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Research on Logistics

Whatever your do, you rely on logistics. Access analysis of the competitive dynamics and corporate finances of the shipping companies, as well as the impact of port activity and shipping rates on your business.


No More California for California Cartage, Risks to Growth From China

NFI Industries is set to exit its California Cartage warehouse facilities in Los Angeles after a long-running series of labor disputes and decline in business. California Cartage’s imports to the ports of LA and Long Beach largely ended in March, while shipments to its operations on the east coast climbed by 37.1% into Norfolk and 44.5% into Savannah. The next big challenge may come from underlying business conditions given shipments from China – subject to the vagaries of tariffs – represented 68.0% of the total in 2018.

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Research on Manufacturing Industries

Learn what trade data can tell you about industries from commodities and food to electronics and autos with concise, regular updates.


Excess Inventory Risk as Consumer Durable Retailers Face Tariff Uncertainties

U.S. data for retail sales has been suspended as a result of the government shutdown. That’s come just as consumer confidence figures dropped by their fastest rate since July 2015 in December. At the same time seaborne imports relating to four major consumer durable retail categories representing 27.1% of U.S. imports surged 15.6% year over year in December. Growth was fastest in furniture at 23.6% – reflecting an acceleration in imports ahead of a now-postponed hike in tariffs. Imports of electronics / appliances climbed 6.5% while apparel increased by 9.1%. Given slowing confidence and rising imports there’s a risk that inventories in the new year may be excessive, though retailers still face uncertainty from the ongoing U.S-China trade negotiations that run through Mar. 1 and so may need to continue to keep inventories high in case tariffs are subsequently raised.

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Research on Economics

Get the story behind the story with in-depth analysis of what is driving trade in the world’s largest economies.


Deals and Trade War Ahead, Stability Behind for Freight Forwarders

The freight forwarders’ 4Q earnings reports, which continue with CH Robinson on Jan. 29, could include the slowest rate of revenue growth – at 6.6% year over year – since 2Q 2016 according to consensus analyst estimates. Profitability is expected to stabilize with an average EBITDA margin of 10.7%, though UPS, Expeditors and K+N could see declining profitability.

The outlook for the sector will hinge on two factors. First is the impact of the U.S.-China trade war which drove a 13.9% rise in China-to-U.S. containerized freight in 4Q. The outlook for 1Q is uncertain given trade negotiations are ongoing during a period that features an earlier lunar new year. That would normally boost volumes early in the year. More important for the longer-term is the potential for consolidation among the forwarders, particularly in light of DSV’s bid for Panalpina and CMA-CGM’s purchase of a stake in Ceva Logistics. A recent court ruling may require Deutsche Bahn to sell its Schenker freight forwarding subsidiary, which is similar in size to CH Robinson, K+N and Nippon Express. Schenker’s Europe-centric business mix may make it an attractive partner for the more Asia- or U.S-centric forwarders.

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Research on Politics

Shifting policies, regulations and trade deals move the goal posts - get the data and facts behind the hype.


Tariff Quote Watch: Tariffs Just Another Form of Inflation for Stanley Black & Decker

U.S. tariffs on Chinese exports have joined commodity and labor costs as just another form of cost inflation for companies to deal with. Stanley Black & Decker has indicated cost inflation, including tariffs, cut earnings by $370 million in 4Q 2018 but that “all but $50 million of that (was offset) with additional price / cost management” according to CEO James Loree. The ability to pass through higher costs can be seen in Stanley’s imports from China which actually dropped by 18.0% year over year in 4Q rather than surging ahead of tariff increases originally scheduled for January. The latter was a route followed Stanley’s competitor Makita which increased shipments by 45.6% in 4Q as well as retailer Home Depot whose shipments surged 92.0% for the quarter despite dropping in December.

Panjiva Research, shown above, is available by reaching a Panjiva account executive.
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