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Under unalleviated pressure – April 2021 in 10 reports

Over one year on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the disruptions to global supply chains show little sign of abating. The topic that was top-of-mind for our readers in April was congestion in global logistics networks, and the related surge in international shipping rates. The ongoing ... Read more →


Cast ashore in a sea of woes – March 2021 in 10 reports

One year after most economies closed due to the pandemic the defining feature of our readers interest was the blockage of the Suez Canal. Aside from holding up consumer goods shipments to Europe from Asia, the stranding of the Ever Given raised questions about operating strategies for large co... Read more →


New year, new hopes, old problems – January 2021 in 10 reports

The start of 2021 brings the hope that vaccines, political stability and clearance of logistics congestion can bring a degree of normality to supply chains. Our most read research report in January was our 2021 Outlook where we flagged the potential for such optimism while cautioning that the ... Read more →


Setting the stage for 2021 – November 2020 in 10 reports

Three major events defined the state and outlook for global trade policy in November. The U.S. elections herald a shift in trade policy from bilateral, tariff-led policy-making under President Trump to a multilateral approach under President-elect Biden. The two have plenty in common though wh... Read more →


Comparing candidates, broken cycles – October 2020 in 10 reports

The run-up to the U.S. general elections has returned our readers’ focus towards trade policy in the past month. That’s included the latest policy actions by the Trump administration in launching a section 301 review of Vietnam’s currency practices as well as a continuing crackdown on forced l... Read more →

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