Container congestion not going away as supply chains stressed beyond the max

Corp - Shipping 895 Mode - Containerized 1370 Mode - Seaborne 1707 U.S. 4995

The container shipping industry’s congestion challenge “is not going to go away” according to FMC Chairman Daniel Maffei and an “import boom” has “stressed our supply chain to the max and beyond”. The import boom can be seen in a 50.6% year over year expansion in U.S. seaborne imports in March. That equates to a 28.2% year over year rise for Q1’21 which was also 21.6% higher than Q1’19. The fastest growing container line in Q1’21 was ZIM Shipping with a 100.0% year over year expansion resulting from the implementation of new routes and comes after the firm’s recent IPO. Shipments handled...

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