The $100 billion (Partial) Answer – Chips, Cars, Comms and Chemicals

China 2527 Cons. Discr. - Autos 918 Info Tech - Comms Equip 163 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 589 Materials - Chemicals 160 Tariffs 1613 Trade Deals 885 U.S. 4472

The U.S. government has called upon China’s to present a plan to cut the U.S. trade deficit with China by $100 billion. That comes as tensions between the two rise following recent metals tariffs and forthcoming intellectual property assessment by America. The figure is equivalent to 26% of the existing deficit, based on U.S. figures. On first look it may be difficult to meet on export-only grounds – China’s imports from the U.S. were just $152 billion in 2017. Yet, $100 billion represents just 6% of Chinese imports from the rest of the world, suggesting a switch from other suppliers may...

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