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Port of Houlton, ME

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Country United States

Port Trends

Total shipments over the last 7 years

Top Foreign Ports

Here are the top 8 foreign ports with shipments to Houlton, ME
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Trendline Shipments Port Country
sparkline 4 Bremerhaven Germany
sparkline 2 Jawaharlal Nehru India
sparkline 1 Genoa Italy
sparkline 1 La Spezia Italy
sparkline 1 Kingston Jamaica
sparkline 1 Algeciras Spain
sparkline 1 Altamira Mexico
sparkline 1 Cagliari Italy
sparkline 1 Netherlands
sparkline 1 China

Recent Shipments

Showing last 14 shipments to Houlton, ME
Date Weight Commodity Customer Supplier From Port
2015-09-04 11,500 kg PARTIAL SHIPMENT OF: ... Axis Pipe And Tub... Sms Meer Srl La Spezia
2015-02-01 2,352 kg Abs Reel J J Lowe Associates Pentre Group Ltd. Altamira
2014-12-25 12,566 kg 196 Cartons On 16 Pal... Transgroup Iah In... Instar Logistics Llc Bremerhaven
2014-08-13 450 kg Used Household Goods Keyurvan Kanugo Keyurvan Kanugo Jawaharlal Nehru
2014-08-13 2,300 kg Kitchen Utensils Item... Asian Plaza Inc. Shri Laxminarayan... Jawaharlal Nehru
2014-04-11 19,080 kg Net Weight: 8. 000 Kg... Sachem Inc. Sachem Europe B.V. Rotterdam
2013-11-18 1,764 kg Auto Parts Suspension... Android De Mexico... Magneti Marelli S... Bremerhaven
2013-08-29 1,666 kg Machinery Parts Dayco Products,Llc Dayco Europe S.R.L. Genoa
2013-01-28 65,920 kg Filter Parts, Industr...
2009-12-26 21,000 kg Slate Stone
2009-09-02 19,095 kg Corrosive Liquid Toxi...
2009-06-30 88 kg Drive Wheel And Frame...
2008-10-22 57,855 kg Antioxidant Bheb Chem...
2008-02-24 21,470 kg Hot Dipped Galvanised...