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Barbadian Manufacturers

Here are the 1,566 suppliers from Barbados. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust. Click on the name of the supplier below to see more detail, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Barbados that best meet your needs.

10 Saints Brewery Co., Ltd.
2 Plus Mega Store
3 M Jamaica Ltd.
4 X4 Accessories And Tyres Ltd.
Aaron Morrison
Abaco Club
Abbey Holdings Inc.
Acadia Outdoors Ltd.
Acal Supply Chain Ltd.
Acbel Polytech Inc.
Ace Recycling Barbados Ltd.
Acp Associates Ltd.
Ac Woodhouse Inc.
A C Woodhouse Inc.
Adams William Qefl0008348 Seaco Shipping SA
Adt Metaltech
Advantage Avenue
Advantage Award Shipping Llc
Advantage Sky
Advantage Solar
Advantage Summer
Adventist Book Centre
Adventure Of The Sea
Advocate Publisher 2000 Inc.
Ae Pumps & Machinical Ltd.
Aeroce Research Facility
Afm International Inc.
Agility Ab
Agro Chemicals Inc.
Agustin Edgardo Qenq0015064 Seaco Shipping SA
Aimcor Inc.
Aimecor Ltd.
Aireko Energy Solutions Srl
Airline Freight Services Ltd.
Air One Venture Ltd.
Airone Ventures Ltd.
Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd.
Aiv Europe
A.K. Supplie Inc.
Alamac Trading Co., Ltd.
Al Anba Brsom El Eryan Church
Alaya Ltd.
Albright International Ltd.
Alcoy Industries Ltd.
Alexander Tirzah Rose
. Algaecal Distribution Inc.
A Line Atlantic Inc.
Allan Scott Wines
All Book Covers Arizona Inc.
All Cargo Express Inc.
Alpha Barbados Ltd.
Alpi Uk C/O The House Of Dorchest
Alpla Barbados Ltda
Alps Logistics Ltd. ( (HK)
Alumina D.O.O. Zvornik
Amat Trading Inc.
A M Electrical Solutions
A.M. Enterprises Ltd.
A.M.Enterprises Ltd.
American Airlines
American Ambassador
American Embassy
Amh Ltd.
Amigo Industries Inc.
Anglers Edge Inc.
Anixter Barbados Srl
Anne Marie Ready
Anson Industries Mfg. Co.Rp
Apes Hill
Apes Hill Development
A.P.Jones & Co., Ltd.
Apl Logistics
Apm Global Logistics
Apm Global Logistics Egypt Ltd.
April Murray
Aqua Doc Sales
Aqua Loc Corp.
Aqua Tec Inc.
Arawak Cement Co., Ltd.
Arawak Cement Co., Ltd.
Archers Hall Design Center Inc.
Archimede Gruden Srl
Architecture & Design Management
Argus Heating Ltd.
Ari Cargo Logistics
Ariki Seed
Ark Line
Armag Rentals
Armstrong Agencies Ltd.
Armstrong Health Care Inc.
Armstrong Mfg. Ltd.
Aroma Nz Ltd.
Arthur Lifting & Freighting Inc.
Artisan Biscuits Ltd.
As D.O.O.Jelah
Ashley Hinton
Ashley Hinton
Ashtrom Building Systems Inc.
Asta Logistik S L
Astrolabe Wines Ltd.
At Construction
Atlant Agent
Atlanta Granitos Do Brasil Ltda Me
Atlantic Marketing Co., Ltd.
Atlantis Mobile Laboratory
Atlantis Submarines B'dos Inc.
Atlas Van Lines International Corp.
A&T Marine Ltd.
Axton Inc.
Baccarat Americas
Bahamas Oil Refining Co Int Ltd.
Bakers Choice
Baldwin Alcindor
Bank Of Nova Scotia
Banks Barbados Brewer
Banks (Barbados) Breweries Ltd.
Banks Breweries Ltd.
Banks Distribution Ltd.
Banks Holdings
Baram Services Inc.
Barbados Agricultural Development
Barbados Agricultural Management Co.
Barbados Auto Racing League
Barbados Auto Racing League Inc.
Barbados Bottling Co., Ltd.
Barbados Bottling Co., Ltd.
Barbados Boy Scout Association
Barbados Broadcasting Service Ltd.
Barbados Business Machines Ltd.
Barbados Dairy Industries Ltd.
Barbados Golf Club
Barbados Light & Power
Barbados Mill Adm
Barbados National Insur
Barbados National Oilfield Services
Barbados Port Inc.
Barbados Prison Project
Barbados Public Worker Cooperatives
Barbados Rally Club
Barbados Steel Works Ltd.
Barbados Tourism Authority
Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.
Barbados Water Authority
Barbados Wireline Ltd.
Barker Maria
Bay Distributors Inc.
Bay Distributors Inc.
Bayer Material Science Sl
Bay S.I.D.E Ldc
Bayview Hospital
Bazile Rose Laure Qenq0014326 Seaco Shipping SA
B Dos Light & Power Co., Ltd.
Beaches Turks & Caicos
Beaulieu Real NV
Bechtel Oil Gas & Chemical Inc.
Beconsur Ltd.
Behr Industries Reichen
Beira Brush Ltd.
Bell Equipment Co. SA (Pty) ) L
Benjamin Marva
Bennett Christopher Qefl0008198 Seaco Shipping SA
Berger Paints Barbados Ltd.
Berger Paints Ltd.
Berger Paints Ltd.
Berthao International Ltd.
Berthao International Ltd.
Bertrand Marc
Berty's Transport Services
Bess Mining Inc.
Best Environmental Technologies Bb
Best Of Barbados Ltd.
Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory
Bets Offshore Beirut Eco Traders SA
Beverage Caribbean Inc.
Beyond Nutrition Inc.
Bgi Beauty Inc.
Bgi Beauty Supply
Bgi Beuty Inc.
Bgi Inc.
Bico Ltd.
Big Gases Ltd.
Big P Air Land And Sea
Big P Sea Air & Land Services
Biokal Ltd.
Biomedical International Corp.
Bionic Man Shop
Biquet Travis Qefl0007990 Seaco Shipping SA
Birla Century
Black Bess Quarry Ltd.
Blackburn Chemicals Ltd.
Blenman's Trucking
Blind River Wines
B & L Surveying Services Ltd.
Blue Ocean
Blue Water Shipping Ltd.
Blue Waters Shipping Ltd.
Bluexpress International Ltd.
Bmw Freight Solutions Inc.
Bnr Enterprises
Boating & Fishing
Bob Co., Ltd.
Booth Steamship Co. (Barbados)
Bouchard Pascal
Bouygues Batiment (Barbados Branch)
Boyss Ltd.
B Pak Distributors Ltd.
Bradley Technologies (Canada) Inc.
Braith Waite Construction
Brathwaite Dacosta
Brc West Indies
Brenda Gutierrez
Bridget Lashley
Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Inc.
Brigade House Medical Center
Brilliant Ltd.
British Airways
British Troleum Barnados
Brockhouse Group Inc.
Bronel Group Ltd.
Brothers Woodwork Ltd.
Browne Courtney
Browne Lawrence
Browne Steve
Browne Tanisha
Bruce Juba
Bryan R Switzer
Bryden Business Solutions
Brydens Barbarees Ltd.
Brydens Distribution
Bryden Stokes Ltd.
B's Bottle Depot
Bullman Shannon R. Qfac0003153 Seaco Shipping SA
Burmeister Wain Scandinavain
Burmeister Wain Scandinavian Contractor
Burnside Eurocyl Ltd.
Bushy Park Circuit Inc.
Bushy Park Circuit Inc.
Bushy Park Circuit Inv
Bushy Park Inc.
Bushy Park Race Track
C4 Carbides
Cable & Wireless
Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Ltd.
Cactus Rose
Caddel Bh D.O.O.
Cage Barbados Inc.
C. Alleyne Co., Ltd.
Calvin Alkins Customs Services
Campbell's Greens Inc., Ltd.
Canadian High Commission
Canterbury Seed
Canterbury Spinners
Canto 2007
Capitol H Distribution Ltd.
Cargo Consolidators Agency Ltd.
Cargo Partners SA De Cv Y O
Cargo Solutions International
Cargo Soultion
Caribbean Ari Inc.
Caribbean Broadcasting
Caribbean Confection Co. (1959) Ltd.
Caribbean Development Bank
Caribbean E Waste Management
Caribbean Industrial Inc.
Caribbean Industries
Caribbean International Frt & Logistics Ltd.
Caribbean Label Crafts Ltd.
Caribbean Led Lighting Inc.
Caribbean Logistics Inc.
Caribbean Media Corp. (Cmc)
Caribbean Meteorology Hydrology
Caribbean Scrap Metal Inc.
Caribbean Self Service & Securit
Caribbean Shade Products Inc.
Caribbean Sun Group (Bdos) Inc.
Caribbean Treats Inc.
Caribe Hospitality T A Courtyard Ma
Carib Lpg Trading Ltd.
Carib Lpg Trading Ltd.
Carib Lpg Trading Ltd. Kendal
Caribsupply (Barbados) Ltd.
Carib Supply Inc.
Carlisle Laboratores Ltd.
Carlisle Laboratories Ltd.
Carlos Alexander
Carlton Printing
Carmin Holdings Ltd. International Bussines
Carter Co., Ltd.
Carters General Stores
Caruso William D. Qfac0003196 Seaco Shipping SA
Cba Packers And Movers Inc.
Cba Professional Packers And Movers
C & B Holdings Inc.
Cegi Inc.
Cehmetall Plc
Cementum Inc.
Cemex Lan Trading Corporation
Central Bank Of Barbados
Central Bank Of Barbados
Central Customs Agency Ltd.
Central Procurement Inc.
Century Distrbution System
Century Distribution System Inc.
Century Distribution Systems Inc.
Century Distribution Systems Inc.
Century Distribution Systems Inc.
Century Distribution Systems Inc.
Century Distribution Systems. Inc.
Century Distribution Systems Ltd.
Cgi Consumers Guarantee
C & G Star Trading Ltd.
Champion Custom Brokers Ltd.
Champion Maritime Inc.
Champion Maritime Ltd.
Champlain Mineral Ventures Ltd.
Chantal Edouard
Charles Jacobsen Inc.
Charles T. Gamble
Chavez Adam A Qfac0003316 Seaco Shipping SA
Chefette Restaurants Ltd.
Chef Foods Mfg. Inc.
Chemtrade Corp.
Chevron Eastern Caribbean Srl
Chickmont Foods Ltd.
Chief Supply Officer Central Purcha
Chinese Embassy
Choo's Enterprises Ltd.
Choo's Entreprises
Choudhary Garments
Christopher Beckley
Chub Cay Associatin
Cimms Solutions Inc.
C K Electrical Services
Clark & Associates Construction Inc.
Clark David
Clarke Waldo
Classic Homes
Claytone Products
Clico International Life Insurance
Cliff Tops Ltd.
Climate Control
Clos Henri
Cloudy Bay
Cloudy Bay Vineyards
Cls Remy Cointreau
Cmp Global Ltd.
Cmp Global Ltd.
Cnh Industries Russia Llc
Coastal Management
Codgie S Customs Services
Coles Printery Ltd.
Collins Ltd.
Comcon Ltd.
Command Energy Services
Command Energy Services
Command Energy Services International Ltd.
Commercial Fishing Tackle Supplies
Commissioner Of Police
Commonwealth Construction Canada Lt
Comsup Ltd.
Conflo Line Pte., Ltd.
Consag S.A.
Consolidated Projects Ltd.
Constellation Brands Canada Inc.
Container Applications Ltd.
Container Plus
Container Terminals
Contiki Holidays
Coopervision International Holding Co Lp
Coopervision International Holding Co Lp
Coral International Transport
Coral International Transport & Log
Coral Render Products Inc.
Coral Stone Architectural Designs
Corilla Plastics
Corlec Forwarding Inc.
Corlec Forwarding Inc. (Barbados)
Corlec Fowarding Inc.
Corporate Office Gulfcom Inc.
Cosby Carl Qenq0014707 Seaco Shipping SA
Cost U Less
Cot Caribbean Graphics
Cot Holdings Ltd.
Cougar Drilling Solutions Inc.
Courtesy Garage Ltd.
Courts Barbados
Co Williams Asphalt & Quarries
Cowilliams Construction Ltd.
Cox Winston
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Cp Industries Holdings Inc.
Crane & Equipment Ltd.
Creative Paving Solutions Inc.
Cromex S.A
Crowley Liner Services Inc.
Crowley Logistics Inc.
Crown Bevcan Uk
Crown Packaging Barbados Ltd.
Crown Packaging Ltd.
Crown Relocations
Crystal Cove Hotel
Cse Services Inc.
Ct (Barbados) Inc.
Cudd Pressure Control Inc.
Cumberbatch Jamal
Cupid Egbert
Curacao Laboratories (Barbados) Ltd.
C & V Caribbean Shipping Ltd.
Dacosta Distribution Ltd.
Da Costa Mannings Inc.
Darcy & Catherine Lorde
Darice Inc.
Darien Foster
Dasrat Sugrim Furniture Design Cent
David D Clark
David De Souza
D Co.
Delmar International (China) Inc.
Delmar International (China) Inc. Ningbo Branch
Delmar International Shipping Corp.
Deltrans 1 Nternational Shipping C
Deltrans International (China) Inc.
Deltrans International Shipping Cor
Deltrans International Shipping Cor
Deltrans International Shipping Cor
Deltrans International Shipping Cor
Demarios Cycle World
Demeter Agro
Deon Fernandez
Designer Decor Inc.
Desrat Sugrim Design Centre
Df Young
Dhl Barbados Ltd.
Dhl Barbados Ltd.
Dhl Barbados Ltd.
Dhl Isc
Dhl Isc Honai Co., Ltd.
Dhl Worldwide Express
Diageo Gloab Supply
Diageo Global Supply
Diageo Ireland
Diageo Ireland Global Supply
Diamonds International
Diamonds International Barbados
Diamonds International Barbados
Diana Weekes
Diefenbaker Seed Processors Ltd.
Digicel Barbados
Digilabels Inc.
D International
Diproinduca Barbados Ltd.
Diproinduca Barbados Ltd.
Diproinduca Barbados Ltd.
Divi Southwinds Beach Resort
Dm Simpson And Co., Ltd.
Dna Technologies
Dog Point Vineyard
Doig Springs
Domino International Srl
Domino International Srl
Donald Roberts
Doo Lombardija
Dorel Asia Srl
Dorel Asia Srl
Dorel Asia Srl
Dorian Clarke
Doyle Offshore Sails Ltd.
Doyle Offshore Sails Ltd.
D&S Marketing
Duba B8
Dungan Ralph
Duraplast Inc.
Duratile Inc.
Dutch Connection
Duty Free Caribbean Ltd.
Dwellings Inc.
Dyna Metro Inc.
Earthworks Pottery
East Caribbean Conference
Ecalate Enterprise Inc.
Ecolab Barbados Ltd.
Ecs (Barbados) Ltd.
Edgecumbe Plantation Ltd.
Editoriale Di Informazioni Settoriali Srl
Edler Systems Kabeltechnik
Edlou Enterprises
Edward Hague
Ehc Barabados Inc.
Ehc Barbados Inc.
Ehc Barbados Inc.
Ehc Barbados Inc.
Ehc Global
Ehc Global Ehc (Barbados) Inc.
Elcold Frysere Aps
Ellbee Tyre Services Ltd.
Ellco Rentals Ltd.
Elshady Tex Ready Made Clothes
Ember Investment Corp.
Ember Investment Corp.
Ember Investment Corp.
Embroidery Stop
Emera Caribbean Renwables Ltd.
Emtage Jerry Dr
Emton International Inc., Ltd.
Encordia Engineering Co., Ltd.
Environ Ltd.
Equipment Consultants & Services Lt
Erc Machinery
Erdinger Weissbrau
Eric Hassell & Sons Ltd.
Eric Hassle & Son Ltd.
Esad Kojic
Estwick Roderick
Evergreen House
Eversley Violet
Everthing Recycled & X Im Co., Ltd.
Everything Recycled & Exim Co., Ltd.
Evropa Dooel
Exclusive Cotton Of The Caribbean
Exclusive Lighting And Electrical
Exotica Condiments Inc.
Exotic Tropical
Express Logistics Christchurch
E Z Pave Inc.
Facey Commodity Co., Ltd.
Fairmont Royal Pavillion
Falcon Specialties Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Falcon Technologies Inc.
Family Events International
Fantasma Toys Inc.
F & B Automotive Art Inc.
Federal Oceans Ltd.
Feld Consumer Products
Felecia A Martinez
Fergus Ford
Ffl ( Barbados ) Ltd.
Fiberpol Mfg. Inc.
Field Allan
Fine Foods Inc.
First Caribbean International Bank
Flexitank Inc.
Fl Supplies Inc.
Forde Gizelle
Forde's Auto Service Ltd.
Forte Piano
Fortson Cinque H. Qenq0013308 Seaco Shipping SA
Foursquare Rum Distillery
Foursquares Estates Ltd.
Foxtrans Services
Framklyn C King
Frank B. Armstrong Ltd.
French Connection
Fresh Vitamins
Friend Gil Ltd.
Fujitsu Caribbean Barbados Ltd.
Fump Control Srl .
Furniture Ltd.
Future Energy Caribbean Inc.
F.Y.S. Distribution Inc.
Gaamco Enterprises
Gajah Interiors
Gales Agro Products Ltd.
Garden Hotel
Garfield Gaskin Cusotms Brokers
Gary F Truchot
Gas Crystal % Carib Lpg Trading Ltd.
Gb Coral Block Prods
Gb Coral Stone Products
Gem Cargo Services
Gemma Campbell
Geo Pressure Systems International
George Harris Electrical Inc.
Get Plc
G & G Sales & Service
Gibbons Randy
Gilberto Caleffi
Gildan Activewear Srl
Gildan Activewear Srl
Gildan Activewear Srl
Gildan Activewear Srl
Gillian Cambers
G&J Distillers
G J Greenalls Ltd.
Gj's Associates Inc.
Glacial Ice Barbados Ltd.
Glamox Icorporated
Glamox Inc.
Glamox Incorporatedthe Phoenix
Glenn Reef Enterprise Ltd.
Global Drug Supply Ltd.
Global Durg Supply Ltd.
Global Shoes Corp.
Globe Imp. Ltd.
Globe Iq Llp
Glomail International Ltd.
Glopec Internatinal Inc.
Gmt SA
Gnld International
Goddard Catering Group
Goddard Kevin
Goddard Richard
Goddard Shipping & Tours Ltd.
Goddards Shipping & Tours Ltd. Mv Crystal Symphony
Goldbay Industries Inc.
Golden Mask Garments Inc.
Golden Mask Garments Inc. Madraset
Gooding Fabian
Gpc Electronics
G.P More Than Tool's Ltd.
Grady Marketing Inc.
Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary
Grantley Adams International Airpor
Granules India Ltd.
Graphic Impresions (Barbados)
Greenbank Technology Ltd.
Greenberg Shirley
Green Planet Care
Greenwich House Antiques
Greystone Ltd.
Greywacke Vineyards
Griffith Christopher
Ground Floor White Park House
Groway Cable L.L.C.
Grubbins Bernard
Grycksbo Paper Ab
Gtech Foreign Holdings Corporation
Gtech Global Services Corp. Ltd.
Gtech Latin America Corporation (Barbados)
Guyana Mat Co. Inc.
Gyrodata Ltd.
Haas Automation
Halewood International
Hall Angela
Halliburton Mfg.
Hammond Michael
Hanley Alicia
Hanna Murra &Amp;Sons
Hanschell Inniss
Happich Profiles
Harper Collins
Harris Paints
Harris Paints Barbados Ltd.
Heads And Tails
Heavy Equip Commercial Inc.
Hechevarria Barbara
Heg Engineering Services
Heidelberg Druckmaschinen Osteuropa
Hellmann Perishable Logistics
Helmerich Payne Rasco Inc.
Henri Bourgeois
Henry Latty
Highfield Estate
Hilal Gida San. Ve Tic. A.S.
Hill Milling Co., Ltd.
Hilton Barbados
Hinds Transport Services
Hindustan Gum
Hipack Ltd.
Hipac Ltd.
Hird Mitchel
Hi Striker Co.
H. Jason Jones Co., Ltd.
H. N. Rogers Stationery
Hobbs William
Hodges Aggregates Powders Ltd.
Holder Ryan
Holy Land Natural Stone Quarries
Honourable Henry Jackman Co.
Horizon Helicopters
Housing Concepts Srl
Howell Shirley
Huia Vineyards
Hunte Trevor A
Huron Commodities Inc.
Hydac Technology
Hylife Foods
Iac Acoustics
Iat Trebinje
. Ibco Srl
Icecap Enterprises Srl
Ice Cap Enterprises Srl
Igt Global Services Corp.
Imperial Trading Ltd.
Imp. Services
India House
Industrias Vanyplas S.A
Innogen Technologies Inc.
Intel Mobile Communications
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp
Interamericana Trading Corp.
Interamericana Trading Corp.
Interamericana Trading Corportation
Interlogic Corp.
Intl Aromatics S A E
Intl Cards & Gifts
Intl Holding Co Lp
Intl Holding Co Lp
Intl Materials (Barbados) Ltd.
Intl Materials (Barbados) Ltd.
Intl Ok Dinghy World Championships 2017
Intl Rum And Spirits Distributor Inc.
Intl Rum And Spirits Distributor Inc.
Intl Rum And Spirits Distributor Inc.
Intl Rum & Spirits Distrib
Ipex Inc.
Irish Natural Stone
Irizarry Monica
Iskra D.O.O.
Iskra Ltd.
Islam E Anjuman
Island Forniture Ltd.
Island Ice Ltd.
Island Magic Tours
Island Periodicals Barbados Lt
Island Safari Barbados Ltd.
Island Tiles Inc.
Isthmus Exchange SA
Item Inc., Ltd.
Item Products
It International Telecom Marine
I.T. International Telecom Marine
J2 Retail Systems
Jaca & Sierra Testing Laboratories
Jackson Daniel Qefl0008255 Seaco Shipping SA
Jada Builders Inc.
Jada Construction Ltd.
Jai Corp. Ltd.
James Deiscoll
Jan Wimaladharma
Jasper Jack Qenq0014287 Seaco Shipping SA
Jazdyk David Qffl0008368 Seaco Shipping SA
Jc Unique
Jeremy Palmer
Jersey Pottery
Jerusalem Stone Co For Marble
Jerusalem Stone Group
Jewett Benjamin Qenq0013265 Seaco Shipping SA
Jf Hillbrand Od
Jf Hillebrand
Jf Hillebrand USA Inc.
Jf Hillebrand USA Inc.
Jf Hillevrand
Jfi Global Purchasing Ltd.
Jfj Freight Forwarders Inc.
John D. Yorke
Johnson Memorials
John Weekes
Jolly B Box
Jordan Daequon
Jordan Hankins
Jordans Supermarket Ltd.
Jose Manuel Wong Ojeda
Jovani Buona
J Pickering
Jsp Metal Works
Jt S Catalytic Converter Services
Junior Alleyne
Jun Perante
Karl Heinz Dietrich
Kayla Foods International (Barbados) Inc.
Kayla Foods International (Barbados) Inc.
Kayla Foods International Inc.
Keep In Touch Inc.
Kents Oj's Barbados Ltd.
Kestrel Liner
Kestrel Liner Agencies Ltd.
Ketten Waelder
Kic Krones Inc. Corp. GmbH
Kim James Qenq0013433 Seaco Shipping SA
Kinch June
Kirton Trading
Kirton Trading
Kiwi Disposals Ltd.
Kkathy Lynsky Wines
Kmi Inc.
Knight Therapeutics (Barbados) Inc.
Knjaz Milos Ad
Koga (Ms)
Kryton International Inc.
Kryton International Inc.
K S Terminals Inc.
Kudu International Inc.
Kudu International Inc.
Kuehne Nagel Logistics Services
Lach Dry #1
Lach Ltd. T A Hotel Food Supplie
Lach Ltd. Trading As
Lacy Jason R Qfac0003251 Seaco Shipping SA
Lagan Holdings Ltd.
Laparkan Barbados Ltd.
Laparkan Trading Ltd.
Laparkan Trading Ltd.
Lasco Barbados Ltd.
Lashley Bridget
Lazy Days
Leah Payne
Lenstec Barbados Inc.
Lenstec Barbados Inc.
Lenstec Inc.
Leticia P Macapinlac
Lg Hausys Ltd.
Lg Lumber Hardware Inc.
Lifestyles International Holdings
Limegrove Events Ltd.
L Inc. Logistics
Linda Best
Liuyang Sunny Fireworks Trade Co.
Longtech Plastic Metal Works
Lorama Group Intaerniaton Inc.
Lorama Group Intenational Inc.
Lorama Group Internatioanal Inc.
Lorama Group International In
. Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group International Inc.
Lorama Group Intrenational Ins.
Lorama Group Intrenational Ins.
Lorama Grp International Inc. Gf White Pk Hse
Loroma Group International Inc.
Louis Vuitton Barbados
Louis Vuitton Barbados
Lovehoney Ltd.
L P Enterprise Inc.
Lqrama Group International Inc.
Lucas Stephen Qenq0014145 Seaco Shipping SA
Luna Desings / Ernesto Neira Delgado
Lutron Electronics Co Inc.
Lytham Goup Inc.
Lytham Group Inc.
Lytham Group Inc.
Macdonald Sarah Ruth
Mackays Limtited
Maclen Robinson
Maclin Heather Qenq0013284 Seaco Shipping SA
Maersk Sealand
Mahle At
Mahle At St.Michael Bleiburgstr
Mahle Filtersysteme
Mahle Filtersysteme Austria GmbH
Maicador Sendirian Berhad
Majestic Cruise Lines
Majestic Cruise Lines M V Freewinds
Make A Difference Foundation
Maloney Mark
Manbourne Custom Furniture
Mararet Hayes
Marbrerie & Materiaux Du Sud
Marenco Ltd.
Marine Power Solutions Inc.
Mariner Seafoods International
Mariner Sea Foods International Sdn
Marine Trading Ltd.
Maritime Equipment Brokers Inc.
Mark Ledesma
Marshall Trading
Massy Distribution (Barbados)
Massy Shipping Services
Massy Shipping Services (Barbados)
Master Mv Aurora
Master M V Mein Schiff
Master Of Bahama Spirit
Master Of Epic Balta
Master Of Epic Bolivar
Master Of Hon. Henry Jackman
Master Of Kendal
Master Of Keswick
Master Of Pgc Darko King
Master Of Pgc Strident Force
Master Of Strident Force
Master R V Knorr
Matthew Lane
Maximum Security Products Corp.
Mcbride Caribbean Limited
Mc Bride Carribean Ltd.
Mcbridge Carribean Ltd.
Mecor Caribe Llc.
Meijer Handling Solutions BV
Meijer Special Equipment
Mercedes Benz US International Inc.
Meridian Caribbean Inc.
Mes S.A. Industries Micromotori Elet
Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd.
Methanol Holdings Trinidad Ltd.
Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd. Point Lisas Industries Estate Trin Idad.
Mettis Aerospace
M H Plastics
Michael Greaves Associates
Michael Taylor
Microtunel S.A De Cv
Midway Distributors Ltd.
Millennium Investments Ltd.
Mills Natalie M Qenq0014129 Seaco Shipping SA
Milton Vineyard
Ministry Of Agricultural
Ministry Of Public Works
Miral Pvc Doo
M.I.S. Products Ltd.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Mohamed Abd Elmoonem
Moore Paragon (Caribbean) Ltd.
Moorjani Caribbean Ltd.
Morrison Melnese V
Mountain Crest Srl .
Mount Gay
Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
Mount Gay Rum Distilleries Ltd.
Mount Rosa
Movers Trading Club Omni 81 A
Moygashel Linens
Mr Richard Banks
Murco Petroleum Ltd.
Murray Don
Mustek Systems Inc.
M V Adonia
M V Azura
Mv Bahama Spirit Co Algoma Shippin
M V Britannia
M/V Caribbean Princess
M V Carnival Fascination
M V Celebrity Eclipse
M V Destiny
M/V Epic Balta C/O
Mv Majestic Cruise Lines
M V Oceana
Mv Oceania Insignia
Mv Sea Princess
M V The World
Mv Thomason Clebration
Mv Thomson Celebration
Mv Tue Discovery
Mv Whiskers
M V Wind Star
Mv Windsuf C/O
Mv Zenith
Nadel Enterprises Inc.
Nassar Investments Co., Ltd.
Nassco Ltd.
National Water Commission
Native Treasures Inc.
Nature Foods Ltd.
Navigator Egypt For Logistics And Marine Services
Network Sales
Network Shipping And Trading
New Tech
New Tech
Next Generation Electrical
Nicholls Baking Co.
Nikia Youman
Nimsay Trading Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Jiada Speciality
Niven Wholesale & Distribution
Nl Moblya Dekorasyon N. San. Di Tc.
No. 1 Beauty Supply Inc.
Noble Bob Douglas
Nomis Ltd.
Norman Inniss
Northern Industrial Electronics Ltd.
North Safety Products Europe
Northwest Inc. Dba Cost U Less
Norton Lilly Ltd.
Norton Lilly Ltd.
Nova Dipo D.O.O. Gornji Podgradci
Novartis Animal Health Inc.
Nuclear Medicine Barbados
Nyk Logistics (China) Co., Ltd.
Obala Grupa Doo
Ocean Air Transport
Ocean Air Transport Services Ltd.
Ocean Air Transport Svcs Ltd.
Ocean Fisheries Ltd.
Oceanic Freight & Consolidation In
Oeg Offshore
Oil & Gas Integrated Services Ltd.
Oil Services Supply Inc.
Ojsc Tnk Bp Holding
Olam Brasil Ltda
Oldendorff Carrier Guyana Inc.
Old Reid Corp. Ltd.
Olgae Imp. & Exp.
Olympic Industries
Omni Shipping Services Inc.
Oocl Logistics
Oocl Logistics (China) Ltd.
Options Ideas And Services
Opulent Techno Pte., Ltd.
Oran Ltd.
Origin Logistics
Orris Young
Osterrath 57334
Osterrath 57334 Bad Laasphe
Overing Paul
Oxfordshire Ales Ltd.
Pacific Deepwater Construction Ltd.
Packaging Centre Ltd.
Paints Plus Inc.
Pak Rampart D.O.O.
Palavra D.O.O.
Pamella Malcolm
P And H Milling Group
Pan Star Industries Inc.
Papp Plastics International Inc.
Paradise 88 Ltd.
Parker Hannifin Mfg. Ltd.
Parris Edsil
Parsons Chain
Parvis Ms Melissa
Pas Cargo Barabdos Inc.
Pas Cargo Barabdos Inc.
Pas Cargo Barbados As Agents For Gp More Than Tool
Pas Cargo Barbados Inc.
Patrick Crane
Pegasus Bay Winery
Peoples Car
Perfumes Factory Internaciona Ltd.
Perfumes Factory International Ltd.
Perfumes Factory Latinamerica Srl .
Perreault Andrew F. Qfac0003143 Seaco Shipping SA
Petroleum Equipament Co ( Wi) Ltd.
Petrosantander (Colombia) Inc.
Petrosantander (Colombia) Inc.
Petrosantander (Colombia) Inc.
Pharmacy Sales Caribbean
Pharmacy Sales Caribbean
Philips Operations Management
Phillips Bakery And Deli
Phimara Consulting Barbados Ltd.
Phimara Consulting Barbados Ltd.
Phoenician Arts SARL
Phuc Yen Shoes JSC O/B Acadia Outdoors Ltd.
Pianoman Music Centre
Picek Ashton J Qenq0013533 Seaco Shipping SA
Pine Hill Marketing Co., Ltd.
Pinhas Alan
Pinnacle Feeds Ltd.
Pirelli Tyre SpA
Pirelli Tyre SpA Milan
Planned Maintenance Inc.
Plantsense Inc.
Plastic Containers Ltd.
Plastic Logic
Platinum Motors
Platinum Port Agency
Platinumportagency Inc.
Platinum Port Services Inc. M V Mein Schiff
Platinum Systems Inc.
Polity Press
Polyconcept Ltd. (HK)
Polymers Merona Inc.
Port Ferbinand Srl
Port St Charles Development
Potable Water Supply Inc.
Power Technologies Caribbean Ltd.
Prakash Chemicals
Precision Packaging Inc.
Preconco Ltd.
Premier World Cargo
Premier World Cargo Inc.
Premium Imp.
Presspart Mfg. Ltd.
Prf Composites
Price Smart Barbados Inc.
Pricesmart Inc.
Prijedorcanka Ad Prijedor
Prime Imp. Of Guyana
Print Brokers
Printers Co., Ltd.
Privatbrauerei Erdinger
Private Person
Proctor Karl
Productive Business Solution
Progressive Chunyip
Progum Elastomer Technology Co. L
Prud Inc.
PT Enterprise Inc.
Purity Bakeries
Pusula Ith. Ihr. Ve Paz. A.S.
Qingdao Glorious Textile Co., Ltd.
Qmax Barbados Inc.
Qmax Solutions
Qmax Solutions Barbados Inc.
Qmax Solutions Barbardos Inc.
Quality Hardware Inc.
Quality Hardware & Lumber
Quality Marine Services
Quality Sound
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Ramex D.O.O Za Unutrasnji I Spoljni
Ramex D.O.O Za Unutrasnji I Spoljni
Randall Cathelli
Rand Enterprises & Productions Inc.
Rationplast Elelctronics H. Wiedema
Rayside Construction Ltd.
R.B. Freight Services Inc.
Rdl Logistic Services
Rdl Logistics Services
Rd Moto Sports Imp.
Ready Block Ltd.
Ready Mix Ltd.
Recbitumen Srl
Rec Bitumen Srl
Rec Bitumen Srl
Recycling Preparation Inc.
Red Bull Global Rallycross
Red Bull Global Rallycross Cbushy P
Red Bull Global Rallycross Cbushy P
Reefer 90's
Regional Business Systems Inc.
Regional Fire Security (Barbados)
Reliance Freight Systems L.L.C. (Eg)
Reliance Industries Ltd.
Remy Caraibes
Remy Caribbean & Latin America
Remy Caribbean & Latin America
Remy Caribbean & Latin America Division Of Mount Gay Destilleries Ltd.
Remy Caribean & Latin A Div. Of Mount Gay Distille
Remy Caribean & Latin A Div. Of Mount Gay Distille
Remy Cointreau Caraibes
Remy Contreau Caribbean
Renaissance Brewing Ltd.
Rentokil Barbados
Repsol Quimica S.A
Repsol Quimica S.A.
Rgw Consultants Inc.
Ricardo Alfredo Soto Bustamante
Richards Clive
Richard Sirota
Richardson Claude
Ridgeview Construction Ltd.
Righteous Systems Inc.
Rimco Barbados Srl
Rimco Inc.
R.L. Seale And Co., Ltd.
R.L.Seale & Co., Ltd.
R.L. Seale & Co., Ltd. Foursq
R.M.I Global Logistics Inc.
Roberson Kurt Qefl0007947 Seaco Shipping SA
Robert Bosch
Robert Deacon
Roberts Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Robertson Engineering Ltd.
Robinson Bruce
Robinson Trading Inc.
Robulk Agencies Inc.
Rodney Killian
Rogatien Byimana
Rollatech Industries Inc.
Roll A Tech Industries Inc.
Ronalb Srl .
Rosehill Polymers
Rose & Laflamme
Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd.
Ross Peaty
Rossy Peaty
Rotherley Construction I
Royal Bank Of Canada
Royal Cargo Inc.
Royal Westmoreland
Royal Westmoreland
Roy Legumex
R & R Ironworks
R & R Ironworks
R.S. Kirby & Co., Ltd.
Rtek Refrigeration & Air
Rtic Melt Ice Cream Parlour
Rubis Eastern Caribbean Srl
Rubis West Indies Ltd.
Rubis West Indies Ltd.
R V Atlantic Explorer
Rv Melville Demian Bailey
Rv Melville Joseph P Montoya
Rv Melville Timothy Deeing
Rx Pro Inc.
Sacho No Ei Do Brasil
Saint Clair Estate Wines
Sakomoto Judd Qfac0003282 Seaco Shipping SA
Sandals Barbados
Sandy Lane Hotel
Sandy Lane Hotel & Golf Club
Sapphira Shipping
Sartoga Ventures
S.A. Wilsons
Sbi Distribution Inc.
Scales Logistics Ltd.
Scea Domaines Bouyer
Sc Global Coco Products Inc.
Schenker Italiana SpA
Schmitz Jonathan Qenq0014053 Seaco Shipping SA
Sc Johnson Caribbean Ltd.
Scl Sales & Services Inc.
Scottish Speciality Foods
Scott Steven T. Qenq0013550 Seaco Shipping SA
Scott Technology Ltd.
Scrap Man
Scrap Man Inc.
Scrapman Recycling Inc.
Sdrr Hydraulic Industries SpA Res
Seaco Srl
Sea Freight Agencies (Barbados)
Sea Freight Agencies & Stevedoring
Seafreight Agencies & Stevedoring L
Sea Freight Lines
Sea Pack Inc.
Searcy Ottheia
Seawell Air Services Ltd.
Secura Shred Inc.
Secure Shred Barbados
Secure Shred Inc.
Seers Medical
Sei International Sales Inc.
Serenade Of The Seas
Servall Inc.
Se Sash Logistics Corp.
Sharon Howell Clarke
Shaw Inspection Systems
Shawn Bowen
Shell Supplier To Swest
Shell Western Lnglimited
Shell Western Supply And Trading
Shell Western Supply And Tradin Ltd.
Shell Western Supply & Trading
Shell Western Supply & Trading Ltd.
Shenyang Colour Bridge Rubber Belt
Shermel Hamilton
Sherwin Williams (Wi) Ltd.
Sherwood Estate Wines
Shirley Lecher
Shirley Wj Scantlebury
Shockwave Electrical
Shrie Intellectul Property Srl
Shuffler Tracey
Sign Station
Silverwoods Of Lancashire
Simmons Electrical Co., Ltd.
Simplex Trading Co., Ltd.
Simplex Trading Co., Ltd.
Simpson Motors
Sino Precise Industries Supply
Skellerup Industries
Skyline Cargo Ltd.
Sl Consulting
Slumberest Sleep Products Ltd.
Sm 41179
Smart Cargo Ltd.
Smartic International Corporation
Smartmatic International Corporation
Smart Supply And Logistic Corp.
Smj Beverages
Smj Beverages (Barbados)
Smj Procurement & Marketing Inc.
Smj Procurement & Marketing Inc.
Smj Procurement & Marketing Inc.
Sobers Virginio
Solar Dynamics Ltd.
Solaris Global Energy Ltd.
Solaris Global Energy Ltd.
Solar Watts
Sol Aviation Services Ltd.
Sol Barbados Ltd.
Sol Caribbean Ltd.
Solid Auto
Solid Waste Solution & Services Inc.
Solusco Worldwide Inc.
Solvin SA
Sonex International
Songa Glory
Sonija Y. Edwards Customs Brokers Ltd.
Soskin Gordon International
Source And Supply Ltd.
Source Consulting Llc
Speedy Hen
Spring Homes Ltd.
Spring Og Leg
Ssp World Recycling Trading
Stansfeld Scott & Co., Ltd.
Star Avaition Services
Star Chick Ltd.
Star Freight Service
Steam And Gleam Ltd.
Steam & Gleam
Steel Offers International Corp.
Stewart Jason Qenq0013723 Seaco Shipping SA
Stokes & Bynoe Ltd.
Stolt Tank Containers B.V.
Stolt Tank Containers B.V. By
Stolt Tanks Container B.V By
Strategic Marketing
Strathmore Trading Corp.
Structural Systems Ltd.
Structural Systems Ltd. Cane Garden
Style N Steel Inc.
Sugarcane Club Hotel
Sunpower (1999) Ltd.
Supercenter Ltd.
Superior Plastics Ltd.
Surendra Engineering Corp.
Sustainable Barbados Recycling Cent
Swatow Mfg. Ltd.
Sy Monster Project
Talius Barbados
Tamarind Cove Hotel
Tampa Tank
Tandematic Inc.
T.A.S Car Sales
Tayburn International Associates In
Tcb Arrow Ltd.
Techwest International Inc.
Telebarbados Inc.
Telebarbados Inc.
Telecommunication Unit
Telling Caribbean Ltd.
Telling Caribbean Ltd.
Tempo Leisure Inc.
Terravin Wines Ltd.
Terrific Tiles
Tersano (Intl) Srl
Tesanjska Vrela Doo
Texaco West Indies Ltd.
The 22 Nd Annual Cwwa Coference
The Abundant Assembly
The Alafia Group Consortium
The Association Of Bahamian Student
The Bahrain Petroleum Co. Bsc
The Barbados Light & Power Co.
The Barbados National Armoury
The Barbados Sailing Association
The Movers Trading Club
The Nation Corp.
The Nation Publishing Co., Ltd.
The New Co. For Marble & Stone
The New Co. For Marble & Stone
The Providence Of The West Indies
The Rum Refinery Of Mount Gay Ltd.
The Tile Gallery
The University Of The West Indies
The West India Biscuit Co., Ltd.
The West India Biscuit Factory
The West Indies Distillery Ltd.
The West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd.
The West Indies Rum Refinery
Thomas Groover
Thorne Ferdinand
Timothy Oulton Inc.
Tm Engineering Ltd.
Tmr Sales Services
Todds Estate Ltd.
Tohu Wines
Tokmakjian International Inc.
Too Goods Barbados Ltd.
Tortuga Barbados Ltd.
Total Concept
Towage Services Development Inc.
Tower Hill Merchants
Tradewinds Marketing Corp
Transcontinental Construcction S
Transcontinental Construction Supply Inc.
Transcontinental Construction Supply Inc.
Trans Tech Inc.
Tran Timothy Qenq0013485 Seaco Shipping SA
Tri Net (Japan) Inc.
Trinity Line
Trinity Liner Agencies
Trio Tech International Ltd.
Tropical Computers
Tropical Power
Tropical Shipping
Tropical Shippping
Tropi Chem Ltd.
Tropic Refrigeration
Trowel Plastics Barbados Ltd.
Trw Automotive Ltda
T.S. Garraway & Co., Ltd.
Tsl Barbados
Tt & T Rentals Ltd.
Tuleja Bret
Turtle Beach Resort
Twenty One Degrees
Ullrich Machinery
Ultratel International Corporation
Uncle Milton Industries Inc.
Unicomer (Barbados) Ltd.
Universal Church Of The King
Urrea Herramientas Profesionales S
Usano Corp.
US Embassy
US Navy Atac Node Jebel Ali
Uwe Harrs Inc.
Valeant International Barbados Srl
Van Drunen Farms Europa
Vector Ltd.
Venera Exp. Imp.
Ver Mac Inc.
Victor Henhen
Villegas Chris Qenq0014032 Seaco Shipping SA
Vincor Internatina Ibc Inc.
Vincor International Ibc Inc.
Vinlink Marlborough Ltd.
Virgina Prescod
Visibility Systems Co.C O
Vista Venture Inc.
Vita Liberata
Vivas Francisconi Gabriel
Vondeling Wines
Vst Industries Ltd.
Walsh Timothy Qefl0008269 Seaco Shipping SA
Wanda Warrington
Wang Ji Ta De Hao You Xiang Gong Si
Wang Ji Ta De Hao You Xiang Gong Si
Wardes SA
Ward Ms Cordelia
Ward Stephen
Water Management Caribbean
Watson Rev Paul
Wayne A Victor
Wayne Milsted
Weatherhaven International
Webster Shirlene
Weskeric Inc.
West Coast Construction
West Coast Construction Ltd.
West Coast Reduction
Western Distribution Center
Whirlpool Mexico S.A. De C.V.
Williams Construction Ltd.
Williams Equipment Ltd.
Williams Evergreen Ltd.
Windermere Property Investment Ltd.
Windmill Industires Ltd.
Wind Surf
Windward Agencies Ltd.
Win Wings Corp.
Wisynco Group Ltd.
Witec Group Srl
Wither Hills
Wither Hills Vineyard
Wither Hills Vineyards Marlborough
W.M.I. Water Management International Barbados Branch
Woodbridge Services Inc.
Wood D.D. Sarajevo.
Workbench Furniture Ltd.
Work One
World Bedding & Furniture Inc.
World Gifts Imp.
World Metal Supply Inc.
World Metal Supply Inc.
World Sailing Championship
Wu Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Boda
Wyebrook Estate
Wynberg Matza Factory Mecdamim
Wyndham Coffee Barbados
Wynn Marvin L. Qenq0013547 Seaco Shipping SA
Yab Design Ltd.
Yako Tekstil San Ve Dis Tic A.S.
Yealands Estate Wines
Yellow Door
Ying Fat Plastic Factory Ltd.
Your Salon Store
Zero Gravity

See Import and Export trends for Barbados.