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Research on Logistics

Whatever your do, you rely on logistics. Access analysis of the competitive dynamics and corporate finances of the shipping companies, as well as the impact of port activity and shipping rates on your business.


New York Blown Away as Port Handling Drops

Container handling at the port of New York fell 2% on a year earlier in March. That was the first decline since September, and may be partly explained by the unseasonal storms experienced in the middle of the month. More fundamentally though imports from China fell 16%, Panjiva data shows. That was a marked contrast to the 21% increase seen at the national level, suggesting a marked loss of market share to west coast ports.

Research on Manufacturing Industries

Learn what trade data can tell you about industries from commodities and food to electronics and autos with concise, regular updates.


Suniva Seeks Presidential Help To Avoid Import-Inspired Bankruptcy

Solar energy equipment manufacturer Suniva has filed a complaint about imports from all countries with the U.S. ITC. The case is unusual in using the “section 201” format which requires Presidential approval, and because Suniva filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 18. Panjiva data shows that U.S. imports have already fallen significantly. Imports in the three months to February 28 were 67% lower than a year earlier, while seaborne shipments suggest a drop of 32% in March. Should the ITC find merit, Hanwha Q-Cells may be a target given its U.S.-bound exports increased 147% in the first quarter.

Research on Economics

Get the story behind the story with in-depth analysis of what is driving trade in the world’s largest economies.


Auto Optimism Slump Drags on German Order Outlook

German managers’ export expectations dropped for the first time in five months in April, driven by a slump in sentiment in the autos sector. The proportion of managers there seeing export orders above normal vs. below fell to 2% from 9% a month earlier. That may reflect concerns about a U.S. border-adjustable tax as well as a drop in shipments the previous month. By contrast chemicals industry managers became the most optimistic since November 2010. The reduced sentiment broadly reflects that seen in the U.K., though French managers became more positive. That divergence may widen as all three countries face elections in the next six months.

Research on Politics

Shifting policies, regulations and trade deals move the goal posts - get the data and facts behind the hype.


12 Tasks for President Trump’s Next 100 Days

President Donald Trump’s first 100 days of office have proven to be busy ones for trade policy. The administration has: pulled out of TPP; reviewed currency manipulation; gotten tougher on trade cases; and kicked off trade talks with China and Japan among others. In the next 100 days the President will face deadlines in: starting NAFTA talks (having gotten his USTR pick approved) and addressing a dispute; delivering the Omnibus trade review and implement its findings; and making good on the 100 day plan with China. He will also need to make progress in: challenging WTO legitimacy; developing concrete plans with Japan; responding to Asian trade dealmaking; addressing tax policy including BAT; and dealing with at least seven trade cases started since the beginning of the year. Finally the President may need to pay more attention to India and stay clear of European politics.

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