Out of the woods but still in the dark – earnings guidance during the pandemic

Cons. Discr. - Apparel 374 Cons. Discr. - Durables 346 Cons. Discr. - Retailing 311 Consumer Staples 625 Coronavirus 430 Earnings 492 Industrials - Capital Goods 471 Materials - Construction 95 Materials - Metals/Mining 635 U.S. 4634

Corporations have proven reluctant to provide earnings guidance during the pandemic, a trend that continued in the July 1 to Oct. 23 period with an 86.3% year over year drop in the number of new or confirmed earnings guidance events globally. There’s also been a slump in the number of “unusual” events with just 103 such filings compared to 1,828 during Q2’20 as firms struggle to adapt to the pandemic. Panjiva’s analysis of guidance issued by 138 companies with reliable supply chain data suggests that consumer facing industries are showing more favorable supply chain momentum – the chang...

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