Intelligence Platform

Panjiva is the leading intelligence platform for global trade professionals.  The best engineers from MIT and beyond have developed Panjiva to organize shipping data and combine it intelligently with other forms of objective data.   Now, with a wealth of web data carefully combined with objective data – like U.S. Customs records – Panjiva can provide information on 6 million companies that do business across borders.  Panjiva is the go-to source for information for global trade professionals who want to find, evaluate, and make contact with companies in other countries.

Buyers use the Panjiva platform to:

  • Quickly develop short-lists of potential suppliers via our Global Search
  • Use product images and specification to assess suppliers capabilities
  • Easily determine if a supplier can be contacted
  • Submit product inquiries to Panjiva’s supplier audience
  • Conduct background checks on potential suppliers
  • Keep tabs on competitors’ sourcing activities
  • Keep tabs on existing suppliers

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Suppliers use the Panjiva platform to:

  • To provide details about their business and capabilities to the 3000 buyers using Panjiva
  • Receive and respond to inquiries posted by Panjiva’s buyer audience
  • Identify potential customers for their products
  • Reach sourcing executives at the world’s largest companies
  • Keep tabs on their competitors

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