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Lenzing cuts costs as COVID-19 disrupts textile fiber flows

Textile fiber producer Lenzing has suspended its earnings guidance as the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak “cannot yet be reliably estimated” while the firm has started cost cutting to offset the “negative impact on its textile sales volume”. Lenzing is deep within the apparel supply chain and ... Read more →


Rare ITC Case Brought as Strontium Imports Explode

The U.S. ITC will investigate alleged dumping of strontium chromate from Austria and France. There’s been relatively few standalone investigations in the past three months as petitioners await the outcome of other Trump administration trade efforts including negotiations with the EU. Seaborne ... Read more →


General Motors Has Supply Chain Issues to Address After PSA Deal

General Motors will sell its European operations to Peugeot Citroen (PSA) and BNP Paribas for over $2 billion. What isn’t clear yet is how GM’s supply chain with its U.S. operations will proceed. PSA does not sell directly in the U.S., reducing competitive conflicts. Yet, GM has sourced around... Read more →


Brexit Keys Could Be In Austrian, Italian or Greek Hands

The U.K. Supreme Court has ruled that the Article 50 application to leave the EU has to be put to a parliamentary vote, possibly as full legislation. While that might slow the process down, the bigger problem for the U.K. may be European disunity on trade policy. An early test will come when t... Read more →


Commerce Case Checks Cut Cut-to-Length Steel Imports

The U.S. Commerce Department has applied duties of up to 130% on imports of cut-to-length steel from nine countries. The investigation so far has not yet changed supplier behavior. Total imports in the three months after the case launch were 3.5% higher than the three months before, with most ... Read more →

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