Magenta Canary of China Tariff Drag May Leave Retailers With Shipping Needs

China 2820 Corp - Shipping 904 Mode - Containerized 1382 Mode - Seaborne 1719 South Korea 538 U.S. 5046

Ocean Network Express has announced the cancellation of its May 26 sailing from China and South Korea to the port of Tacoma, operated jointly with Hapag-Lloyd and Yang Ming as the PN1 service. While an isolated example so far the decision may reflect the anticipated impact of higher tariffs on Chinese exports, which could cut demand for the magenta-liveried container-line’s services. The sailing has historically arrived at the start of peak season with arrivals in June and July representing 9.8% and 8.3% of the annual total respectively in 2018. The largest users of the routing in the pa...

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