July 6 Just a $34 Billion Prelude To Sustained Trump vs. Xi Tariff Battle

Ags - Fruit/Veg 108 Ags - Meat/Dairy 192 China 2530 Cons. Discr. - Autos 921 Energy - Conventional 374 Energy - Crude Oil 255 Health Care 234 Industrials - Capital Goods 440 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 591 Tariffs 1614 U.S. 4478

The long-threatened tariff-battle between the U.S. and China takes on a tangible form on July 6 with the application of duties on $34 billion of products by both countries. America’s list is driven by its concerns about Chinese industrial development and so focuses on PC components ($1.4 billion) and capital goods (e.g. $869 million of fuel pumps) as well as cars ($1.6 billion). China is more focused on retaliation and so is targeting American cars ($10 billion) as well as soybeans ($11 billion) among a wide range of other agricultural produce. There are at least three more stages in the...

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