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Panjiva Discussions: Global Trade Policy Outlook for 2018

We held a webinar to discuss our 2018 Outlook on January 22, including Panjiva CEO Josh Green and Panjiva Research analyst Chris Rogers. Topics covered included: trade deals under negotiation in the Americas, Europe and Asia; options for the U.S. government to act in tightening up trade; and k... Read more →

2018 Outlook: The View from Panjiva’s CEO

Global trade had its “deer in the headlights” moment in 2017 as President Trump came to power. As we head into 2018, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about what President Trump will do, but the supply chain community has no choice to but to move forward, make decisions, and take acti... Read more →


2018 Outlook: 8 Issues to Watch in Global Supply Chains

2018 promises to be an exciting year for supply chain professionals. In trade policy we provide a guide to the alphabet soup of multilateral trade deals currently in progress. They are all interlinked, with CPTPP the most likely to make progress initially. NAFTA negotiations from January 23 wi... Read more →


2018 Outlook: 5 Black Swan Risks for Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains face a morass of regulatory, political, physical and financial challenges in 2018. These raise at least five risks beyond the normal-course issues identified elsewhere in the Panjiva 2018 Outlook. Marine conflict in the South China Sea resulting from Chinese land claims wo... Read more →


2018 Outlook: Three Marine Modal Battles to Watch

Intense competition in the logistics industry between carriers and across modes is likely to continue in 2018. There are three major modal developments to watch in 2018. Competition between marine and rail routes from Asia to Europe have already led forwarders including K+N to invest in new se... Read more →


2018 Outlook: Watch Out for More Consolidation in Logistics

Consolidation is a fact of life in the highly fragmented logistics industry. M&A in 2017 reached $32 billion, 26% higher than 2016 and similar to 2015. The largest deals, as in 2016, were in the container-line sector. Further consolidation among the container-lines is possible in 2018, pa... Read more →


2018 Outlook: President Trump’s Seven Options For Action

2018 may be the year that the protectionist bark of the Trump administration actually bites. Outside of NAFTA negotiations there are seven areas where the President could take almost-immediate action. Broad tariffs against China after the section 301 review could both cut the trade deficit and... Read more →


2018 Outlook: NAFTA – January or Bust

The sixth round of NAFTA negotiations, starting January 23, will be one of the major trade policy events for 2018. Previous rounds give little confidence that a breakthrough is possible. Without significant progress the Trump administration may choose to issue a termination notice ahead of the... Read more →

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