Global trade returns to growth; EU may care more about Biden than Johnson

Brexit 146 Elections 106 European Union 662 Global 1177 Industrials - Capital Goods 476 Trade Balance 868

The European Union’s international trade downturn came close to ending in September with a year over year decline of just 0.9% in euro terms, including exports that were unchanged. Shipments to the U.K. declined by 6.6% ahead of a potential no-deal Brexit. It’s worth noting that the U.K. only accounted for 9.6% of EU exports, less than the 12.5% that goes to the U.S. Good relations with President-elect Biden may matter more than those with Prime Minister Johnson. In dollar terms, EU exports rose by 3.1% in September, bringing the global total across 37 countries plus the EU to growth of ...

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