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Research on Logistics

Whatever your do, you rely on logistics. Access analysis of the competitive dynamics and corporate finances of the shipping companies, as well as the impact of port activity and shipping rates on your business.


Savannah’s Growth Still Peachy, Outlook Fuzzy

The port of Savannah’s container handling increased 8% in February on a year earlier, the fourth straight month of growth. That was driven by a 13% rise in loaded container exports, outstripping the 6% expansion in imports. That repeats a pattern seen by California and Virginia’s ports. While Savannah underperformed regional competitor Charleston’s 11% growth, the latter benefited from a surge of empty container shipments. The slowing growth in imports, following a 19% surge in January, reflects an advance of just 1% in traffic from China. That suggests the ‘Panama Canal effect’ is subsiding, and makes further growth contingent on continued European flows and Georgia Ports’ cooperation with Virginia.

Research on Manufacturing Industries

Learn what trade data can tell you about industries from commodities and food to electronics and autos with concise, regular updates.


Mobile Port to Get Moving As Wal-Mart Sets-Up Shop

Wal-Mart will soon break ground on a 2.6 million square feet distribution center near Mobile, AL according to local press reports. Deliveries from the nearby port could add nearly 110,000 TEU a year of handling, compared to 143,000 TEUs of imports in the 12 months to February 28. Currently Mobile’s handling is dominated by supplies from South Korea to Hyundai’s Montgomery auto factory and Chinese furniture imported by Big Lots. If the Wal-Mart volumes are additive, Mobile’s handling would be close to its regional competitor New Orleans, which has suffered falling volumes in recent months.

Research on Economics

Get the story behind the story with in-depth analysis of what is driving trade in the world’s largest economies.


British Managers Buoyant Before Brexit, French Frown

The latest CBI survey of British managers shows the proportion with order books above normal jumped to 10% from minus 10% just a month earlier. That was the best result since December 2013. Meanwhile export order expectations reached their highest since 1995. That comes just ahead of the Brexit process being started. French managers by contrast became a little more pessimistic, with a net 5% seeing orders below normal vs. 3% a month earlier. That may be a result of the risk of a populist election result suppressing export capabilities, as well as a decline in exports in January.

Research on Politics

Shifting policies, regulations and trade deals move the goal posts - get the data and facts behind the hype.


Arms, Aerospace, Agriculture and Tech Hold Keys to Lighthizer’s Taiwan Aims

USTR nominee Robert Lighthizer has committed to strengthening bilateral trade relations with Taiwan. Currently the U.S. is a relatively small trade partner for Taiwan – the U.S. only accounted for 12% of exports in the past 12 months. Taiwan’s $1.1 billion average monthly surplus vs. the U.S. will doubtless attract President Trump’s ire, but trade between the two has stagnated. Geopolitics will play a part. While President Trump appears to have acquiesced to the “one China” policy, Taiwan was the second largest buyer of munitions from the U.S. last year, and aerospace exports accounted for 10.8% of U.S. exports to Taiwan in the 12 months to January 31. Panjiva analysis of each country’s top 600 export lines shows the two are closely bound in semiconductors, with a two-way trade of $6 billion where the U.S. holds a surplus. Taiwan has potential leverage in agricultural products, while it is exposed to U.S. rules on steel and telecoms.

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