2014-01-23 20,033 kg Coil Wire&Foundation ...
2014-01-23 5,979 kg Tv Mount
2012-05-05 18,000 kg Furniture Parts
2011-06-07 981 kg Fake Tv Usc Box
2011-04-20 827 kg Rain Sensor
2011-04-20 827 kg Rain Sensor
2011-02-08 857 kg Fake Tv Usc Box / Rai...
2011-01-13 547 kg Pump Components
2011-01-10 1,262 kg Books
2010-12-29 418 kg Books
2010-12-29 2,533 kg Books
2010-12-01 317 kg Pump And Filter Compo...
2010-12-01 28,983 kg Pupstyle Flip Book