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Basotho Manufacturers

Here are the 132 suppliers from Lesotho. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust. Click on the name of the supplier below to see more detail, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Lesotho that best meet your needs.

Ab Rani Plast Oy
Agroforex Company
Alpha Technologies
C And Y Garments
Century Distribution C/O
Century Distribution Systems Inc.
Cgm Industrial Area (Pty) Ltd.
Cgm Industrial (Pty) Ltd.
C G M Industrial (Pty) Ltd.
C G M Industrial (Pty) Ltd.
C River Textile (Pty) Ltd.
C & Y Garments Company (Pty) Ltd.
Cy Garments Co. (Pty) Ltd.
C & Y Garments Co (Pty) Ltd. *Cod
C Y Garmets
Damco Logistics (Pty) Ltd.
Damco Logistics (Pty) Ltd. Dur
David Merchant Garcia
David Merchant Garcia
Eclat Evergood Textiles Manufacturers PTY LTD.
Eclat Evergood Textiles (Pty) Ltd. Ltd.
Energy Kingdom Ltd.
Ever Unisan Garment Lesotho (Pty) L
Ever Unison Garments Lesotho (Pty)
Ever Unison Garments Lesotho (Pty) Lt
Ever Unison Garments Lesotho (Pty) Ltd.
Expolanka Freight Ltd.
Expolanka Freight South Africa
Expolanka Precious Garments (Pty) L
First Apparel Mfg. (Pty)
Five Eight (Pty) Ltd.
Formosa Textile Co. PTY Ltd.
Global Garments Company (Pty) Ltd
Harvey Industries Group (Pty) Ltd.
Hippo Knitting (Pty) Ltd.
Hleoheng Wool,Mohair&Broom Grass
Jiangsu Guotai International Group
John Francis Phillip
Jonnson Mfg. (Pty) Ltd.
Jonsson Mfg. (Pty) Ltd.
Joyce Ann Brooks
J&S Fashions (Pty) Ltd.
Jw International
J W International
J W International (Pty) Ltd.
Kopano Textile (Pty) Ltd. Africa
Kopano Textiles (Pty) Ltd.
Leo Garments (Pty) Ltd.
Lesotho Evergood Textiles
Lesotho Evergreen Brooms & Baskets
Lesotho Evergreen Brooms, Hats And Baskets
Lesotho Hinebo Textile (Pty) Ltd.
Lesotho Precious
Lesotho Precious Garments (Pty) Ltd.
Lesotho Precious Site No 12273 001
Lesotho P&T Textile (Pty) Ltd.
Lolita Clothing Compay (Pty) Ltd.
Lolita Clothing Co. (Pty) Ltd.
Lolita Clothing (Pty) Ltd. Lesotho
Maersk Logistics C/O
Maseru E Textile
M Aseru E Textile
Mauri Garments (Pty) Ltd.
Milleniumsoils Coir Division Of Vgrove Inc.
Moose Toys (Pty) Ltd.
Moseea Arts And Crafts (Pty) Ltd.
Nestle Egypt S.A.E 6 Th October City
New Epoch Knitting (Pty) Ltd.
Nien Hsing International (Bermuda) Ltd.
Nien Hsing International Leostho (Pty) Ltd.
Nien Hsing International Lesotho (Pty) Ltd.
Nien Hsing International (Pty) Ltd.
Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd.
Nienshing International Lesotho (Pty) Ltd.
Nomad Freight (Pty) Ltd.
Nyk Logistics SA (Pty) Ltd.
Onyx Petroleum
Oriental Air Transport
Outokumpu Stainless Ab
Paxton Vineyards (Pty) Ltd.
Plush Puppy (Pty) Ltd.
Plusnet / Geotex
Preseitex Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.
Presitex Enterpises (Pty) Ltd.
Presitex Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.
Presitex Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.,Si
Primestart Enterprises Ltd.
Protix (Aust) (Pty) Ltd.
Quinta And Vineyard Bottles Vinhos
Raytex Garments (Pty) Ltd.
Riverina Oils Bioenergy (Pty) Ltd.
Santikon (Pty) Ltd.
San Ti Kon Textiles (Pty) Ltd.
Schenker International (Pty) Ltd.
Shinkikai Giken Co.,Ltd
Shinning Century Lmited
Shinning Century Ltd.
Shinning Century Ltd. Site No.9/1
Sky Plus/Yummy Plus Inc./Joia Tra./Compex Tra.
Stuttaford Van Lines
Style Textile
Suntextiles (Pty) Ltd.
Sun Textiles (Pty) Ltd.
Suntextiles (Pty) Ltdd
Super Knitting (Pty) Ltd.
Sutton Tools (Pty) Ltd.
Sweat Sun (Pty) Ltd.
Tai Yuan
Tai Yuan Garments
Ta Yung Imp. & Exp. (Pty) Ltd.
Technology Development & Equipment
Tern Sportswear (Pty) Ltd.
The Rosehip Co. (Pty) Ltd.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
Timothy Ketter
Tuntex Textile Co. (Pty) Ltd.
Tzicc Clothing
Tzicc Clothing Manufactures (Pty)
United Clothing (Pty) Ltd.
Weat Sun (Pty) Ltd.
Wonder Garments Mfg.
Wonder Manufactuiring
Wondr Garments Mfg. (Pty) Lt
Worldnet Logistics (Pty) Ltd.
Worldnet Logistics (Pty) Ltd. (As Pr
Yee Hoyt

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