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Burundian Manufacturers

Here are the 106 suppliers from Burundi. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust. Click on the name of the supplier below to see more detail, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Burundi that best meet your needs.

1 Sogestal Kayanza
African Promotion Co. Aproco
African Promotion Co. Surl
Agahore Coffee Sprl Q. Asiatique
Ags Frasers Burundi
Ags Frasers Rwanda
A.I.R. Sprl Ags Frasers Burundi
Ami Tanzania Ltd.
Ami (T) Ltd.
Ami (T) Ltd. Box 9041 Dar Es Salaa
Biella Shrunk Process
Bollore Africa Logistics
Bollore Africa Logistics
Bollore Africa Logistics Burundi SA
Bucafe S.A
Bucafe S.A Route De L'aeroport
Bucafe Su.
Budeca S.A
Bugestal S.A
Bugestal Sprl
Bumoco Society
C&A Business
C & A Business Green Coffee Exp.
C & A Business Green Coffee Exp.
Caddell Construction Burundi
Cafex Sprl
Cetco Burundi SARL
Coffee Processing Co.
Coffee Processing Co.
Community Coffee Collective SA
Community Coffee Collective SA
Conilco SA
Cooperative Dukorere Ikawa
C.P.C Ltd.
Donaldson S.A. De C.V.
D Y Co., Ltd.
Embassade Des USA
Ets Nduwayezu Therence
Gashikadwa S A Province Ngozi G
Gomitex S.N.C. Di Massimo Di Braccio & C.
Greenco Su
Grenco Su 33 Route De Gitega Ngozi
Ikawa Burundi Coffee Co.
Jnp Coffee
Jnp Coffee Burundi
Kahawa Link Co.
Kahawa Link Co.
Kahawa Link Co. Avenue
Kahawa Link Co. SA (Kalico)
Kalico (Kahawa Link Co.)
Kayanza Premium Coffee
Kayanza Premium Coffee Ltd.
Kpc B.P 948
Kyanza Sogestal
Lanificio Campore Broglia Q. Di Diego Broglia & C. S.A.S.
Lanificio Di Tollegno SpA
Lanificio Di Tollegno SpA
Lanificio Fratalli Ormezzano SpA .
Lanificio Fratelli Ormezzano SpA .
Maicolen Srl
Maicolen Srl .
Micosta 2 Avenue De La France
M.Michon Xavier Jointly And Several
Murambi Coffee SA
Murambi Coffee Su
Olam Burundi SA
Sdv Transami Ltd.
Segec Mpanga
Segec S.U.R
Segec S.U.R Avenue De France
Segec Surl
Sinterama SpA
Societe De Gestion Des Station De S
Sogestal Kayanza
Sogestal Kayanza
Sogestal Kirundo
Sogestal Kirundo Muyinga
Sogestal Mumirwa
Sogestal Mumirwa B.P 2362
Sogestal Mumirwa Fda No. 14682657
Sogestal Mumirwa Quartier Industrie
Sogestal Mumirwa Quartier Industries
Soprocafe Sprl
Succam 73
Succam Bumoco Cadb
Tai Tanganyika Agro Industries SA
Un Archives & Records Unit
Union Des Cooperative
United Nations Integrated In Burund
United Nationsw Office In Burundi
US Embassy
Webcor Burundi
Webcor Burundi S.A.

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