Five Facts About Trump’s New China Tariffs – Watch Out for Blowback

China 2527 Cons. Discr. - Autos 918 Health Care 233 Industrials - Aero/Defense 168 Industrials - Capital Goods 439 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 589 Tariffs 1613 U.S. 4472

The U.S. Trade Representative has released the list of products which duties will be applied to as part of the section 301 review of Chinese intellectual property practices. (1) Imports of the 1333 products imported in 2017 were worth $46.4 billion in total, or 9% of total U.S. imports from China. (2) Consumer products feature high on the list and include flat panel TVs ($3.9 billion) and mid-sized engine cars ($1.4 billion). (3) Generally there are plenty of alternative suppliers, with Chinese imports accounting for 7% of total U.S. imports of the products covered on average. Exceptions...

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